I used to have a cat, named Shadow. He was all black, and strikingly intelligent; I used to make a little amateur TV show starring him. He died on February 10, 2010, and on the first day of April that same year, I dreamt of him very vividly. I took this as his farewell and confirming that I should continue the show as I'd originally planned (I had a puppet to play his character).

Now lately--as in the last couple days--I've had two very vivid dreams of him again. And suspiciously, one of our cats just had a litter of kittens yesterday.

Is Shadow coming back to me? Or is he sending somebody as his 'successor'? (I haven't had a cat of my own since him) Any other ideas?

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It sounds like you were very close to your cat. I believe we process a lot of our emotions in our sleep. Maybe you are finally letting go and are ready to allow a new pet into your life.

Or it could be the other way about. Maybe you have been giving some thought to having a new pet which has brought up the emotions linked to your deceased pet.


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Personally, I believe your dear friend has either returned, or is letting you know that another special friend has just arrived for you. Have a talk with each of the kittens, they will tell you. I have nothing at all to base this on but my own experience. But keep in mind, I'm covered in cat fur at the moment, having spent most of the morning cuddling with my own dear friend, so I may have fur on the brain... ;)


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too good to not be an answer

(23 Dec '12, 07:05) ursixx

@ursixx - :)

(23 Dec '12, 21:24) Grace

His spirit is close to you, that's all. He was excited about the kittens coming and was proabably present at the time.


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LeeAnn 1

I just recently lost my half persian, black & mahogony cat of 16 yrs, & she appeared in a lucid dream 4 days after she was missing. I was not accepting she had been hit by a car, or captured. She was mostly an outdoor cat. She preferred to live outside, & only came in the house to listen to me playing my piano in the evenings, & to visit for 30-40 mins a night. Then she would meow loudly at the backdoor to go out, which I would respond to immediately. She always liked to be brushed daily, just before the evening meal. I have a 1/4 acre lot with lots of tall trees, & a very dense tropical landscape all around the house which is also fenced 6' with brick. In the backyard I have an 8ft waterfall & 1000 gal pond with goldfish & frogs. She lived in a beautiful environment outside, & had her favorite sleeping places.. Anyway she appeared in my Lucid Dream and said hello to me (we used to communicate all the time telepathically since she was a kitten. She found me at 4months of age, & was a ferett (wild). It took me 3 months to get her trust to allow me to pet her.. So, in this dream I said to her, what happened to you, where are you ? And she answered me she was killed by a coyote four days ago in the neighbors yard, and she transitioned quickly & without pain. (that was Jan 6th 2013) I told her then I loved her, & I would miss her so much. And she answered by telling me she would be back into my life, & to look for her in about 4 months, which would be at the beginning part of May 2013. I asked her how would I know her.. She answered I will still be black in color, & you will know it is me. We will communicate again. Then she walked over to me, & I reached down to pet her, & my hand went thru her, & then she vanished. And at that moment my white/yellow cockatiel, Billy flew over to where she was & landed on a tree branch, & told me he was happy, & he had a good life with me. And I got so emotional then. I had him 24 yrs, from a 4 month baby, who they were going to destroy because he was a feather plucker , & was literally bald (pink skinned) He was feather plucker. I bought him against the pet managers wishes, & was told I would get store credit if he died within 3 months. The minute I got him home, he was so happy, & within 5 wks had grown in all his feathers.He learned to talk so much also. He transitioned 24 yrs later (life expectancy on cockatiels is about 18 yrs) I found him at the bottom of his cage stiff, 2 wks before I lost my cat. And they were best friends. So when I saw him & said Billy, I also reached out my hand for him to fly onto my finger, & he attempped to but went right through my finger & flew off, & said I love you, & told me goodbye. I still get emotional when I recall this scene. It is the most vivid Lucid Dream I have ever had. I have 2 remaining cockatiels that are much younger & are a pair. And they are in & out of the nest box I attached to the cage. I know Billy will also reappear as one of their offspring. I just feel it... I wanted to share this with you.. sorry it was so long :)


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@Tommy106 - I'm so glad you shared this, thank you. What a lovely exprience, and what beautiful relationships you have with your furry and feathered friends! My heart is full to bursting at this post. Please be sure to let us know when and how they both rejoin you. I for one would really appreciate hearing the story. :) ...And welcome to IQ!

(03 Mar '13, 02:05) Grace
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