Since I was a kid I've always had an aptitude for numbers - excelling at math in elementary and high school ( I chose not to go for further education ). I even went as far as entertaining myself as a kid with mathematical problems and could work out in my head,within a few minutes, what day of the week people were born if they gave me their birth date and other quirky little puzzles and I really enjoy sudoku. However. I have never felt the urge, and still don't, to do anything with this as a career. However I sometimes think that there must be a reason why I'm soo good with numbers. Any suggestions?

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A talent, or gift you were given, is yours to enjoy in any way that pleases you, and raises your vibrations or contributes to your happiness. I don't think you have to use it for a career or for any definite purpose. The only purpose is your joy.

Mathematical aptitude is an interesting talent; to me like a language I am unable to learn. I'm terribly dense about anything to do with numbers and barely had enough math credits to graduate. My interests lean more toward music, writing and working with animals. But I so love it that we all have different gifts to bring beauty into our lives.


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LeeAnn 1

Thanks for your answer LeeAnn - I love listening to music and words are a beautiful form of expression - I agree with you regarding the diversity of our gifts.

(28 Mar '10, 19:15) Michaela

Of course it is only "economic" to leverage our talents to progress in life.

But where do your talents come from? From the conventional science point of view, all that we are is entirely caused by

  • our genes, and
  • the influences by our environment.

The things we learn early as children will especially contribute a lot to our potential because they will be a lot easier to do for us later as adults than for others. It seems it has to do with the brain waves that children are mostly in. Maybe we can use this knowledge now as adults, so that whenever we want or have to learn new things, we should do it playfully like a child.

That said, I don't want to exclude that there might even be more components that make up what we are. When we look at some child prodigies, it's very curious where they got their talents from and hard to believe it should be always only the genes and the environment. Thus, there may also be

  • a reincarnating "soul" through which we also "inherit" a lot from previous lives,
  • and/or a special ability to connect to the frequencies of the collective mind to get inspiration, and to "channel" not only wisdom but also concrete skills into the physical being.
  • ...

So if it's true that we are eternal beings, I'll guess that the best strategy is, as with everything, to find balance. The balance here would be

  • the leveraging of "old" talents on the one side,
  • and finding, acquiring and cultivating new ones on the other in order to avoid stagnation and to become a more complete being.

In a curious case of synchronicity with your talent for numbers Michaela, I just were checking out some YouTube videos before about ancient mathematics, especially of Vedic origin of ancient India. Maybe you're familiar with all that already.

In order to do certain operations a lot faster than we do today, they were leveraging a lot "shortcuts" like easy digit cross summing techniques that uncover a lot of curiosities about numbers that we never heard about at school. I wonder why those techniques are seemingly ignored so much by today's education. Anyway, here are some starting points:

I hope you can use all that to unify your spiritual and numerical aspects of your being. ;-)


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Thanks for your answer and the links Herzmeister :-)

(28 Mar '10, 13:04) Michaela

Wow! I just looked at those links for Vedic math and the 9 point circle, and although I've never heard of it before, I've always used the concept of 9 and 0 being related when solving mathematical problems in my head - Interesting :-)

(28 Mar '10, 14:48) Michaela

Surely, a talent has a definite purpose, even if not for a specific career. The opening and "calling" to mathematics (and probable physics) are corellated obviously with a steadfast but not rigid logic, a special thinking style, very favorable in the scientific researches domain (from linguistics to medical, biology and quantum physics and astrophysics), but also for accede to metaphysics.It is a thinking style which needs and pretends imperiously using the law of causality: each event is an effect - having a cause and, in the same time, is a cause for another effect (the researcher must find out the concrete elements of all the chain and the collateral interactions). This kind of thinking is also very timely for a teacher; the example is very close: Stingray on the splendid answer to the question about "focusing on what you want or asking and forgetting"; he realized two performance in an answer: the first drawing a parallel between a real millionare with a man wanting to be and the second with the "pipe" (I know this as "communication vessels"). I think that because of this talent, on your spiritual preoccupations, you need not only knowing by feeling, but also understanding the inner dynamics of spiritual processes.

What is the reason for your gift? I'm sorry, I can't tell you, but you will recognize certainly the opportunity when it will appear. Be you very sure, it will appear. Nature doesn't squander.

P.S. Just for fun: I also very like sudoku.



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Thanks for your answer Gleam :-)

(28 Mar '10, 02:08) Michaela

Well, I have been a member of mensa. My IQ is over 160. But, its nothing without humbleness.

First humbleness, then came iq or whatelse you think is "talent".

Im living in heaven nowadays.


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Yes - humility is a great virtue.

(28 Mar '10, 19:16) Michaela

There is no coincidence in nature, I believe. Everything happens at the right time and for a purpose. This is the perfection of nature.

Who knows? Maybe you are one of the gifted people who will mathematically deciper some world baffled claims to know their truth or otherwise, based on calculated facts and figures. Claims like that of on figure "19".

Remain blessed, and the more. Honor is given to whom it is due- the gifted.


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Thanks for your answer MUHD:)

(23 Sep '10, 20:32) Michaela

We use our gifts according to our own free will. Do you want to share or teach your special talent to others, or do you want to keep your talent hidden? Your have a choice to used your talent to your own best advantage, and to improve on it, if you so desire. What is causing you to hesitate, and to ponder? Are you nervous, or are you afraid of not living up to other people’s expectations? Seriously, think about what’s holding you back? There is a saying: if you do not use it, you will loose it!

My brother is very good with numbers; he is an established Accountant, he is self employed, he has his own staff that works for him, and he is a very wealthy man.

He is using his gift / talent to make a worth while contribution to society at large, and to improve his quality of life. He was also a Math’s teacher a while back. So, you can think how you best want to use your Gift and talent?


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Thanks Vee - As I said in my question I've never felt the urge to to do anything with this as a career - accountancy etc. just doesn't appeal to me. I think I would have to enjoy it before ensuing it as a career - it's just a natural ability I have but as regards to contributing to society, I think I prefer being of service to those who really need my help.

(24 Sep '10, 16:33) Michaela

I would like to wish you Good luck, and Success in what ever you do!

(24 Sep '10, 21:21) Inactive User ♦♦
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