This post from the "best of" topic: made me wonder.

Yes, we attract on an individual level but if, as a collective conscience, (and we are one) do we not attract to our societies events and situations that affect us all?



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jim 10

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Excerpts from the book The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (A Seth Book)

Inner reality and private experience give birth to all mass events.

Ideas or thoughts form general patterns, bringing forth in your world certain kinds of events. In this respect thoughts and feelings "seed" physical reality, bringing forth materializations

There are currents of thought as there are currents of air, and the mental patterns of men's feelings and thoughts rise up like flames from a fire, or steam from hot water, to fall like ashes or like rain.

The magnification of individual reality combines and enlarges to form vast mass reactions-such as, the initiation of an obviously new historical and cultural period; the rise or overthrow of governments; the birth of a new religion that sweeps all others before it; mass conversions; mass murders in the form of wars; the sudden sweep of deadly epidemics; the scourge of earthquakes, floods or other disasters; the inexplicable appearance of periods of great art or architecture or technology.


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I can't worry about all that got to take care of my own thoughts. If I keep my side of the street clean that may help others. I know my contribution will be there. Many Blessings!


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I am not worried at all but knowing that I am not separate from everyone else but yet expressed individually I would like to know how common beliefs affect the common man.

(18 Dec '10, 16:34) jim 10
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