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I was reading "The Game of Life" by Florence Scovel Shinn and they mentioned speaking what you want in a kind of affirmation. The problem I have had with affirmations is that it only works if it changes your beliefs. Repeating it over and over is just boring for me, so I don't do that. Also, it can be quite uncomfortable saying something you don't really believe, especially if you repeat it over and over.

So I combined that idea with my Two Hands Touching. You start by saying your affirmation outloud or in your head. For example, using a Bible verse, "All things work for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose," or "with God all things are possible." Then put the palms of your hands together and close your eyes. Ask yourself quietly in your mind, "What do my hands feel like?" Then feel the answer in your hands. Don't try to name the feelings, just feel your hands. Don't try to think or not think, don't try to hold your intention or affirmation, just feel your hands. Wait for a sense of peace to come over you. Try it on everything, but expect nothing.

Alternately, you can do THT, then state affirmation, then do THT again. I think it would help to get into the state of peace before we say it and again after. When I sandwich it like this, I write down, or highlight on here, my positive statement and read it between the THT because after the first THT, I feel so good I don't remember what to say or exactly how to say it, so I open my eyes and read it and then do the THT again.

I realize this looks and sounds like prayer, and may be the original way that prayer was performed. However, it is not quite how it is done today. I started this today and wanted to share it with others and also to test it out. I don't want to look for evidence, or lack thereof, I just want to enjoy the bennefits. Today I felt great!

Please give this a try and let me know how this works out for you. Please let me know if you need help creating the affirmation. Here are some I change to fit myself from The Game of Life. Do THT then your affirmation:

  1. "You are identified in love with the spirit of everyone connected with the bank. Let the divine idea come out of this situation." I say, "I am connected in love with everyone associated with _. Let the divine idea come out of the connection." Do THT

  2. "Oh God don't let me hate that man." Do THT

  3. "None of these things move me," Do THT

  4. "I have a wonderful work, in a wonderful way, I give wonderful service, for wonderful pay!" Do THT

  5. "Infinite Intelligence, give me the right house, the house which is mine by divine right." Do THT

  6. "Infinite Spirit, we call on the law of forgiveness and give thanks that she is under grace and not under law, and cannot lose this twenty dollars which is hers by divine right." Do THT

  7. "When you send out real love, real love will return to you, either from this man or his equivalent, for if this man is not the divine selection, you will not want him. As you are one with God, you are one with the love which belongs to you by divine right." Do THT

  8. 'I see your divine self only. I see you as God see you, perfect, made in His image and likeness." Do THT

  9. "Salute the Divinity in the woman and send her love." Do THT

  10. "Infinite Spirit, open the way for this woman's right position." Do THT

  11. "his body being a perfect idea in Divine Mind, and, therefore, whole and perfect." Do THT

  12. "I am always under direct inspiration; I make right decisions, quickly." Do THT

  13. "Infinite Spirit, open the way for the Divine Design of my life to manifest; let the genius within me now be released; let me see clearly the perfect plan." The perfect plan includes health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression. Do THT

  14. "Let the God in this child have perfect expression; let the Divine Design of his mind, body and affairs be made manifest throughout his life, throughout eternity." Do THT

  15. "I am one with Infinite Intelligence. I know everything I should know on this subject." Do THT

  16. "In Divine Mind there is only completion, therefore, my demonstration is completed. My perfect work, my perfect home, my perfect health. under grace in a perfect way." Do THT

  17. "Infinite Spirit, give me a definite lead, reveal to me my perfect self-expression, show me which talent I am to make use of now." Do THT

  18. "I am fully equipped for the Divine Plan of my life," Do THT

  19. "Infinite Spirit, open the way for my right home, my right friend, my right position. I give thanks it now manifests under grace in a perfect way." Do THT

  20. "I deny this appearance of disease. It is unreal, therefore cannot register in his consciousness; this man is a perfect idea in Divine Mind, pure substance expressing perfection." Do THT

  21. "I desire only that which God desires for me," Do THT

  22. "I am a Spiritual Being - (Do THT) my body is perfect, made in His likeness and image. (Do THT) The Light now streams through every cell. (Do THT) I give thanks for my radiant health." Do THT

Here is her book on affirmations Your Word is Your Wand. At the bottom of most chapters, is a list of related affirmations. Or you can use your favorite affirmation or just make up your own.

Combine THT with affirmations from other sources, including Ram Dass, this article,

Do THT. Say, "I am loving awareness." Do THT

Do THT Say, "I am a radiant being of light." Do THT

Do THT Say, "The world is safe and friendly." Do THT

Do THT Say, "I am safe." Do THT

Do THT Say, "I am at peace with life." Do THT

Do THT Say, "I love and approve of myself." Do THT

Afformations are another tool that can be combined with THT in the same way as affirmations. Edit 9/22/12: This article and part two by Noah St. John discusses how combining affirmations with quesions is more powerful because asking questions gets answers. I will give some of his examples combined with THT. Do THT, ask your question, do THT again. Remember to release the question and turn fully to the THT after you ask the question.

Do THT. Ask, "Why am I allowed to be, do and have all that I want in life?" Do THT.

Do THT. Ask, "Why do I lose weight so easily?" Do THT.

Do THT. Ask, "Why am I so enchanting?" Do THT.

Do THT. Ask, "Why am I so rich?" Do THT.

Make up your own or use these, or adjust these to fit you. Just make sure they are possitive and present tense, as if it were already true.

Do THT. Ask, "Why am I so healthy?" Do THT.

Do THT. Ask, "Why am I so happy?" Do THT.

Do THT. Ask, "Why am I getting everything I desire?" Do THT.

Do THT. Ask, "Why am I so loving?" Do THT.

Do THT. Ask, "Why is everything so good?" Do THT.

Do THT. Ask, "Why am I so excited?" Do THT.

Visualization can be used this way also. Do THT, then visualize what you want, then do THT again. This application has the potential to take the longest depending on how long you stay in your visualization. Visualization 'looks' different to each person.

Edit 9/19/12: THT can also be combined with a EZ Deletion Sequence to gently eliminate negative emotions surrounding an issue, person or group of people, or event. Some words and phrases to fill in the blanks are: death and dying, disease, love, as well as the name of a person or group of people that is a source of stress or discomfort.

Before you start the first time and only the once is needed, do THT, then say or think, "Delete all deletions to zero, then Zero minus infinity, then zero minus infinity to the power of infinity." Then do THT.

EZ Deletion Sequence:

Do THT. Say, "Delete all the ways I feel about and hold in my body ____." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the physical and psychological causes and affects of ____." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the mental and emotional causes and affects of ____." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the psychic/epmathic and spiritual causes and affects of ____." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the unknown and remaining causes and affects of ____." Do THT.

Use this series of affirmations to feel connected to All that is.

do THT then say, "I am connected in love with the spirit everyone in my family." Then do THT

"I am connected in love with the spirit of everyone in my job."Then do THT

"I am connected in love with the spirit of everyone in my town." Then do THT

"I am connected in love with the spirit of everyone in my state." Then do THT

"I am connected in love with the spirit of everyone in my country." Then do THT

"I am connected in love with the spirit of everyone in the whole world." Then do THT

"I am connected in love with the spirit of everything in the whole solar system." Then do THT

"I am connected in love with the spirit of everything in the whole galaxy." Then do THT

"I am connected in love with the spirit of everything in the whole universe." Then do THT

"Let the Divine Idea come out of this connection." Then do THT

You may want to do the deletion sequence for each line first.


asked 05 Jun '12, 22:31

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

edited 10 Mar '13, 12:49

Will give it a try and let you know.

(06 Jun '12, 01:47) Paulina 1

I am going to give this a try Fairy Princess because I noticed on something else that you had suggested something similar (just focusing on the energy pulsing between your two hands) to calm the mind and I have found it to be effective. Will let you know.

(06 Jun '12, 09:25) English Rose

Thank you Paulina 1 and English Rose. I look foreward to reading your results.

(06 Jun '12, 09:30) Fairy Princess

i also will try it and let you know!

(07 Jun '12, 13:45) Jaianniah

Thank you Jai!

(07 Jun '12, 18:24) Fairy Princess

I start my day here now. If I don't find one I want, I go to the links to find one.

(06 Jul '12, 09:28) Fairy Princess

I was feeling so good, I forgot to do this. I guess I need to keep it up.

(15 Aug '12, 08:59) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - I just tried your suggestions for Aformation/THT, and I loved the feeling, thank you for that. It makes sense to me that your mind will get answers to your questions.

(22 Sep '12, 16:33) Grace

I also noticed, for the first time, that if I am having trouble switching my awareness very quickly to my hands, I can "breathe" through them for a couple of breaths, and I am immediately focused, and felt my hands get warm, and it was easy to continue with THT. It felt very effective, so I thought I'd pass it along. :)

(22 Sep '12, 16:33) Grace

@Grace Thank you for sharing that. I am glad you like it. Have you tried it with the deletion sequence yet? I added so much new stuff recently it might not all get noticed.

(22 Sep '12, 16:47) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, I haven't yet. I need to give that one a think, and decide what I'd like to be free of. I like the idea though, and I'll try it soon.

(22 Sep '12, 17:32) Grace

@Fairy Princess, I've also been meaning to share another success story with you. The other day I was having terribly childish feelings of being left out and unloved. I felt silly for feeling that way, but there I was, I couldn't shake it, and it felt awful. It took too long for me to remember THT, but as soon as I did, I used "None of these things moves me" and added that "Everyone who really knows me, loves me dearly." It took about 2 minutes, and I have been just fine since then. :)

(22 Sep '12, 17:36) Grace

@Grace That's wonderful! Thank you for sharing! That makes me so happy! :)

(22 Sep '12, 17:39) Fairy Princess

@Grace I love that affirmation. Thanks!

(23 Sep '12, 08:10) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - I came up with what I wanted to use in the deletion sequence/THT, and once I started, I was flooded with ideas of things that I would love to feel free from any lingering effects in my life. It felt very empowering to have a tool to use, rather than just thinking "ouch, lets try to have a good attitude about that..." :) Thanks again.

(25 Sep '12, 09:49) Grace

@Grace I am so glad to hear that! I know when I did it for "Death and dying," and "Disease," it was amazing. I should try it with, "Pain."

(25 Sep '12, 10:03) Fairy Princess

I added some videos

(28 Sep '12, 23:07) Fairy Princess

I put links to two videos. One of THT and one of the EZ Deletion Sequence.

(29 Sep '12, 10:12) Fairy Princess
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This is very fascinating. What am I supposed to feel or experience? In other words what is the point of this? I don't mean that disrespectful I mean that I am trying to understand what this does.

I will give it a try though, thank you so much Fairy Princess. :-)

Edit updated

I was just feeling depressed and not caring about my debt or even about if I get a job just what is the point feeling. I go between I'll do something to not caring.

I used your hands method and said some affirmations. I said "I am royalty in the Kingdom abundant, rich, healthy of God." I said "No one owes me anything, and I owe no one nothing." I said "Money flows to me from everywhere everywhere I go." I said "I am filled with happiness, health and wealth everything is wonderful!"


Edit added

This seems temporary like everything else I have tried, maybe I need to do it every day?

Edit Added

The temporary issue seems temporary! It may take more than one shot but don't give up because I know for myself I am feeling lasting change now.

I believe what the temporary problem is is that we have tons of negative locked away and as we reprogram, it seems the negative fights back. But the more you use it the more you get lasting results! :-)


answered 05 Jun '12, 23:50

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 10 Mar '13, 17:04

Thank you for trying out. I don't want to influence anybody's expectations on an experiment by giving too much expectatin, but the idea is to use the two hands touching to make the affirmation stick, or to help it get into your subconscious to make it a belief. Like to give you peace about the affirmation that you stated outloud. You could use it for anything, but I thought the combo was so powerful.

(06 Jun '12, 09:06) Fairy Princess

Ahh! Excellent! I love the idea of using it with Florence Scovel Shin's books too! So many good affirmations in there. Especially "Your Word is Your Wand." Tons of excellent affirmations there to use. :-)

(06 Jun '12, 14:09) Wade Casaldi

Temporary in what way? Temporary for a given situation? I would work on a situation every day until it is no longer an issue, then do another. I do several different ones every day.

(27 Jun '12, 15:34) Fairy Princess

I also do THT by itself several times a day.

(27 Jun '12, 15:35) Fairy Princess

It sounds like a lot, but each one is so short, they hardly amount to any time.

(27 Jun '12, 15:35) Fairy Princess

@Wade Casaldi, I feel that way too. I'm guessing I just need to do this more often (?) I have found so many good practices, like this one, but all the $!*# just keeps coming back over and over and over....

(27 Jun '12, 15:42) Grace

I have found that it's not a one time thing. We need to use it daily to clean up whater is there. It gets better and better the more you do it.

(27 Jun '12, 16:09) Fairy Princess

I remember when I was first learning EFT that when you take away one thing another pops up to take its place. Sort of like a PEZZ dispenser you remove one and another pops up to take that place so you feel those same feelings and it feels like the problem is still there. This is because all of those attribute to the same feelings. So I guess we need to keep going every day until we reach that last one and yank it out too.

(27 Jun '12, 16:12) Wade Casaldi

Thank you for the encouragement. I will keep at it.

(27 Jun '12, 16:12) Grace

However in this technique every statement is positive.

(27 Jun '12, 16:23) Fairy Princess

In EFT you state your problem while tapping. Here, we state the solution as fact and then do THT.

(27 Jun '12, 16:24) Fairy Princess

HaHa great visual, Wade thanks! Hey look something made me laugh. Good thing this site is here.

(27 Jun '12, 16:24) Grace

Fairy Princess, I didn't remember the distinction, tho I'm sure you have told me before. Thank you. I guess tapping would be best to get my sad thoughts to stop, then I can think of the solution and do the THT. Solution often eludes me when I'm really sad.

(27 Jun '12, 16:46) Grace

@Grace you can do THT by its self to feel better fast. If you have a specific issue you want to do affirmations for, do THT after stating it once instead of repeating it over and over.

(27 Jun '12, 16:54) Fairy Princess

I can help with affirmations if you need.

(27 Jun '12, 16:55) Fairy Princess

Oh no I meant more that the negative keeps popping up to fight off the positive. But with the perseverance I believe this will be less and less the more we put in positive overwriting.

Also @Grace yes Fairy Princess stuff does work, I just used it again today. Don't give up. :-)

(27 Jun '12, 17:46) Wade Casaldi

I'd appreciate it. I just have this sadness that keeps cropping up for no discernible reason, and I just don't seem to be able to go past it. There's nothing wrong, I am generally happy, grateful, thinking on purpose, getting positive messages in my ears, have great habits that work well for me. I really don't care about the manifestations in "The Box", I really don't, I know all is well. I'm fine with all that. This is what brought on my meltdown last week, why I'm getting so frustrated.

(27 Jun '12, 17:49) Grace

@Grace I listed a bunch from Florence Scovel Shinn in my question. Read through those and see if any resonate with you and then change it to fit you. I also put a link to her works so you can see if there is a more fitting one, especially in Your Word is Your Wand or something like that. Here is one just for you in this situation. I hope it helps. "There is infinite joy in the Divine Mind of God and I accept is as my divine right." The one that came to mind from my list above as I said this one

(27 Jun '12, 22:48) Fairy Princess

is, "None of these things move me." After you state your affirmation one time, don't forget the THT. I sometimes put my hands together as I say it, then close my eyes and do THT.

(27 Jun '12, 22:49) Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess and Wade, thanks so much. I will try what you suggested. "None of these things move me." Gave me an instant mental picture of myself at work, hands together, eyes closed, peaceful in the midst of my own chaos. I'm running with it.

(28 Jun '12, 01:16) Grace

Wade glad to hear you're having some more success! I just wanted to say 24 hours after I said I'd give this a go, that I manifested the perfect pain in the tookus day at work in order to test it out! And it did work, I wish you all could have seen this it got to the point of hilarity. I had Fairy Princess and all y'all in my mind, and I literally had an angry person shouting repeatedly in my face.

(29 Jun '12, 01:41) Grace

I started to feel upset, then whenever this person would turn their back for a moment, I would clap my hands together and say to myself "None of this moves me." and do THT, keeping one eye open for when they turned around to shout some more. Omg I did it over and over like a bad school girl until my biggest problem was trying not to laugh! I was being sincere in the effort, though - I don't want to give the impression that I wasn't.

(29 Jun '12, 01:42) Grace

It may not have been done in quite the intended spirit for THT, but then again, maybe it was; THT is good for making you feel better, and I did, and I hope that it helps impress the affirmation on my subconsious, and I believe that was successful, too. That is supposed to be accomplished when the affirmation is accompanied by feeling, isn't it? Well, I never thought of using hilarity as that feeling vehicle before, but I'm betting this sticks with me!

(29 Jun '12, 01:51) Grace

@Fairy Princess it helped me through a difficult day, thanks again. :)

(29 Jun '12, 01:52) Grace

@Grace I am so happy that it helped you. Yes, that is exactly one of the intended uses of it, to relieve stress NOW. Yay!

(02 Jul '12, 00:36) Fairy Princess

@Wade Casaldi, but what is temporary? Your happiness or your unhappiness? Aren't they both, in ever present balance always there and just you sliding from one to another back and forth? ;)

A technique, any technique, any way you live your life will result in one of them. Whether you do Fairy Princess' THT or stand on your head is just a matter of preference. The important point is, if can make effort NOT doing it then you can just as well make effort doing it. Both choices are equally 'hard' .

(15 Aug '12, 09:20) CalonLan

@CalonLan I believe that it has to do with what we make the main neuropath ways of our brain. This is from repetition at first of thought choice. It may be hard but as time goes on and the same choice is made over and over, it becomes a well worn path that gets hard to get out of, and easy to fall back into. If we choose to the positive happiness, then any sadness is only temporary, as we will slip back into that happy, "Everything is cool" path.

(27 Sep '12, 09:35) Wade Casaldi
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Hi Fairy princess

I used your two hands touch technique this morning.just a few minutes.felt relaxed and peaceful after. i realised afterwards negative feelings of an issue that had been bothering in that moment had gone to.your technique actually has all the benefits of EFT but with the side effect of feeling good after to.

I don't use affirmations much but ill try this.just an idea here.what about sandwiching the affirmation?apply the process then   say the affirmation so your in a good feeling state when your affirming it so theres no feeling of lack etc with it and then applying the process again. Just a thought cheers:)

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answered 06 Jun '12, 10:45

Satori's gravatar image


I am so glad the THT helped as well as EFT. Of course you can sandwich the affirmation, but it would make the whole thing take longer. Also, for the sake of experimenting, could you wait to sandwich until you at least try it without sandwiching first? Then when you get a feel of what it's like, then you can try adding the second time with the affirmation to see if it is better or not. I look foreward to reading about the sub experiment. Thanks!

(06 Jun '12, 10:53) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess-I give this method a go.affirmed for a good workout.guess what, had the best workout I've have had in a long time thanks:).lets see if it works for a good nights sleep.may I recommend a great book that might interest you if you haven't already read it

(06 Jun '12, 16:14) Satori

I have not read that, thanks, I will check it out. I am glad it improved your workout. What affirmation did you use before your workout? Thanks. I use the THT to go to sleep without affirmations. I possition myself to got to sleep. Then I feel my right hand, then I feel my left hand, then I feel both hands, then I am waking up in the morning. The only time it didn't work, was when I had had enough sleep.

(06 Jun '12, 18:55) Fairy Princess

@@Fairy Princess-The affirmation I used was something like "my workouts are always great and I enjoy them'.I don't usually use  intentions and affirmations but I think I'll start now.thank you:)

(07 Jun '12, 06:43) Satori

You'r welcome. Affirmations never did anything for me until I added the THT.

(07 Jun '12, 08:31) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-THT, I like that, gotta a nice ring to it;)

(07 Jun '12, 10:45) Satori
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I Am Making a full answer out of this not just a comment. @Fairy Princess your last comment about it increased my faith. I believed it does and that it is very important to do this with all the affirmations. Whenever we ask the Universe for something it is very important to involve our feelings in what we want. In other words happy feelings would tend to make for happy out comes. Thank for this idea. Blessings


answered 01 Jul '12, 18:22

Tom's gravatar image


Thank you for your feedback. I am so glad it has helped.

(02 Jul '12, 00:33) Fairy Princess

It felt like a way of saying thanks for that which I received. Meaning the affirmation was sent into its path for realization for me.


answered 06 Jun '12, 17:38

Tom's gravatar image


Oh good. Would that be like an increase in your faith?

(06 Jun '12, 19:02) Fairy Princess

I get this. I didn't really have the words in mind, but just read this and went - Yeah! That's it! It's like saying thank you, I know it's a done deal, and I feel better now. :)

(26 Jun '12, 15:35) Grace

I have been having wonderful results with THT by its self, combined with affirmations, etc... But this morning, I did THT with the Deletion Sequence using "death and dying" the first time through in the blanks. Then I did it with "disease" in the blank. It was quite the experience. I could feel something taking place on a cellular level, shifting, kinda like a washboard being rubbing in my inside as I settled into the THT and finally found peace. When I did the sequence using "disease," I could feel different things physically shift. Like the first line cleared my sinuses. The second line, I could feel my right ear clear out, and the third one cleared my left ear. Then my tummy started rumbling with the next couple of lines. When I got to the spiritual line, I could feel an all over body sensation, especially in my lower extremities, since I had som much activity in my upper body before that.

I just now did it, so I will have to se how things change. But it was so powerful, I had to share right away.

Some other things to do the EZ Deletion Sequence with:

Fear, pain, cravings,



answered 22 Sep '12, 12:47

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

edited 14 Oct '12, 10:39


@Fairy Princess Isn't it time to do this in a video? IQ's own Robert Smith . ;)

(25 Sep '12, 03:08) ursixx

@ursixx Thanks! You really think it's ready?

(25 Sep '12, 09:58) Fairy Princess

@ursixx I made the videos. Now how do I post them on here? Thanks

(28 Sep '12, 14:43) Fairy Princess

awesome FP you see the little globe with an arrow ? just copy the youtube link either from adress bar or if you click on share under the player you get the URL.My youtube account has same name (ursixx)

(28 Sep '12, 15:18) ursixx

@ursixx oh I haven't uploaded it to youtube. So that is the next step. Thanks

(28 Sep '12, 18:43) Fairy Princess

@ursixx videos are uploaded and linked. Enjoy

(28 Sep '12, 23:07) Fairy Princess
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