In another post, we have been discussing telepathic links with other people. See comments

It seems that some of us do connect with other people, but it takes them having thoughts in the forefront of their mind. Thoughts that they were about to say, or things they were about to do. It takes intent.

The current excitement about plant communication dates back to 1966 when Clive Backster, a New York lie-detector expert, decided on Impulse to see if he could monitor the water-intake of one of his office plants.

Among other things, a lie detector measures changes in the electrical resistance of the skin, known as galvanic skin response (GSR). Backster reasoned that, by attaching the GSR electrodes to a leaf of his dracena, he might be able to detect the arrival of water in the leaf through changes in its resistance. But nothing happened.

He tried dipping the leaf in his cup of hot coffee. Still nothing happened. Frustrated, he thought he'd try a more extreme stimulus. He'd burn it with a match. At the same instant of his intention to burn the plant, the tracing-pen of his chart-recorder went wild. The plant suddenly showed a large shift in resistance, apparently in response to a thought.

Cleve Backster Article


Also see Rupert Sheldrake, Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home

Any personal examples or thoughts about this?

asked 28 Aug '12, 10:54

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Dollar Bill

Not only does intent power telepathy, I'd say intent powers your whole fact, it powers the whole expansion of the universe :)

Intent, ultimately, is a point of focus.

And a point of focus is ultimately a decision.

And when a decision is made, it draws the "energy that creates worlds" through the decision-maker...decisions are what put the life into life :)


answered 28 Aug '12, 12:18

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@Stingray- Very interesting. Do you think intending from a heart-centred place carries more power? thanks:)

(28 Aug '12, 19:56) Satori

@Satori - Absolutely it does. "Heart-centered" is just alternative terminology for "being in the Vortex"'s a state of alignment where your physical self and broader self are both focused together in the same way, so the "power" is massively more than just the physical self's focus alone. That's why "getting aligned" is so important.

(30 Aug '12, 08:32) Stingray

@Stingray- Thank you:)

(30 Aug '12, 10:20) Satori
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I think that intent directs thoughts, but the heart powers it. That's why for all these healing techniques you must find your heart space.


answered 30 Aug '12, 08:36

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Fairy Princess

The idea of "intent" fascinates me!

I had a person who was not making his mortgage payments to me. After two months of numerous unanswered phone and email, I decided to foreclose. I went to his file, got out my Security Deed and was about to dial my attorney when he called and told me he was bringing a certified check for the full amount including fees.

He took no action until I had decided to foreclose.

Events like this seem to happen over and over.


answered 31 Aug '12, 09:07

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Dollar Bill


We are all connected, so you send a signal and others pick it up. Here is an exercise to illustrate that I learned from Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett. Close your eyes and imagine you are in a pool of water that is about 12 feet in circumference and the water level is to your chest. Drop a pebble in the water right in front of you and notice any sensations you feel. Then drop a pebble in a different place and feel the sensations. Does it feel different than the first?

(31 Aug '12, 09:26) Fairy Princess

Now as far as events like this seeming to happen over and over, that is because of your beliefs. You have beliefs that are attracting this. They could be judgements, insecurities, pride, etc... Change what you believe about people and what you attract will change.

(31 Aug '12, 09:29) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - I attract very few situations like the above anymore. My curiosity is about "intent." I was ready to take action, and the other person responded as though I HAD taken action.

Just yesterday, I realized a tenant had not paid their rent for August. They were 30 days late. I was in the neighborhood, stopped by their house and left a note. While I was leaving the note, they were putting the rent in my dropbox. AT THE SAME TIME I WAS AT THEIR HOUSE! I had not contacted them before.

(31 Aug '12, 14:38) Dollar Bill

Some kind of power is happening here. I don't want to attract events that make me need to use power to solve them. I want a happy, harmonious life.

I AM getting my joy from the Connection that Creates Worlds.

(31 Aug '12, 14:43) Dollar Bill
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