hi,does anybody knows about "subjective communication".i read about it few days ago and tried it, but nothing happened. Can someone throw more light upon this?

asked 10 Aug '10, 11:42

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Maybe check out this vhttp://www.mindpowernews.com/SubjectiveCommunication.htm or Google for more info.

(11 Aug '10, 01:46) Michaela

The Science of Mind, by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes [1926], at sacred-texts. Lesson Six.


answered 11 Aug '10, 07:56

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Subjective communication is simply a concentrated form of telepathy ...



answered 08 Nov '11, 16:09

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blubird two

well blossom how did you try it? was it with someone you know? what is the link between you? do you think that person would agree with it? also know this not every one is a good receiver. some people you talk with them and they do not ear you or understand what you say because they do not see things the way you do or they have a judgement stopping them from seing the truth of the matter. so know who to contact. find someone that is on the same channel as you if i send you a message on channel 10 and you are on channel 2 you will not get it. also know this there is bad receiver and bad sender also. so experience and enjoy. eventually you will get it right.


answered 09 Nov '11, 02:01

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white tiger

Subjective communication in Indonesian version here http://www.kekuatanpikiran.net


answered 27 Dec '11, 21:28

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Thanks for sharing. ^_^y

(29 Dec '11, 10:37) Snow
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