Can you fall in a trap by thinking you are helping a person to understand how you perceive something works and by doing so bring the person to a higher understanding but instead the person refuses to see your point and sees your help as an attack own their views. Would you get upset and frustrated with the person reaction to your help and get youself off balance?

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If in fact the desire to exercise control and manipulation over others lurks within you, you will always and inevitably feel upset and frustrated when they refuse to obey.

To be thrown off balance is delusion. Either you were in balance or you weren't in balance to begin with. But once you find balance in any area, it is impossible to throw you off it. For to be in true balance means to be able to balance anything. Anything else is but an illusory state of being in balance.

(14 Dec '12, 09:15) CalonLan

Calonlan, so do we find balance in our life by area? I myself have fallen into the trap a whole bunch of time but lately I have been more aware of it as everyone knows it is a work in progress. I feel your vibrition is better today. Love and peace

(14 Dec '12, 10:49) Manny

@Manny by area, by age, by any other criteria that suits you and fits your perspective, really. One is no better than another, one is only better than the rest if you put it into a certain perspective.

So choose in accordance to your own ways of living.

And to me love, is an expression of a moment in time and space, and so is peace. You put it in the comment with good intentions, but it can never translate itself to that expression.

(14 Dec '12, 11:17) CalonLan
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This seems to be a case of Why do people try to convert each other to their own belief systems. The only reason why you would get upset is because you are unhappy that the other person is not believing what you are actually believing. That is really all there is to it.

As humans, every one of us tries to force our own belief systems onto another person, and when someone does not accept our opinions, we tend to get unhappy very easily. This applies in almost every other area if you think about it, not just in terms of spiritual or metaphysical stuff.

By accepting that the person you are helping has his own right to believe what he wants, there would be no reason for you to feel frustrated or unhappy anymore.


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Sure, you can fall into that trap.

That's why it's a bad idea to give answers to someone when they are not asking the questions that fit those answers :)

...they won't hear it, and it will frustrate you that they don't hear it. It's better to just keep silent until they ask directly.

I think the need for someone to see your point of view ultimately comes from insecurity within.

When you are secure in your own viewpoint, you really don't care what anyone believes and you actually respect their right to believe differently.


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Stingray, excellent answer I love how easy it you explained.

(14 Dec '12, 11:20) Manny

Facebook is an interesting place to watch this going on . Recently a friends newsfeed came through and it had a hunting picture in it , it didn't sit well with me, thought about it for a while , decided that rather than delete this person ergo the feed, I would accept that whilst I may not agree with some of the choices people make in their lives , I do respect that it is their choice and hope that they extend me the same courtesy. This really is in my veiw the contrast that Abraham speaks of

(14 Dec '12, 17:10) Starlight

I've come to see that many people who ask for advice mainly want someone to tell their troubles to, and often don't even listen to our carefully chosen words of wisdom.

In the end I believe every encounter is to get to know myself better; and if that is the only purpose of offering those words of wisom ,then it's time well spent.I am more and more able to let go the outcome of anything I say or do.

I am free from thinking I have to be the person with all or any of the answers.

I am able to say a few kind words without trying to change them in some way.

They will always follow their own path anyway, and soothing them may make them dependent upon me in an unhealthy way for me.This has been an awesome journey of growth for me to learn what works best for me in my life.


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so let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.experience and enjoy.

(15 Dec '12, 04:52) white tiger

yes, white tiger. It's the only help that really works, showing the light and holding the vibration of love and appreciation for all God's creation. saying something kind rather than telling them what I think will help them works best for me right now.

(15 Dec '12, 05:03) clearheart

You USUALLY fall into your own trap!

As @clearheart said, most people want to vent, to air their own feelings, not asking advice.

Listen carefully. There is a big difference in someone saying, "I need your help/advice." And them saying, "Let me tell you what happened to me."

There are people who may ask your help, and then not do what you suggest. These people are called "Askholes." (grin) Let's have a little humor here!


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Dollar Bill

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lol @ askholes .I have grown a lot from those interactions with the askhole.hahaha...My radar is so much better now that I've studied up on awareness and LOA and vibrations.It's so wonderful to walk this way.

(15 Dec '12, 09:48) clearheart

I know many askholes. LOL

(15 Dec '12, 15:11) Manny

I am going to pay more attention to it. Good suggestion

(15 Dec '12, 15:13) Manny
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The problem comes when people refuse to let you take control. They like to exercise their free will even when you know better than them what to do!

Like if you see they are going to do something wrong and you try to take over they actually get mad!

You say, "Get out of the way let me do that", do you get a thank you? Even though you got the job done better than what they were, people get mad for some reason.

I was always thankful when my dad said "Get out of the way let me do that", he always did things right and handled the problem for me.

I was always thankful for the help. :-)


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I think it is easy to fall in the trap specially for those of us new on the path of self study, I have many many times realized how my Ego has played the game of superiority in which it has made my believed I knew better so it meant the person had to listen and do as I was telling him or her to do. I also think those who have been on the path for a long time have to be on the look out cause the Ego is a Master at what it does. My humble opinion Love and Light


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I agree manny.When I got my first taste of LOA study I felt so powerful and had to share what I was learning, so I was vulnerable to people in need. It was classic attraction and it felt exciting. Lo and behold the person I rendezvoused with became very dependent upon me. So my lesson was well learned, I don't seek to be a master or guru...I want to feel good and appreciate life. I want to know what I want from this life experience and send good vibes to others as well.

(16 Dec '12, 01:40) clearheart

I also want to feel good and appreciate life and if I am going to be a master I want to be the master of my own life. Good vibes for everyone

(16 Dec '12, 10:22) Manny
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