This question stems from these three previous questions regarding our ability to see into eachother's minds:

We are all part of the One Universal Mind. So shouldn't you be able tell what I'm thinking of right.......NOW?

Experiment 32b on Telepathy

Okay, Grace, you started something...Let's see if any or ALL of you can guess who and what I am praying for

We all did so well on @Eldavo's experiment especially; it was the present moment awareness that made all the difference, I think.

Now I'm wondering, why would it be that when it really mattered to me, when I really wanted to know where someone was, I have been so wrong, or have drawn such a total blank, so many times?

~ A heavy downpouring rain, it was late, and a family member wasn't home yet.

~ Picking up at the airport, I watch all those people walk safely off the plane - except my loved one.

~ A changed situation or misunderstanding cut ties, and I had regrets.

In each of these very real-life situations, I have so wanted answers to all the questions: Where are you? Are you ok? Has something happened to you? Are you upset and alone, or having a fine time, and it's only me with any concern at all?

In each case I have tried very hard to understand what was happening with the other person, and in each case, as I said, I was either totally wrong, or drew a complete blank.

How could that be, when I was so right about something that didn't matter at all?

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i would say that your own inner darkness is blocking your self. that darkness is what force people to judge about things. and by judging you are also judge with the same mesure. so be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.

(05 Aug '12, 11:23) white tiger

In my experiment, I cleared all your thoughts and had you "focused" on my words. You weren't thinking of anything but what I was writing, no emotion involved except curiosity!

Grace, I had you "more focused" and "more involved" than anyone else because I "used your name".....then when I figured everyone would have an image....."that 1st image"....I said "immediately post it below"....BECAUSE your beliefs would start warping that image, doubting it, and you would start doubting yourself that you have this capability..."Oh, I've been wrong so many times before", then your emotions start getting involved and then you're so far off base at this point it's not anywhere near the original image....this is in the time frame of 1-2 seconds.

Seeing people's "thoughts" is for a more "practiced" person, but seeing what the person is doing is easier.

I have been practicing for about a year now (on and off).....and it takes "PRACTICE"..."PRACTICE"..."PRACTICE" and I was getting a 90+% success rate of images involved in the scene....many of the images I got didn't mean anything to me at the time, but they did later.

I made notes and my findings showed that any image that had emotion attached "was tainted" any image I had to THINK ABOUT "was tainted' and I would only accept "IMAGES" that came to me with no influence, and if I went into it EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED I would either get "no images" or "confusion and frustration."

Good examples: Driving in the car you will get images that "FLASH" at you, or after nap, when you wake up in the morning, when you're focused deeply on something your working on or reading. Meditation with all thoughts and emotions out of the way...then present your question and ask for an image

In the Master Key there are exercises in the beginning chapters on practicing to quiet your mind and body.....practice it everyday!!

Also, by drawing your attention to this tool you are flowing energy towards it. By playing with this tool you are drawing energy to it, by having fun with this tool you are drawing energy to it, it gets forgetting about it you are taking energy away from it, by ignoring it you are taking energy away from it, by doubting it you are taking energy away from it

...If you want to be able to get really good at it, listen to the Masters:

Qigong Master to student..."if you want me to teach you the powers of Qigong, meet me every day at 5am on this spot for 3 years and then I will know you're serious.....that's when I will start teaching you."

...this seems extreme.....but you get the idea.


answered 05 Aug '12, 13:48

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@Eldavo, I do get it, and you couldn't be more correct - I did exactly as you directed in your experiment and identified my very first thought.... and by the time my hands reached the keyboard, I was already doubting it, but wanted to participate properly and do just what you asked. I will try your suggestion and wait for a calm, detached or distracted moment, and see if I can get an answer to a question thats been bothering me. Thank you so much for sharing you insights.

(06 Aug '12, 01:56) Grace

The key is too not try so hard.


It Is Given

Allow - (This is where we all get hung up most of the time.)

In each case "I have tried very hard" to understand what was happening with the other person, and in each case, as I said, I was either totally wrong, or drew a complete blank.

Trying very hard is pushing against or holding resistance. That is the opposite of allowing. Just ask, know for a fact that it is given, then relax and allow the answer or situation to flow to you. The word "flow" sounds so much less resistant than "trying hard" doesn't it?

When you were taking part in the three links that were posted, the feeling was a fun type of game. There is no resistance when you are feeling good and having fun. Having fun and feeling good are you allowing your natural self to shine through. There is no pinching off of the ease and flow of pure positive source energy.

There is a difference in really wanting to know and trying hard to get the answer, and really wanting to know and allowing the answer to flow to you.

Worry, doubt, trying hard are very low, resistant, and dense vibrations which will only bring you more of the same resistant circumstances.

Allowing, feeling good, and knowing in a positive way, are high frequency vibrations which reflect back to you positive situations and circumstances.

It simply comes down to a choice of allowing or resisting. It all depends on the choice we make every single moment that is the now.


answered 04 Aug '12, 01:19

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@Cory, thank you. This is helpful. My emotions muddle anything I may see anyway to such an extent, that even when I see something accurately, I can not distunguish between that and the dozen other scenarios that come to mind. Somehow finding a way to detach, to rise above, if only for a short time, seems to be my next frontier.

(04 Aug '12, 10:00) Grace

@Grace Your welcome. Yes, try to feel as good as you can for as long as you can every day. It takes a little practice to feel good when you are so used to resisting. Meditation for 15 minutes a day is the best way to start feeling good for even a short period of time, until you practice feeling good, and the art of allowing more and more each and every day. Just do what feels most comfortable to you each and every moment of your day. Eventually, it will become a new habit that is of benefit.

(05 Aug '12, 02:00) Cory

@Cory-Great answer.Really appreciate your insights.I'm starting to see now that my struggle with feeling good was just a belief that feeling good was a hard thing to do or that I had to go through painful experiences first.I think this is what trips most people up at the start.Feeling good is easy and our natural state is my new belief :)

(05 Aug '12, 07:25) Satori

@Satori, that is interesting. I never thought in terms of having a belief that feeling good is a hard thing to do. Wow, now that I see it, it seems so obvoius! That is really quite a liberating revelation, isn't it? Thanks!

(06 Aug '12, 01:31) Grace

@Satori I appreciate your insights quite a bit as well, so thank you. Yes, getting my beliefs straightened out has been challenging over the past few years. It takes some time when you have certain definitions put in place for decades. Once the new definitions replace the old ones, and the new ones resonate and feel good, it doesn't seem to take all that long to hop on that shiny new train of happiness. It's exciting to know that our natural state is to feel good!

(06 Aug '12, 12:29) Cory

@Cory-Thank you, your a real asset here on IQ, look forward to your answers:)

(06 Aug '12, 13:49) Satori
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Hi Grace

Cory has it spot on.You had two almost opposite vibrations regarding the Experiment and the real-life situations you describe.One was really enjoying and the other was really wanting.

I noticed you use the word want a few times in your question.Here is an interesting excerpt from the book A Happy Pocketful Of Money about the state of wanting.I hope it helps:)

Desire, but never want. Wanting communicates to you and to the universe that you do not have something (first mistake) and that you are in a state of not having it but wishing you did (second mistake). The problem is compounded by the fact that wanting is a perpetual state. In itself, it has no finality. Think about it.

You can never get what you want. Never. It only looks like people get what they want, but they never really do. What actually happens is that very gradually they shift from the state of wanting to other states, and then they get what they had wanted initially.

But as long as they are in a state of wanting, they cannot get that which they want.

Here is how the illusion of a person getting what they want works:

Remember the last time you wanted to eat and you got what you wanted (you ate something). Ok, you wanted something to eat. This is a wanting state. But watch what happened next. You started to go get something to eat. You actually shifted from a wanting to a getting state, which has finality. You then shift to the present tense of having, finally, and you appear to have had what you wanted. See, you never did get what you wanted when you were in a wanting state. You had to shift states.


answered 04 Aug '12, 04:50

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edited 04 Aug '12, 05:18

@Satori, thank you. I don't think I've ever understood that before - you don't get what you want. That brings me back to how the heck do you stop wanting - "beware of yearning", etc. Always a difficult bit for me to understand. What is that mechanism? That transition from want to go get?

(04 Aug '12, 09:52) Grace

@Grace-I prefer letting go or allowing.You do get what you want but not while in the state of wanting.By the time you receive what you desire at some point  you have changed states. I was trying to illustrate why you were drawing a blank when you really wanted to know where someone was:)

(04 Aug '12, 10:50) Satori

@Satori, thank you. So go head and want, but then knock it off if you ever want to see it. ? :) lol I'll give that a go.

(04 Aug '12, 12:56) Grace

@Grace I don't think it is necessarily about "knocking off" the wanting of a desire. The wanting is answered as soon as you launch it to the universe. If you can understand that the "want" is instantly given to you, it comes down to knowing that it is in your reality. If you can get to a state of consciousness of knowing your desire is manifested and exists right now in your reality because it is the law of the universe, that knowing will bring you everything that you ever "wanted."

(05 Aug '12, 01:55) Cory

@Cory, thank you so much.. That last sentence is it. That's just exactly the fine point I've been trying to wrap my mind around. I really do believe in the existance of things I don't yet see, that concept fits well inside my head, I'm sure of it...but there must be something I'm missing that you and these other folks have grasped that I have not, because I have only been able to get just so far, and then no farther. I am a bit frustrated but far from giving up.

(06 Aug '12, 01:42) Grace

@Grace It's all about allowing things to come to you. Your not missing anything. You have all the knowledge that everyone here at at IQ has inside of you, but resistance about "who you truly are" has been tripping you up. Just relax, go with the flow, and be easy on yourself. Every question and circumstance you ask for in your existence will come to you in one way or another if allow yourself to know that it is done already. Just enjoy every single moment of life that you possibly can.

(06 Aug '12, 12:23) Cory

@Cory, thank you, you are very kind to help. I remember someone likening this to knowing that your waiter is bringing your order; you don't follow them into the kitchen to supervise, fuss or worry.

This quote just turned up in my mail box from What allowing truly is, you know you've really got it down, when you're able to allow someone who is not allowing you. ~ Asheville, NC, 9.27.11 disc 4

I found that email and yours in my inbox at the same time. :)

(06 Aug '12, 12:32) Grace

@Grace Your very welcome.

It sounds like a vibrational match in your inbox to me:)

The waiter analogy is a perfect example of knowing. I use scenarios like that all the time to remind myself of the knowing state of being. Little things like that are very helpful tools to use throughout the day.

(06 Aug '12, 13:12) Cory

@Satori @Grace @Cory You are helping others here too with your questions - thanks for this.

(06 Aug '12, 13:19) Catherine

Here is another helpful analogy by Bashar

When you are watching television and the current program displeases you, you do not try to change or transform that program. Instead, you simply choose another program that you do prefer.Likewise, if the reality you are experiencing displeases you, you do not need to "change" or "transform" that reality....

(06 Aug '12, 13:34) Satori

You only need to choose another version of reality to "receive", by synchronising your vibrations with the "version" of reality you do prefer to experience.   It already exists.   All you have to do is "receive" it. You select the "channel" you're watching in life.  TO CHANGE THE OUTSIDE, CHANGE THE INSIDE...

(06 Aug '12, 13:35) Satori

To be technically accurate

People do not "create" their reality.  They "select" it and "allow it in".

As an analogy,  A TV set does not "create" the program it's displaying.  It just "selects" it and "allows it in". A radio does not "create" the radio program it's playing.  It just "selects" it and "allows it in".

Realising this, it should make it feel even EASIER to create/select/allow the version of reality you wish to experience, because

(06 Aug '12, 13:41) Satori


All possible version of reality already all exist!    (When they say God is Infinite, they're not kidding.)

YOU DON'T HAVE TO CREATE the version of reality you wish to experience. IT ALREADY EXISTS!   It's happening RIGHT NOW - on some other parallel reality-track. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS "SELECT" IT AND "LET IT IN"!

(06 Aug '12, 13:42) Satori

@Cory, @Satori, thank you so much. @Catherine, that is the icing on the cake. This is a wonderful experience; I feel like something just clicked inside... Oh, please let it finally have clicked...

(06 Aug '12, 14:59) Grace

... I think it may be some shred of resistance left in me that is saying "But what if you allow this and nothing happens?" Now, there is an equally loud voice in me saying...... "But what if it does?"

(06 Aug '12, 15:01) Grace

@Grace-I'm glad you found some benefit here:)

(07 Aug '12, 12:16) Satori
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