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Ive recently started actually practising Faster EFT and am pleased with how it works. Ive listened to a fair amount of the U Tube material and done the 7 day course.

Im a fan of the material and Robert too, hes much more than just an EFT coach in my opinion.

Ive now stumbled across Larry Nims and have , albeit rather sceptically, tried his methods.

I had a particularly unpleasant emotional episode yesterday and said the "Cueword "

And it immediately relieved my bad feeling. I tried to " dig around " for it but it had gone.Im quite impressed, and im surprised at myself for saying that. His method just seemed to me to be too easy. Although he did state that even if my conscious mind had doubts it would be fine and that it would still work.

And it did, it worked a treat. Has anyone else used this? did it work ?

Im finally beginning to see the importance of maintaining a good feeling attitude,and im also learning that a thourgh and daily maintenance schedule for my feeling is beneficial.Im now sold on the fact that this cleaning and tuning habit does more for physical manifestation than anything else.

I would love some feedback from anyone who has actually incorporated this into their schedule.


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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Could you please post a link to BSFF? Thanks

(01 Jun '13, 08:45) Fairy Princess

It looks a lot like ZPoint Process by Grant Connolly. It also looks like EZDS but with a cue word instead of THT, but much longer process. I am curious how it compares for results.

(01 Jun '13, 10:39) Fairy Princess

@Monty Riviera - Thank you for highlighting this releasing technique. I'm glad it's working for you. Did you buy the book or is the YouTube video basically all you need to know to use this? Thanks:)

(02 Jun '13, 07:15) Satori

Just lookd at the 3 videos, listened to Larry instruct the subconscious and went on my way. 24 hrs later i used the worked.

(02 Jun '13, 09:26) Monty Riviera
1 Very comprehensive explanation of BSFF.

(05 Jun '13, 07:12) Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera- Excellent. It just shows how easy this is when we don't complicate it. Thanks.

(05 Jun '13, 07:33) Satori

@Monty Riviera - I looked a little bit into the article from your link about BSFF..well the BSFF DVD series were made in 2006 and the instructions in the article are from 2002..The BSFF procedure was much improved and updated:see the little video series "BSFF Quick Start" (from youtube). Nonetheless, it is a very instructive article in terms of understanding the whats/hows and whys :) BE SET FREE FAST !

(05 Jun '13, 16:38) holla
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Faster EFT actually includes the ideas of EFT and BSFF.

I heard Robert Smith explicitly state this in his official training videos (which are not free unfortunately).

The tapping within Faster EFT is actually optional - you can just use cue words (basically NLP anchors) if you want to achieve the same effect. Robert Smith tends to always use the cueword of "Peace" at the end of his tapping if you watch his videos carefully.

So the name "Faster EFT" is rather inaccurate (it's a bit of a marketing gimmick) because, in reality, it's a generic clearing system for which one implementation of it can be tapping.

The only reason to tap is if you prefer the act of physical tapping, which I tend to do, because it gives me something physical to do. Making physical movements to enhance a vibrational state is an old mystical trick used in many spiritual/religious ceremonies.

But you can just as effectively use the cueword by itself, an affirmation, or even a visualization that evokes a good-feeling state to match up to the bad-feeling state you are trying to neutralize.

Alternatively, if your nose is blocked, you can apply my new Nose-Finger Touching (NFT) method - over which I claim total world-copyright :) - and clean your nose at the same time :) I should make clear that anyone on this planet who picks their nose from now on must pay me a royalty fee :)


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Your right, in the 306 video Robert mentions BSFF in the same breath as Faster EFT. He often just uses imaginary tapping when hes driving for instance. I use FEFT, BSFF and ive even dabbled with NFT! They are SO usefull. And i do sometimes still tap...but not at work, i get some funny looks!

(04 Jun '13, 08:21) Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera - I notice many people secretly practising NFT while driving :) I find the imaginary tapping (i.e. tapping in your mind on the EFT spots) also highly effective when it's inconvenient to tap physically. Because of the pre-paved expectation of feeling good/neutral while tapping on those acupuncture points, it achieves a similar effect. Another trick Robert Smith uses is just holding the wrist because that activates many energy meridians at the same time.

(04 Jun '13, 09:27) Stingray

While using tapping may be useful for different personal reasons or believes or from your personal spiritual background, actually none of it it is necessary...not even the acknowledgement (the learning) of meridians/energy circuits or the use of them. With the risk to be misinterpreted, i need to say again that the actual Intention is the first and only factor that generates the whole process of healing..this is a superior understanding of how the "things" work...universally..

(04 Jun '13, 09:29) holla

...wich reminds me what Dr. Larry Nims said on the Dvd, at some point... : " Wich makes me wonder if the tapping is even relevant.. " .But, like everything in life, you need to do it for yourself to see what's what...

(04 Jun '13, 09:37) holla

I agree with both the above, expectation and intention are the keywords which leap out of these comments. I would imangine that results will flow from both methods. Im just glad ive finally incorporated them. They are both now a little like brushing my teeth in the morning.

(04 Jun '13, 18:10) Monty Riviera

@Stingray- Great answer Stingray. Faster Eft is excellent. I used to think sometimes it was not working for me. But I think what was happening was , when I tapped an emotion away it instantly revealed another emotion in a slightly different location in the body, sometimes 10 in a row. At the time I just thought it was the same emotion and it wasn't shifting. Can this happen sometimes where releasing one emotion can reveal a string of other linked emotions? Thanks:)

(05 Jun '13, 07:29) Satori

@Satori - "Can this happen sometimes where releasing one emotion can reveal a string of other linked emotions?" - Yes. It is very common for this to happen and, like you've experienced, probably makes people think nothing is happening when the opposite is true. Robert Smith has a nice analogy to explain this involving a tabletop. See Has anyone tried 'Faster EFT'?

(05 Jun '13, 10:07) Stingray

@Satori - Your observation is true. The cleansing always IS instantly (i observed this myself practicing BSFF)..for the part you treat, mainly being the first symptom that you are aware of..but in the next instant the underlying layer COMES in action..and since much problems are in fact issues (multiple problems acting together as a closed system) you feel like you do not get results..this is why you need to be a very good observer of yourself..and pay attention and keep healing ! And so it is !

(05 Jun '13, 16:03) holla

@Satori - ..and a technical aspect : Dr. Nims states that can be 30-40 problems that can act an issue.

(05 Jun '13, 17:12) holla

@Stingray- Thank you:) @Holla- Thank you for that clarification:)

(06 Jun '13, 05:17) Satori
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@Monty Riviera

Hello. i will quote myself :) : "Dr. Nims himself was a chronic depressive and , after attempting to commit suicide 4 times he gave up, admitting he was not able to do at least this thing to get over with his illness. So, he became interested in helping "mentally disturbed" people (irronicaly, he had studies and practice in some psychiatric field) and seeing that the actual, at that time, overall therapy was not suitable for really helping people he asked God to give him some knowledge/therapy that really heals people with emotional/mental issues. And after a year he discovered Dr. Callahan's evolved into EFT..then BSFF (by the way, the creator of EFT, Gary Craig, after he saw Dr. Nims with BSFF he kinda gave up at using EFT because BSFF was much faster/deeper..)"

Monty, i am practicing on daily basis BSFF and i still am impressed with the amazing results and the way it works..on the spot, on long term...every treatment deepens your awareness about yourself ,subconsciously, and you learn and discover your self as personality..and you begin to center and heal and really become more and more free along the days... Discover for yourself.. Zpoint was derived from BSFF..but, for me there is no point in this or other forms of BSFF or EFT or TFT...for others might be...this is my approach and understanding because i simply Intent, Give order to the subconsious mind, it executes the order..this is all...and keep healing everything involved...

Plus, BSFF can be practiced ad litteram instantly, everywhere, the bus, at a waiting line, you realize the freedom :) you have with this magnificent tool !? You can remember a problem, let's say from 10 years ago or from yesterday and treat it when you wish..and keep treating as long as it is necessary..maybe you can not be aware of every interconnected aspect but, as "problems" appear in your awarness you treat them and you will discover you treat far more then you could imagine...aspects of your personality you never thought were part of the "root" issue...and become more free every day. It is important to see all the sessions from the DVD because there are other tips and advices from Dr. Nims that really help you with BSFF.

There are core issues of every human being that need to be treated as soon as you learn BSFF : Self-Image, Self-Trust. Also, it is needed to be treated, when necessary: Trauma, The Subconscious Mind of the Body!- this develops as a "second independent subconscious mind" of the physical body when deep, chronic issues were maintained along the time...

Learn with all your heart and you will understand with all your mind :)


answered 02 Jun '13, 06:17

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@holla- I especially found the background history of Dr Nims to be interesting. Whilst being depressed or feeling bad sucks, I see a pattern reveal itself showing how people who go through terrible emotional pain usually end up doing remarkable things later on in the future.

The old idea of "experience what you dont want to know what you do want" is such a great system the universe has to offer for going through life.

(02 Jun '13, 06:29) Nikulas

Im looking forward Holla to the results youve enjoyed. For me this method makes EFT and faster EFT redundant. Ive only used it for a few days but the results are FAST. The feeling of ease knowing that my subconscious servant is busy doing what my higher self has always wanted it to do is SO reassuring. It almost seems TOO simple! but it works, and for me theres no other consideration.

(02 Jun '13, 06:56) Monty Riviera

@Holla- Thanks for your answer. You wrote "Gary Craig, after he saw Dr. Nims with BSFF he kinda gave up at using EFT because BSFF was much faster/deeper..)". I'd be interested to know where you got this info? Thank you:)

(02 Jun '13, 07:24) Satori


Yes, this is how i feel too...i droped a lot of subconscious fears and simply realized things i never "realized"..i almost "see and saw" the thoughts, belives and emotions that i held for a lifetime and never realized that they were keeping me unbalanced afecting my whole personality..and my experience with BSFF revealed me so much emotional aspects i never got to clarify before and, therfore, i never "grew" emotionally..almost hits you in the face sometimes! And ALWAYS the roots are...

(02 Jun '13, 07:38) holla


the undeveloped Self-Image and Self-Trust..psychologically speaking, all of us have parts of the actual personality that still ARE..well.."little kids"..who never grew up..some parts of us, somtimes many or too much, never had the chance to develop, to be harmoniously "resolved" ! In my experience. Because of parents, mainly, kids suffer a lot with all the interdictions and denials and "forcing to act civilised" and repressions..we all the "children" develop then strategies to protect..

(02 Jun '13, 07:45) holla


some become hardened, some too soft...and this is the beginning of "Welcome problems" way of being/living...and never feeling the really "all right" thing in our lives..The true/first emotions as children and even (hugely important!) in the 9 months period in the mommy's belly :) are the ROOTS of all that we become ! And since our mothers/fathers, generally speaking, had no clue about what i am saying now, though they loved we are :) and doing the "hard work" now....

(02 Jun '13, 07:54) holla

@Satori Gary Craig said this with his own mouth :)..on the DVD..there is a History of BSFF section and they both were on a conference where Gary Craig said something like this : If he (Nims) doesn't do it anymore (tapping, eft) why should i ? ...and he had a good, healthy laugh then :)

(02 Jun '13, 07:58) holla

@Satori Look here from minute 3:35

Actually i encourage everybody to see (on youtube) the History of BSFF!

(02 Jun '13, 08:01) holla

He said he wasn't using the nine gamut, and Gary said why should he.

(02 Jun '13, 08:05) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess

:) No, you did not understand.. That is a pretty long and complex EFT Gary droped it the entire videoclip...Gary says more to : U say the cue word for your problem in like 6-7 seconds instead of EFT procedure that it takes a lot more...Look at minute 4:02.. Remember, Larry droped for good all tapping/imagining of tapping afterwards...

(02 Jun '13, 08:18) holla

I did watch it to the end, from 3:35. Gary asked Larry how he handles the nine gamut. Larry said he doesn't use it. Gary said, "If he's not using it, why should I?" The did talk about Larry not using the tapping, but Gary didn't say that.

(02 Jun '13, 08:42) Fairy Princess


You need to pay attention to what you see. If Gary didn't use nine gamut (and for some months already..), wich is EFT !, anymore...well, isn't this obvious ? But more important, since you watched it to the end, why do you still need to talk on this aspect...what is the point..If i give you a turbo car why would you argue that a "normal" car is better..if it is more suited for you, then, by all means, use it ! But this is a different aspect...

(02 Jun '13, 08:52) holla

You changed what he said though, that is a misquote. That is my point. I don't use EFT any more either.

(02 Jun '13, 09:01) Fairy Princess


Dr. Larry Nims participated on a 2 hour long interview on the One Radio Network in june. A lot of good stuff to learn and understand more deeply BSFF.

Here is the link (you have download option too):

Happy BSFF :)

(18 Jul '13, 05:26) holla
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