Have you ever given any thought to this question. We spend a lot of time and energy doing this and that and worrying about everything. Nothing on this earth is permanent. Everything changes form every so often. In that case why are we knocking ourselves out just to loose everything anyway. What are we really striving for?

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I think this is probably the crux of the matter regarding our human existence. When we reach the point of accepting that everything is impermanent, including our human form, we will have realized what it's all about - up until that point all we can really do is speculate. That is why nobody can really teach us what it's all about but rather we have to discover for ourselves - words and teachers can point us in the right direction but the real knowing will be on an experiential level and not an intellectual one.

So what we're really striving for is to be at peace and know our natural state, which paradoxically we would know if we could only quieten our minds enough and give up the striving.


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The word striving implies a struggle, but the struggle experienced while striving for the life you have always dreamed is a condition of your own perspective. The journey is a wonderful experience if you allow it to be.


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I strive not to strive.my new years resolution is always no new years resolution. When I want to change something I change it.go from black to white and life is Now.

> Carpe diem quam minime credula postero - "Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future"

your here right now to worry and strive and miss your childs laughter is not worth stiving for


answered 28 Mar '10, 06:53

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We strive for our own well being or happiness. The purpose of life is the launching of desires and then experiencing the happiness and well being that comes from our alignment with those desires. Once we are aligned, our desires will also be manifested.

Everything we do is ultimately because it makes us happy.


answered 29 Mar '10, 12:42

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