The basis for this question is somewhat funny. There is a saying, "If you don't like Atlanta Weather, stay for a few days, it will change dramatically!

Back before I met my wife, Anne, I went to a party. One of the party guests was a well-known "Weather Person." She had a televised late night weather report for the following day. It was almost always wrong. If she predicted a sunny day, it rained.

We both had a bit to drink, so I approached her with a question, "When you have all the sophisticated equipment, radar, satellites, isobars, thing-a-may-bobs and thermoclimes, why is it that you are so off on your predictions?"

She had an interesting response, "I believe that Atlanta is the feminine reincarnation of Atlantis." I was surprised to hear her say this as she seemed very straightforward and scientific on the TV.

She continued, "So when I analyze all the data and give my report, that tomorrow will be a hot, sunny day, all these Atlantean souls, who don't know they really are reincarnated Atlanteans, but still have their Atlantean powers, go to sleep thinking, 'I don't want a hot sunny day tomorrow!'

"Then the weather responds with rain. THEY cause it to change from my forecast. I can't get it right. So I am quitting weather and going into selling hot tubs. Want to come see a working sample at my home?"

So could Atlanta be a home for reincarnated Atlantean souls? Makes sense from a weather perspective! <grin>

And, could we, as advanced Atlantean or other beings from the past, be using our powers in our sleep, in the present? Could our last waking thoughts be the genesis of using this power?

Maybe bedtime prayers are a good idea.

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Dollar Bill

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bill, the supposition that we reincarnate of and in like families and nations may be truly intuitive. that it be limited to Atlanta is less likely, that our thoughts can effect the weather has much merit as well as the law of returns

(07 Jul '12, 06:16) fred

@Fred 1 I agree. The Atlanta-Atlantis remark is more of a fun joke and it may have been a bit of her (the Weather Person's) "bar talk."

Still have a curiosity about how much we create while we sleep. You may remember a landmark Sci-Fi movie, Forbidden Planet Marvelous analogy.

A colony of earth people on a distant planet discovered the remnants of a race they called the "Krell." A super powerful people of very advanced technology and knowledge, but they were long gone, extinct.

Most of the earth people colonists had died inexplicable, sometimes horrible deaths. Only a scientist and his daughter (a nubile Anne Francis) survived.

When the exploratory vessel with more earth people arrived, the mysterious deaths began again. People from the vessel were torn apart by some mysterious force, a monster. They directed their advanced technology to prevent intrusions but it was ineffectual in stopping the creature.

As the story unfolds it turned out that the Krell had invented a huge, very powerful underground machine. The scientist had been examining it and trying to understand its purpose. They finally realized it was a "Manifesting Machine"!

The machine was made to manifest thoughts, to make thoughts, actual realities! Sound familiar? You want a blood red Ferrari? Visualize it and the machine will manifest one for you! Right there, right now! I can see it and hear it purring! Gives me a warm glow in the Gutsy Wutskies!

BUT, in the "oh crap" venue, this machine would manifest whatever you put thought energy into!! When the Daddy scientists saw the horny space marines looking at his daughter, with her wide eyed naivete, in her micro skirt, he had certain feelings that manifested monsters that would go into the space ship at night and tear the offending space marine to shreds. This was not a conscious volitional act.

alt text

He could control his feelings while he was awake, but while he slept, he created monsters. This was what destroyed the Krell. Here is a picture of the scientist's creature going through a force field to get to one of the space marines.

alt text

I am uncertain how far to push this metaphore, but we should be aware that our energy, and the more powerful that energy is felt --- coupled with an image, will create our reality. We, the conscious minds, stand at that doorway of manifestations.

So let's breathe deeply, stay grateful for the wonderful things in our lives, and live in eager anticipation of unfolding Beauty!


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Dollar Bill

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@dollar bill- amazing post, thank u fr shaeing..., the manifesting machine is real? Thn,whr it is nw?

(05 May '13, 04:52) supergirl
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