I know that this question seems very close to many others. But it is designed with a particular viewpoint. There have been many excellent answers by many posters that actually satisfy this question. Here's your chance to bring back links from all of those great answers that you have already put down, and feel free to add more of your unique & current updates to those already existing answers.

And by all means put down new answers even if you may have an answer from the past.

The point is to bridge the gap between faith and the self.

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The Traveller

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Barry Allen ♦♦

This question was a result of my answer here http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/7621/how-does-god-respond-to-prayers-that-rely-on-the-downfall-of-another-who-is-praying-to-god-also and Stingrays subsequent comment to that answer. The experiments I suggested in that answer are the real foundation to this question.

(30 Jan '12, 18:16) The Traveller

I love this question Traveller. I think when God knows that the prayer or desire being requested comes from a place of ego or lower consciousness and is not for the higher good of us or those involved, the prayer seems to be unanswered.

However I feel another answer is always provided in the form of another opportunity, that often appears to the ego as a challenge, but actually contains the seed that is needed for optimal growth at the moment and is always for the benefit of everyone involved. When we attach terms and conditions to the prayer being asked we do not leave ourselves open to receiving the best possible answer.

In light of your above comment Traveller and briefly reading the answer you referred to I feel our own faith in the outcome is what really contributes to the answer we're given :)


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Great answer Michaela. I had to read it three separate times to grasp the true breath you cover with this answer. All the points you made are really educational. Though we are all familiar with the subject, I understood something new in trying to comprehend it through the words you used here. You strategic highlights of words work well. Thank you for this great answer!

(30 Jan '12, 18:02) The Traveller

I don't understand the question, but, yes higher self is the answer.

(30 Jan '12, 18:54) Tom

Prayer is our way of communicating with God...all our wishes, thoughts, feelings, and hopes go out to God in our Prayers.

God wants us to talk to Him. He Wants us to pray, to share with Him all that we feel. I like having a personal relationship with God, and I like telling Him everything that is on my mind- good, bad or indifferent.

I gave up long ago the idea that God is some kind of eternal and immortal Santa Claus, granting wishes from His throne. I grew into a more mature relationship with Him when I stopped treating God like Santa. He is NOT Santa!

Rather, my prayers have become more like breathing- thoughts go out, and His thoughts sometimes come in, and we try to work together as One to bring about His Kingdom on Earth. I try to do His will, and sometimes, that is very, very hard. Other times, it is easy to do His will. It just depends on how aligned I am with Him at the time.

I think the center of prayer is the desire for the best good to come for all concerned. "Not my will, but Thine, Oh Lord," is my ideal attitude. Sometimes I fall short, but sometimes I can truly surrender and let go and let God do His thing, for He knows best. I have seen miracles unfold through the span of minutes or years, depending on the prayer. I think, like most people, my biggest struggles are with my own self-will, and what I think might be best. But God, in His turn, teaches me and is patient with me.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of Prayer as a part of Life. Not praying to God is like not ever talking to your employer at work, or your teacher at school, or your father or mother at home. That is just silly! God made us; He knit us together in our Mother's womb. (Psalm 139).

God grants our Prayers when they fit in with His Creation, when they are in the best interests of all concerned. No prayer comes back void. (Isaiah 55). We must be patient and we must, must have great faith!

I stand in testimony that God grants Prayers. I have Wade, when I thought that was never possible; I have returned to school to finish my degree when all those doors were slammed seemingly in my face. Praise God!

Many Blessings,



answered 30 Jan '12, 19:41

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An excellent answer! Thanks’ for showing the rest of us what an un-shaken trust in the lord looks like. I have a few good strong Christian friends who echo your perspective and have personal testimonies to prove how they, while in a crisis, had their prayers answered when they completely surrendered to the Lord.

(30 Jan '12, 20:08) The Traveller

Thank you, Traveller! I appreciate your comment more than you know! <3

(30 Jan '12, 21:01) Jaianniah

god always stand in truth. but belief are not always true. you need to speak to him from the heart for your benefit and the benefit of all according to his will not yours. so try to align with him. experience and enjoy.


answered 30 Jan '12, 20:41

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white tiger

Gooday. God doesn't answer anything. you are God, but you don't know it. From the day of conception your unconscious brain is recording everything it hears and feels, it is being loaded up like a new hard drive. These things keep loading up until a child is about 8 years old then the loading slows except for when stressed etc. These things loaded in our subconscious make our conscious mind believe these things are true. They are true to the beliefs of the people they came from but not true to the person. These loaded beliefs in our unconscious mind create our future, and we follow it no matter where it leads us. It is impossible for a human being to become ill, we create the illness from loaded things in our subconscious, the same as we create everything that happens to us - everything. We are where we want to be according to our unconscious belief structures. There is no difference between a murder and a priest, remove their loaded unconscious belief structures and they both become normal human beings.

Gooday. Here is another interesting thing to do with god. If a dog attacks someone badly, it gets a bullet. If we are made in the image of god as most religions say, we have to follow all of his traits, all, not just the ones we sellect. That makes god a murderer, a rapist, a saddist, a pedifile etc, should he get a bullet too?. There is no such thimg as free will. We are all programmed, our insecurities at and before birth control all of our life, but most people don't know it. Don't blame god for the good that happens to you and the devil for the bad that happens to you. You are the one that creates both of these, unfortunately you don't know you have created them. When you do, and you become free your life turns to true love and happiness, not false love and happiness.


answered 31 Jan '12, 05:28

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Wazza - brilliant :)

(31 Jan '12, 06:00) blubird two

That's an interesting and excellent perspective. It reminds me of why I became accepting of these concepts. These ideas put me in control of my life, instead of having to beg someone else to make my circumstances change. {And they did change once I understood how I was the attractor (not necessarily the creator) of my circumstances}

(31 Jan '12, 17:01) The Traveller

@The Traveller - in other words we are not responsible for the programming of our "hard drive disk" during the first years of our lives.

(01 Feb '12, 00:23) blubird two

well you have free will but you are god's children not god. there is a difference that you do not get yet but you will eventually. experience and enjoy.

(01 Feb '12, 00:29) white tiger

Gooday. Don't get carried away with this free will bit. Every scientific research centre, including NASA, has stated we only do 5% of what we want to do, the remaining 95% of what we do is a unconscious controlled programmed in us, put there by parents, grand parents, religion, schools etc, and controls our life for ever unless we remove these from our unconsciousness.

(01 Feb '12, 17:28) Wazza

@Wazza, I've merged your two answers into one. Please answer only once per question and if you wish to add more, just edit your existing answer. Thanks

(01 Feb '12, 17:56) Barry Allen ♦♦

wazza, consider the image and likeness as a reflection, a reversing of the spiritual and material polarity. upside down

(01 Feb '12, 18:17) fred
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is it possible that intention
inflamed with mighty desire
stirs a current out
to catch attraction


answered 31 Jan '12, 20:53

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@fred - yes it is possible my friend :)

(01 Feb '12, 00:24) blubird two

blubird two, why then do so many view it as an act upon us or as god's specific providence to us

(04 Feb '12, 10:12) fred
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