This question is related to What happens next when you finally have everything you want? but I think the focus is different enough to justify another question.

If we ever reach a point where everyone on Earth knows about The Law of Attraction, then what happens next as far as the human race is concerned?

Does humanity evolve to the next level of the game, and we suddenly discover we are beginners again at something more difficult?

Or do we just live relatively boring (but happy) lives launching desires and then coming into alignment with them (and enjoying the subsequent manifestations) until the end of time?

Or do we all go and incarnate onto some other planet where the dominant species still believes in lack and we all have fun again as a group consciousness in turning the ship around? :)

Any thoughts?

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Obviously there's no definitive answer to this (that we're aware of). If I had to I'd probably choose your first suggestion - evolving to the next level of the game so we continue to learn and grow.


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I like to think that we are so very spoiled for choice for our future incarnations - if that's your choosing :) I'm only just getting a grasp on this one. I think as a "Race" we are learning from our mistakes and are making huge leaps towards a more compassionate life style.But on the other hand, "Who" really knows what happened to Atlantis? Love and Light


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When we all know of the law of attraction, The journey will still continue.the road might be better paved and the vehicles more efficient. but the journey remains.And that's why we are here "for the ride"


answered 22 Mar '10, 21:00

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Sure, always enjoy the ride. And for those in the midst of a rat race, don't fret as we've got eternity to get it right...

(23 Mar '10, 08:52) Eddie

For me it will be at last a conscious CHOICE in what do you prefer to experience.

Yes, some will incarnate on other planets, and yes, some will stay here to assist others. You know ALL choices are valid, ALL choices are possible, so what will YOU choose ?

You know it's finally getting to a point to stop asking around for other peoples answers and really start diving in for your OWN answers. Don't get me wrong, you've got to ask questions to get the answers, but to ask questions "Is money a false measure of success?" Don't get me wrong, I don't want to attack anyone, but come on. What do YOU think? Is money a false measure of success to YOU? I think it's obvious to many people that the answer is yes, so why ask these questions? For me always the ultimate question is WHY? Why do some people think that? What beliefs do we, as a society, hold regarding money and abundance? How does it affect our lifes?

So really, how many answers regarding manifestation and Law of Attraction do we need? Don't take thie personally Stingray, as for I see you are really giving something to this community, but when I put "Law of Attraction" in the search bar I've got almost 200 hits for that!

I don't want to sound like an asshole, but really people, you should start reflecting on the answers that are already here. I know people just have a light in their head post a question, read the answer, but never really reflect on the answer. Then, few days later. they post the same question in a different form. Again, I don't want to attack anyone or make him feel bad or me better or smarter than everybody else, but I know that this kind of going in circles can get you confused. I was asking so many questions, but the truth is that I needed only few of the answers. Most of them I never reflected upon or considered relevant. So, I'm asking all of you, before you post questions make the research wasn't it already answered before, because if Stingray, you have now over 7000 points and still ask questions about Law of Attraction, where does it leave the 'newbies'. They think that if you're so experienced and ask those questions then they should do it too. Well most of those answers are already available, you just have to go deeper. That's why I stopped posting answers, because what took me an hour to write sometimes, was asked 2 days later by the same people in a different form.

My point is to really think about the questions before you ask them, and when you do, put your own answers underneath (just like you here).

I wanted to share my point of view on this subject with people in this community for some time now. Just think for the answers you might get BEFORE you post the question, because you know what you're gonna do in the end? You're gonna make all the people who have got some interesting answers NOT to share them with you. Why? Because you won't reflect on them, so why should they waste their time giving them to you? You might not agree with me, but 30-40% of questions on this website are copies of different questions that have already been answered, and maybe even more. Maybe someone should really start filtering questions before they get posted and link to the answers that are already there, I don't know.

Ok, that's enough of me complaining like a little bi***. Cheers :)


answered 21 Mar '10, 20:37

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Thanks for your "answer", Wildlife :) I'd like to point out something you might be missing about this website. Look at any question or answer posted here - and then look for it in Google. You will find it indexed there usually within 2 hours or less...and usually towards the top of the search results. This means that any answer you give to anyone is probably also going to reach anyone else in the world (with internet access) who has that same question within 2 hours. I'm well aware that some people who ask questions here are not remotely interested in my own point of view...

(21 Mar '10, 23:25) Stingray

...and others are just out of vibrational range of any answers that could help them so they'll keep asking the same questions in different forms. But it doesn't matter one bit to me...I will still happily post my answers because they are reaching a much wider audience than just the people here. For that reason, I'm afraid I won't agree with you that making people think twice before asking a question is a good thing. If a person thought of a question here, someone else may be thinking of it somewhere else. So if me continuing to ask questions encourages others then...good! :)

(21 Mar '10, 23:29) Stingray

By the way, if anyone wants to see how quickly Google indexes this site just type into the google search box and click Search. Now under that search box, you will see a link that says Show options. Click on that, and then choose Latest from the options on the left hand side. You will see the latest indexed entries from this website with how long ago Google indexed them. So, as I said above, anything you post here is going to far more people than just the people who take part in these discussions.

(21 Mar '10, 23:52) Stingray

To think that a lot of the answers to questions that some Human Beings have not even considered yet, are all ready contained here at Inward Quest. A very diverse collective conscience.Pretty Cool, Eh, Wildlife.I liked your story :)

(22 Mar '10, 03:36) Roy

Thanks for being mature about this :) Sure I agree with you about asking questions and that it is essential too grow and too find answers and I'm really happy about your attitude about all this stuff. Keep up the good work!

(22 Mar '10, 09:40) wildlife

@Wildlife, if you feel that a question is a duplicate, you can vote to close it as a duplicate. Oh wait, I forgot... You have SEVENTEEN SEPARATE ACCOUNTS on InwardQuest, don't you? Which means that none of them probably have enough reputation to allow you to vote to close.

(22 Mar '10, 15:42) Vesuvius

Hehe, you're probably right Vesuvius :) That's why I'm gonna let professionals handle this.

PS. I really considered posting this comment, because I really do feel that whatever people feel excited they should do and I did do many "strange" things that I'm in no position to judge anybody on their way. I just felt that it could make more people reflect on the answers and by that have more understandings of the subject. I know this change thing is also a time thing, but in my personal opinion really putting to use what we learn is more than just talking about it and I won't bring it up again :)

(22 Mar '10, 17:35) wildlife

I find questions are precious. and the answers priceless.I haven't had the desire to go thru all 900+ questions. so a repeat of a question from before I got here is worth reading to me. and I love the newbies questions the best (will always be a newbie,so much fun to learn new things ALL the time)Peace

(22 Mar '10, 20:56) ursixx

Wildlife please remember that everyone is trying to become more enlightened and we are all in different places. Some of us are like children and we need to ask the question over and over until we get it. Also you would be surprised to know that the same question asked differently get different answers. Have patience with process and allow others to move at their own pace. If you can move faster then we support you to sprint ahead. If you want to take the time to bring some of us along then that is even better.

(22 Mar '10, 22:37) Drham

Thanks for posting the point that came to you wildlife. It came from the One consciousness of which we are all a part of or a different aspect of, so is valid. Those who maybe needed to hear and contemplate it have been given the opportunity to do so, so it's all good. I am only attracted to certain questions, the rest I don't pay attention to. I figure that those questions are for others who may be asking for the first time or need more clarity on that subject, so that's all good as well 8-) Not sure what's meant by you having 17 profiles?

(23 Mar '10, 08:45) Eddie

Yeah Eddie and that's what I thought too.. if I was inspired to write it, then it probably was for someone to read it. I considered posting it, but the feeling was that I should so I followed it. That's it. About having 17 profiles..well, I must have split personalities :):):)

(23 Mar '10, 20:46) wildlife

One last thought..I will share with you why I have so many profiles. When I was attracted to this site few months ago it was just starting out (Vesuvius started out at the same time aprox.). So by then I wasn't registered and had like 700 ptc or something. Anyway Barry told me I can register, but I felt that if I would I would be to attached to it. It may be funny to you, but I felt good when people gave me points, commented and other stuff. So instead of "building up" my profile like in a RPG game, I just left it alone. Now I post comments from different places and IP adresses. Unattachment.

(23 Mar '10, 20:59) wildlife

@Wildlife, I understand what you are saying about unattachment. But I would suggest that if you are taking action to avoid attachment (not registering is still an action-based choice) because the attachment makes you feel uncomfortable then you still haven't solved the problem of your attachment. You'll need to keeping taking action (to avoid the attachment) everytime the attachment issue resurfaces in your life in different ways. Better to change into someone that can remain unattached in any life circumstances than needing to run from them, don't you think? :)

(25 Mar '10, 02:12) Stingray

"Better to change into someone that can remain unattached in any life circumstances than needing to run from them, don't you think? :)" I agree, but still, how do you do that? On your own example, Stingray, do you feel attached to your "reputation" points on this site? Not that I care, but be honest with yourself. "Do those little numbers make me feel better about myself? I'm not saying it's good or bad, but still if those feelings arise then I personally ask myself "Why? Why do I need acknowledgment form others to make me feel good?" and than make the choices that reflect how I want to live

(25 Mar '10, 09:16) wildlife

Is it running? To me, personally, the answer is "No". Look I'm saying this from a perspective of someone who lost his self-pity and self-importance. That means I don't care what people say about me, because I know I'm acting from my Higher Self. That means that people that are acting from the Ego will mostly not understand my choices, because they don't see the 'bigger picture'. I will tell them that, but if they don't want to listen, that's fine, I'm not here to convince anyone to anything. Now I came to this place because of the choices I made beforehand, and one of those was practicing ...

(25 Mar '10, 09:19) wildlife

..unattachement. How do you do that? You act "As if.." you were unattached and thanks to that, after a while, you really become that person. What are the benefits of that approach? You are free from social conditioning telling you how to live and what to do. Many people will argue that you can't do that, that it's inhuman. Well, I didn't get to this place on purose nor did I anticipate it. It's just what will happen to EVERYONE who is doing the work that you, me and everyone else is doing. At what pace? It depends on them. Some will take it slow, and that's fine, some will "speed up" to show..

(25 Mar '10, 09:21) wildlife

..others where to go next. I'm not invalidating anybodies road, I simply give you my comments on this "spiritual journey". You want to believe me or not is not important to me, because I know how I feel and I know that it's the greatest step for being FREE, which is MY PERSONAL goal in life - FREEDOM. How freedom manifests? Many different ways, but it's not running from anything. It's looking for your sticking points and act accordingly. If you see 2 man fighting you don't have to go and try to seperate them. You can also walk away knowing that it is what they chose to experience. Of course..

(25 Mar '10, 09:25) wildlife

..if at that moment you feel that the most beneficial thing you could do would be to seperate them then you do it too. Life is flexible, you are flexible. You can do what you want and when you want it. Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. Period. How do you come to that point in life is up to you. I'm saying what has worked for me and people can do what they want with that knowledge. What is the difference now that I listen to people WITHOUT emotional feelings of hurt and regret, but reflect on their answers, and if they are aligned with my Higher Self..

(25 Mar '10, 09:28) wildlife

.. I try them out and incorporate into my life. If they don't, I leave them and let others believe what they want, but i don't FORCE anyone to think, feel or do what I am doing. I just don't care, because living my life is a 24/7 job. I see my role at helping others to be the best people as they are and that's what I'm commiting my life too - service to others. But if people don't want to listen to me, that's fine. I will do it EVEN IF no one will listen, because that's who I am and that's what I love to do. So much love to you, stay beautiful and always changing :)

(25 Mar '10, 09:30) wildlife

I felt good when people gave me points, commented and other stuff. So instead of "building up" my profile like in a RPG game, I just left it alone. -- Are you saying you're not allowed to feel good about something?

(26 Mar '10, 14:21) Vesuvius

You seem very committed to this idea of unattachment. Could that itself be an attachment?

(26 Mar '10, 14:43) Vesuvius

Thanks for your thoughtful answer, Wildlife :) You are obviously a born freedom seeker and I salute you for that. Regarding your question posed at me about whether I feel attached to the points on the site. Actually, I don't. If I did, I wouldn't post much of the rather controversial material (even by today's standards) that I do. Instead, I would be giving people the answers I think would get the most votes rather than sticking my neck out and speaking my truth even if it is unpopular at times. What personally makes me feel good is not the approval of others, but the empowerment of others.

(26 Mar '10, 23:18) Stingray
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I think the word boring is the most important part of this question. Why else would we choose to incarnate?

Presumably, before we chose to live this life, we lived in a state where there were no limitations, where we were free of pain, and we understood that everything was one. Essentially, we left heaven to come here, and forgot everything we knew.

The only reason I could think of why we would do that is boredom.

In the movie Star Trek: Generations, there is a scene near the end of the movie where Captain Kirk is riding a horse, in what was called the Nexus (Heaven, essentially):

  Kirk is riding his horse hard over the countryside and across a stream,
  through a thicket of trees, and finally out onto a rolling plain. There
  is a large ravine up ahead. Kirk sees it and smiles tightly. He spurs
  his horse faster toward the ravine. The horse is tearing along, comes up
  to the edge of the precipice, and makes a daring leap to the other side.

  Horse and rider land together and Kirk spurs the horse on. But as he
  rides, we begin to see a change come over him- a look of doubt crosses
  his face. Something's not right. He slows the horse to a trot, and then
  to a complete stop. He sits there for a moment and frowns, turns and
  looks back at the ravine, which is now a fair distance away. Something
  about that jump is nagging at him.

  He turns his horse around and then digs in his heels. The horse breaks
  into a gallop, racing back toward the ravine. Kirk grips the reins tight
  in his hands and then the horse makes the leap across yet again.

  This time when Kirk lands, he brings his horse to an immediate stop. We
  can see on his face that something is very wrong. He turns and stares at
  the ravine with a mixture of shock and sadness on his face.

  In the distance, Picard can be seen approaching on a horse of his own.
  He stops next to Kirk. There is a long, quiet moment as the two men sit
  there side by side. Kirk is introspective as he sorts through his

  (re: ravine)

  I must have made this jump fifty times, and every time it scared the
  hell out of me. But not this time. (beat) Because it's not real.

  A quiet beat. Kirk turns and looks toward a particular hill in the
  distance, shading his eyes against the bright sun. Picard follows his
  gaze and we can now see the distant figure of a woman walking her horse.

  (re: woman)

  She's not real either, is she? Nothing here is. Nothing here matters.

  All euphoria is now gone from Kirk. It's a moment of self-revelation. He
  glances around.


  It's kinda like orbital skydiving. Exciting for a few minutes, but in
  the end, you haven't really done anything. You haven't made a

answered 22 Mar '10, 15:54

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Interesting that you should quote Generations. Despite being a movie with a huge number of flaws, it's still one of my favorites. The overall theme of trying to get inside the Nexus ("paradise") to live an eternally happy life, but then Kirk (and Picard) rejecting it because it was too perfect, is particularly thought-provoking for me.

(22 Mar '10, 19:31) Stingray

Yes, I'm finally beginning to understand this notion. The idea that you can manifest anything you want instantly sounds appealing, but where is the challenge in that? In a way, I think rich people sometimes suffer the same problem, especially those who obtained wealth by inheriting it, or winning the lottery. The abundance of wealth basically allows them to obtain anything they want, without further effort. But once they get those things, eventually they need to do something more substantial.

(22 Mar '10, 20:04) Vesuvius

It doesn't mean that I won't pursue better ways to manifest. But the effort in finding those ways will probably be the greatest reward for me.

(22 Mar '10, 20:05) Vesuvius
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Hi Stingray, Your question is assuming that there are not other souls who are waiting to incarnate. What if there were billions of souls who have never had this physical experience. Then the game can go on for a long long time. If there is only a limited number of souls then I imagine that it is possible for everyone to get there eventually. However even if you get "the law of attraction in this life" you can choose to come into the world again with a blank slate and start over. It can go on forever. World without end.


answered 22 Mar '10, 22:57

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@Drham: A thought for you...I think most people would probably agree that there are an infinite number of colors manifesting - just look around you - and yet there are only seven colors in the extremely limited number, don't you think? :)

(23 Mar '10, 07:06) Stingray

Very interesting comment Stingray. However if I follow your analogy it would mean that some of us beings are not real. Is that what you are suggesting?

(23 Mar '10, 18:24) Drham

I'm not quite sure what you mean by not real but have a think about the possibility that we are not beings of consciousness but actually streams of consciousness.

(23 Mar '10, 20:52) Stingray
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When everyone in the whole world becomes masters of the law of attraction we will all be in a state of bliss. I say this because I feel like ultimately the law of attraction is mastered when we feel love, joy and goodness about ourselves. We attract with our state of being. We have a saying that says 'be careful what you wish for you just might get it' and to me this means that happiness and contentment are the choices to be made first because there is no guarantee that what you are wanting will bring you happiness and joy. This is the lesson of the law of attraction and once everyone realizes this the world will be a much happier place. To me, 'knowing' about the law of attraction is knowing how to be happy.


answered 23 Mar '10, 10:01

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I think I will go with your first suggestion that when we all know about the Law of Attraction, then we will find that we are only beginners at this game of manifesting and coming in alignment with our desires.

I think you can know about the Law of Attraction for years and years and still not come close to applying it in a way which is close to its real potential.

So, in my opinion, we cannot master the real potential of the Law of Attraction in this lifetime as that is not why we came here. We came from the non-physical where we all know the real potential of the Law of Attraction and this is where we are all going to go when we die.

Life is just a learning curve when it comes to the Law of Attraction and that is the way it will stay for beings that want to have the physical experience on earth.


answered 23 Mar '10, 12:53

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Pink Diamond

well even if you have everything you want it does not make you happy. loa is one thing but enlightement is another.Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."Luke 18:22 When Jesus heard this, he said to him, "You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

"Here on this seat my body may shrivel up, my skin, my bones, my flesh may dissolve, but my body will not move from this seat until I have attained Enlightenment, so difficult to obtain in the course of many kalpas".

Cessation of feelings and perceptionsThe Buddha also rediscovered an attainment beyond the dimension of neither perception nor non-perception, the "cessation of feelings and perceptions." This is sometimes called the "ninth jhāna" in commentarial and scholarly literature.[13][17]

About this, it is said: "Seeing with discernment, his fermentations were totally ended. He emerged mindfully from that attainment. On emerging mindfully from that attainment, he regarded the past qualities that had ceased & changed: 'So this is how these qualities, not having been, come into play. Having been, they vanish.' He remained unattracted & unrepelled with regard to those qualities, independent, detached, released, dissociated, with an awareness rid of barriers. He discerned that 'There is no further escape,' and pursuing it there really wasn't for him."[11]

Someone attaining this state is an anagami or an arahant.[18] In the above extract, the Buddha narrates that Sariputta became an arahant upon reaching it.[19]

“I also saw both the light and the vision of forms. Shortly after the vision of light and shapes disappear. I thought, ‘What is the cause and condition in which light and vision of the forms disappear?' Then consider the following: ‘The question arose in me and because of doubt my concentration fell, when my concentration fell, the light disappeared and the vision of forms. I act so that the question does not arise in me again.'” “I remained diligent, ardent, perceived both the light and the vision of forms. Shortly after the vision of light and shapes disappear. I thought, 'What is the cause and condition in which light and vision of the forms disappear?' Then consider the following: 'Inattention arose in me because of inattention and my concentration has decreased, when my concentration fell, the light disappeared and the vision of forms. I must act in such a way that neither doubt nor disregard arise in me again.'”

As the concentration becomes stronger, the feelings of breathing and of having a physical body will completely disappear, leaving only pure awareness. At this stage inexperienced meditators may become afraid, thinking that they are going to die if they continue the concentration because the feeling of breathing and the feeling of having a physical body has completely disappeared. They should not be so afraid and should continue their concentration in order to reach "full concentration" (jhāna).[27]

so now you know the next step. experience and enjoy.


answered 12 Sep '11, 22:43

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white tiger

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