This question relates to Why this contradiction in 'Message Of A Master' and 'Think And Grow Rich' about expressing what you want verbally?

May I ask then , if words have power as I have read from different sources , yet The Message Of A Master says speaking them dissipates their power.

Is that only in verbalising to another , not in speaking aloud to one's self?

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It is our beliefs that create our reality. Everybody knows that the spoken word is powerful, the Bible likens the tongue to a double edged sword. It creates and it destroys depending on one's beliefs. Our thoughts are very powerful also. Speaking it outloud opens the door to dialogue with another or with one's self. If a person says that they will be a famous actress and their friend says that they can't for some reason, the friend has now cast doubt on the dreams, dampening their beliefs. Then when they tell another friend who might even be supportive, the other friend's voice reminds them why they can't. They would have been better off not saying it outloud to their friend.

One could also do the same thing to themselves. When they say their affirmation outloud, their inner voice reminds them why they can't. Yes we can argue with our inner voice also, but it is easier to fake the feeling when you think it than when you say it. Like singing a song in your head in perfect pitch, but singing like a frog when you sing outloud. It is easier to believe and enjoy the song in your head at or near perfect pitch than the froglike sounds when you sing outloud.

That doesn't mean one shouldn't sing for enjoyment. Take care what words you sing. Sing your affirmations to a nice catchy tune. That could increase the positive feelings about them.

I find that doing Two Hands Touching after a positive affirmation works better than repeating the statement adnauseum. Press the palms of your hands together and close your eyes. Ask yourself quietly in your head, "What do my hands feel like?" Without naming the feelings, feel the answer in your hands. Feel for the pulse, etc... Don't try to think or not think, just feel your hands.

Ultimately it is our beliefs that create our reality. So if saying something outloud creates doubt, then it is oposing your manifestation. If saying something outloud increases your faith and sense of power, then it assists in the manifestation.


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Excellent, that is pretty much what I was thinking to write. :-)

(25 Jun '12, 23:32) Wade Casaldi

Thank you @Wade Casaldi. :)

(25 Jun '12, 23:40) Fairy Princess

speaking something you want to come to pass is good, but it can be dangerous when your speaking it in front of someone that always sees the negative of things. A pastor once said, "they less you tell ppl about your dreams and plans the better off that you are". but speaking things out loud helps the mind realize you believe what you are speaking. It's something when you think it, but its powerful when you speak it. i know lady who smoked and she'll always testify that she's thankful that God helped her stop smoking (but she was still smoking) but the more she spoke it, the bitter the taste got, and then the taste was gone and the next time she said it she was not a smoker any more.


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Young Evangelist

@Young Evangelist, I think that if we do decide to speak of our dreams, we would need to be very careful about choosing who we speak to.

(26 Jun '12, 14:29) Grace

And about how much we tell them!

(26 Jun '12, 14:40) Young Evangelist

Yes that is right and I have learned this lesson the hard way.

(28 Jun '12, 11:15) Paulina 1

@Paulina 1, me too. Or I thought I had, many times. But I keep finding myself letting precious things slip, thinking maybe this time, it will be recognized as precious and celebrated with me. Then, wrong again. Just too much of an optimist, I guess. (?)

(28 Jun '12, 11:42) Grace
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Not only to others, but also to self.

And the difference is in awareness. Just like a fire can be good servant and bad master, so can verbal expression of your ideas. If you are using verbal expression purposefully, then it might server you well. But if you don't know about this concept, it can hold you a prisoner for very long. Thus, wake up and be awaken!

Verbalizing your ideas does release the energy of the idea to some extent. Sometimes even to such, you might not take any action on it. In a way, if you to talk to others about your ideas, you're really talking to yourself

I have always seen Napoleon Hill's autosuggestion as a way to beat your subconscious mind. Because subconscious is partly controlled by external environment. And autosuggestion (not only verbal) creates an external environment which may be even opposite to what it actually is in reality. E.g. If there is a red cup in front of you, and you suggest to yourself it is blue. You may get your subconscious react in a way that it "thinks" the cup is blue.

Simply put, you just lie to yourself for better, to reprogram yourself to think better. And when you have successfully reprogrammed yourself, your thoughts and actions will ultimately lead to changing your behavior and environment to the one you have auto-suggested to yourself in the first place. (Note, internal part is your beliefs.)

Because it's so hard to believe there's a sunny place if it rains 24/7, 7 days a week where you live.... use auto-suggestion.

However, Message of a Master, from what I understood, focuses on the side of expressing ideas, when you are unaware of power of expression itself. That actually expressing the idea creates an illusory feeling from which people tend to derive a certain amount of satisfaction. And to talk about something might get so satisfying that you will refrain from taking the action in that direction. It may take years, if ever, before you stop being satisfied with mere words and get into action. But at some point that momentary satisfaction you got from putting your ideas into words instead of actions will be gone, and later on it will turn into regrets.

So really, the difference is in how you handle it.

If I want to squat 200lb, but can do only 100lb. If I'm unaware of power of verbal expression, I may just talk about it and never get to it. But if I'm on a purposeful mission to reach those 200lb, I may create environment that will psyche me into such heights that I will mentally be already squatting 200lb. Even though physically I might still be doing only 100lb. But there will be no shadow of doubt and only 100% confidence in my mind and I will consequently take actions and steps (eat better, eat right, eat more, train harder, sleep more, party less, stop drinking alcohol etc) which will "force the universe" to make it happen. The universe will have to provide me muscle and strength that I need to squat those 200lb physically. And I will grow. In many more ways than just one.

Hope this helps ;)

You either do or not do. And you do with your actions, not words.


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@CalonLan, great answer. And good news for me; I talk to myself all the time. :) Can you tell me, "But at some point that momentary satisfaction you got from putting your ideas into words instead of actions will gone, and later on it will turn into regrets." How so?

(25 Jun '12, 09:17) Grace

@Grace, if you ever listen to old folks, or as a matter of fact just anyone regardless of age (but it just shows the most with the old ones), you may notice two things. 1 - they stopped living in now and live in the past. 2 - they regret all that they could of done but didn't do. So often we think and wonder and talk about what we are going to do, but never do it. And as long as the opportunity to still do it exist, we lull ourselves and sleep throughout our lives. But when the opportunity

(25 Jun '12, 09:42) CalonLan

cease to exist, that sweet lullaby (thinking, wishing, dreaming and talking) we were telling ourselves, turns into bitter and rueful regret. And there is probably not a more destructive force in the universe than regret, for it crushes your soul directly. But there's of course a way out of it. If you regret a missed event, that's like a first phase. In phase two you don't regret any events, but your approach to them instead. And that is when you can learn what is it holding you back and how to

(25 Jun '12, 09:46) CalonLan

change it. When you do and you "free" yourself of your fears and learn to depend on just yourself, you will never regret anything again. Not even what you used to regret before. Because at that point you will be eternally grateful that you have learned to live without fears. And all those heartaches were just pointing you in that direction.

The hard part is to depend on and answer only to yourself. That's probably where many people give up. Living with no fear, that's the point of living. :)

(25 Jun '12, 09:50) CalonLan

@Grace, I guess the whole point can be beautifully seen in a situation when you did something and now you "feel" the urge to let others know, or not. If you cooked a meal, you wouldn't go around telling people right? But if you saved the world, would you tell? The greater the event in our lives, the bigger the urge to tell everyone. Only shows us how small we really are. I believe if one can save the world and don't feel the need to tell anyone about it. Then he's as great as the action he took.

(25 Jun '12, 10:06) CalonLan

Thank you for your thoughts CalonLan . I have listened extensively to Abraham Hicks and their take seems to be , though correct me anyone if you feel i am wrong , of tell the story as you want it to be ,( thereby directing focus ) but also that 17secondss of sustained thought triggers the process of manifestation ,also being the equivilent of 2,000 actions hours and taking action just for the sake of action is not the way to go , but only when it feels inspired otherwise one ends up having to fix up something that was forced :-)

(25 Jun '12, 10:56) Starlight

Yes, the thought and action has to go hand in hand. That's what Napoleon Hill talks about. When you desire something, you surround yourself with it. You read about it, speak of it, listen to it, eat it, live it. It becomes your world. Aimless action is as useless as a thought without action. As they say "knowledge is power,...but only when you use it".

(25 Jun '12, 11:03) CalonLan

Thank you, @CalonLan.

(25 Jun '12, 14:41) Grace

@CalonLan, I'm a little confused.... would you believe... I think I dreamed having this conversation with you. I mean before you posted it... last night. I clearly remember dreaming of talking about exactly this with someone, but I couldn't see his face. I had some very clear choice I needed to make (?) and I told him, I'm going to choose this (?)... because I have decided to live without fear.

Wow. Does this happen to you? My head is starting to spin. :) But its cool!

(26 Jun '12, 00:31) Grace

@Grace, I don't recall anything like that happening to me. I have only regular dejavus especially at times when desire rises high and you can feel the tension and excitement in every moment.

(27 Jun '12, 07:23) CalonLan

Love your answer calonLan you are a wise soul.

(28 Jun '12, 11:25) Paulina 1
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