I am very interested in learning about "vibrational levels".

I have been wondering if my husband and I are divorcing because our vibrational levels are so very different. Please teach me.

Blessings, Jai

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Check out "clattering": http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6145/how-can-i-remain-positive-despite-my-mothers-negativity/6146#6146

(22 Feb '11, 21:00) Stingray

Thanks, Stingray! Very helpful, indeed! Blessings to you, Jai

(22 Feb '11, 21:37) Jaianniah
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Im not sure if vibrational matches are neccessarily a pointer to how both parties feel about their belief systems and ideas.

Im in a happy relationship with a woman who shares virtually none of my beliefs or spiritual/metaphysical interests. More over she isnt just not in line with my beliefs but totally ambivolent to the whole subject.

However having said that it may well be the case that we are still a vibrational match.Or it may be that we are not a vibrational match but still love each other and are able to get on together thru the day to day aspects of life.

I personally know ministers who have retained their beliefs,their wives have retained the same beliefs but theyve got divorced.

I also know couples who SEEM and i stress seem to be totally different from each other with a set of very differing interests in life who are well suited in other ways and ultimately very happy.

Its a very interesting question.

I heard a preacher say once that the main cause of divorce was marriage!



answered 22 Feb '11, 10:20

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Monty Riviera

Funny! Happy for you.

(23 Feb '11, 14:00) all2gethernow
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