Is embarrassment a result of the ego? Also, if a person is truly confident do they get embarrassed?

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Yes it is, because the ego-self believes it has something to defend, when in truth it does not.

The nature of the ego-self is to think in terms of right and wrong, better than or worse than, less than or more than etcetera, the world of opposites, comparison and judgment. Thus, if someone says something to a person, who's pretty much controlled by their ego-self; they immediately filter and interpret what's being said through their negative belief systems and then their comparison engine kicks in and causes them to feel inferior in some way.

The outward physical expression of this, as you know, is to glow red like a cherry. I've been there countless times :)

In a sense, this kind of ego action is a form of self-judgment. There are many ways to realize the truth about the nature of the ego-self and thus to transcend it. However, imho, awareness of the action of your mind is both the key and the catalyst to moving beyond the control that your ego-self has over you.

If a person has reached the epitome of being positively self-confident, then they will never be embarrassed because they've moved beyond any control by their ego-self, so they no longer have anything to defend. When I reach that place I won't bother telling you :)


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@Eddy- Deep.....

(04 Jul '12, 08:20) Nikulas

partially yes, but when u look deep, embarrassment is a result of inability to love yourself unconditionally. When we do this we learn that there is nothing wrong with us, only the faulted ways of non acceptance of others.

Love, Light(wisdom), acceptance



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TReb Bor yit-NE

there is light in a person of light.would you let your light turn in darkness because of other people sin and error?if so you will never be at peace and will not cross the narrow gate.This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. i give you the same message. i have tell you the truth and disclosed to you what is to come.

(17 Jul '12, 22:19) white tiger

Kind Of, It Depends On The Situation, And It Is Also A Result Of Ones Feelings...... Confident Ppl Get Embarrassed Too, Because It's A Feeling, And There Is Just Some Feelings We Simply Can't Control.


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Young Evangelist

embarassment like laughter
a sudden shift of momentum
almost to a dead stop
if the ego was invested

then shown it not to be
one is left hanging
unless priviledged
to know the truth


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