Do you think that as we become more spritually conscious, that we then become more intuned to the universal consciousness and to everyone else? And if that is the case then are we able to communicate with someone (who is in another geographic location) by using thought. Not only to send out thoughts but to receive back thoughts from the other person as well. I feel like I am able to do this with certain persons but then I question if the experience is real? I would like to know if others have had any similar experience or just get your thoughts on this.

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Absolutely - I have these experiences regularly, to the point of them feeling commonplace.

Often I know what other people are going to say before they say it, or I'll know what someone else is feeling even if they are in some other location.

I don't go deliberately looking for these experiences though...when they happen I just acknowledge that I've had another demonstration of humanity's spiritual connectedness and move on with my life.

The more you allow these unusual life experiences to just feel usual to you, the more you will have them. And the more you'll start realizing what amazing untapped potentials we have as human beings.

I've noticed when I start to try to achieve these things on purpose to, for example, demonstrate these things to other people, it puts up a block to them happening. As with manifesting anything, there is a difference between allowing something to happen and needing it to happen.

There is a specific basic technique you can try with others if you want to send thoughts to them.

  • Pick someone who is not likely to be engaged in any specific activity involving concentrated mental focus at the time you want to send the thought i.e. you want them to be in a fairly open and receptive mental state

  • Think the thought strongly - with emotion if you can - for a few minutes. It's better if it's a short phrase like Call me.

  • Now let it go and completely forget about it.

  • If you don't get a result, try it again every few hours until you do. They might have been occupied with something else.

If you still don't get a result, see if the other person was at least thinking about you around those times. Often, they will have been but something prevented them from, in this example, calling you.

The thought that they receive will be perceived by them as one of their own thoughts and they will respond to it according to their own beliefs regarding it. So, in this example, if they would never call you even if they wanted to, they won't. This is a method of influence, not control.

As with everything else in life, you get better at it with practice....though most people will try something like this once, get no result and then claim it doesn't work...and then they go back to accepting that they have to invest months (perhaps years) of their life in learning something else like speaking a new language or playing a musical instrument...there's an automatic assumption for some reason that mastery of spiritual/psychic methods should always be instant :)


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Much of what could be considered telepathy is the ability to read people's body language and other conceptual and environmental clues. Some people can do this really well. Genuine telepathy has never been satisfactorily demonstrated in a laboratory setting.

That said, my wife swears that she knows when something significant has happened in her family, especially a pregnancy, hospital stay or death (all of her family lives abroad). Someone in her family or circle of friends will call, and she will blurt out, "You're pregnant, aren't you?" To which the caller replies, "How did you know?"


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