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I wonder what spiritual pictures are your favorites.

Upload your favorites, and let's develop a great file of beautiful pics!

Have fun sharing...

Here's mine:

alt text

And this one, too: alt text Also..... We are engaged!!! Here is the pic...It is very inspiring to me!!!! LOL! ♥♥♥♥ alt text

Have fun,

Jaianniah ♥♥♥

asked 03 Aug '12, 04:33

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Great idea Jai,thanks:)

(03 Aug '12, 06:44) Satori

Congratulations to you and @Wade Casaldi! How awesome for you both!

(06 Aug '12, 08:50) Fairy Princess

Thanks, @Fairy Princess- We are soooo Happy!!! ♥♥♥!!!!!

(06 Aug '12, 08:54) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah, @Wade Casaldi, my heartfelt congratulations! And what a lovely photo. May you both live happily ever after.

(06 Aug '12, 09:36) Grace

Congratulations Wade & Jai , great to hear that:)

(06 Aug '12, 11:29) Satori

Congrats~!! =) You two look great together!

(16 Nov '12, 21:58) Skuldr

Wonderful couple, I am sure that your house is full of peace and spirituality.

(17 Nov '12, 02:20) r0la
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i hope this resonates with some of you.

love n light


alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text


answered 03 Aug '12, 21:56

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

Gorgeous pics. Treb. Did you get my message? Jai

(03 Aug '12, 22:42) Jaianniah

Beautiful pics Rob.

(04 Aug '12, 03:34) Satori

ty both yes, @Jaianniah i am looking for remote viewing question now.

(05 Aug '12, 18:52) TReb Bor yit-NE

Breathtaking pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

(06 Aug '12, 00:31) Grace

Stunning! Love it.

(06 Aug '12, 00:41) Paulina 1

u all are welcome

(07 Aug '12, 07:56) TReb Bor yit-NE

Wow, fantastic, Rob! Thanks for sharing :)

(19 Nov '12, 16:48) Bedazzled
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I really like My Gravatar .Something about the way that the little camera distorted the picture added two suns and the birch tree in early spring and the ring trail from a plane,It just says there is more out there to me
alt text

one more from a special place and time alt text


answered 03 Aug '12, 05:54

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edited 21 Sep '12, 03:54

I really like your Gravatar too, ursixx. I've always wondered what exactly it is. Didn't realize it was a photogragh.

The first time I was really aware of you on this site, you had posted a great song ("I Feel Good"?), followed by a picture of a bear in the IQ chat thingie that looked for all the world like he was dancing to it enthusiastically...

(03 Aug '12, 10:07) Grace

...It made me laugh so hard on a day I was so down I could hardly see. I have always associated you with that... Sorry for my silly incomprehenible request over there that's what I was on about. :)

(03 Aug '12, 10:08) Grace,,20591051,00.html here is a link to the picture and the story behind it.@Grace Wasn't really a camera more like the 2 megapixel camera that was in my old cellphone

(03 Aug '12, 15:09) ursixx

@ursixx, it created a wonderful effect. Love it. And thanks for the bear. :)

(03 Aug '12, 15:23) Grace
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alt text

alt text


answered 03 Aug '12, 17:41

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Fairy Princess

edited 06 Aug '12, 20:26

Very nice, I wonder what type of tree this is?:)

(03 Aug '12, 19:36) Satori

Probably a cherrie tree.

(03 Aug '12, 19:51) Fairy Princess

I can tell you right now I had a cherry tree, so I know what a cherry tree looks like. When I look at that bark on that tree I can tell that is definitely a cherry tree.

(03 Aug '12, 22:44) Wade Casaldi

Thanks guys.

(04 Aug '12, 03:34) Satori

This is beautiful, @Fairy Princess! I saw what looked like the same blossoming trees in a downtown area near my home today. It is a lovely sight.

(06 Aug '12, 00:29) Grace

Love it it is a sight that will transport me into the feel good vortex.

(06 Aug '12, 00:39) Paulina 1

Very nice Fairy Princess,this pic has an instant positive effect.Seems to remind me of lying on my back in the snow looking up and watching the snowflakes coming down when i was a child:)

(07 Aug '12, 06:21) Satori

@Fairy Princess- I find your pictures ironic in my reality. Whenever I see cherry blossoms I immediatly think of love <3

(07 Aug '12, 07:31) Nikulas

Yes @Satori and @Nikulas I like looking at them. Makes me feel happy.

(07 Aug '12, 08:39) Fairy Princess
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answered 04 Aug '12, 00:14

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Love this pic as well.

(06 Aug '12, 00:43) Paulina 1

I like pictures with sunsets and sunrises in them, I thought this one was well done. Its called Holding The Sun.

Holding The Sun

I always take my camera when I go mountain-climbing.Here are a few of my best pics.Forgive the quality but I think the scenery makes up for it.A special place up here:)

alt text alt text alt text


answered 03 Aug '12, 06:42

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edited 06 Aug '12, 07:14


@Satori - very cool!

(03 Aug '12, 22:37) Grace

I thought so to Grace:)

(04 Aug '12, 03:35) Satori

It looks as if he is holding a ball of energy. The sun is a ball of energy. Love it.

(06 Aug '12, 00:37) Paulina 1

@Satori - Mountains would be my top choice for vortex pictures and these look like Scotland or The Lakes to me - could be Wales or Ireland? though. Ansel Adams pictures of Yosemite are truly awe inspiring.

(06 Aug '12, 08:13) Catherine

@Satori, these making my eyes water, they are so beautiful. I can imagine the silence, the air... mmmmmm :) yes, got me Vortexin', thanks Satori. ;)

(06 Aug '12, 09:40) Grace

@Grace-Thank you.Glad you like.Its great up here:).I would recommend mountain walking/climbing to anyone.Its one of the most therapeutic things you can do.I think it's the combination of exercise/mountain air/breathtaking scenery:)

(06 Aug '12, 11:28) Satori

@Satori - I agree completely... maybe the more so since I have not had a lot of mobility in recent years. Makes you want it more! I do drive a whole lot, though, to try to make up for it. The exercise part of the equation is shot, but I get the scenery and the air. :) Come to think of it, I do walk as much as I possibly can, so I guess I do get the exercise, too, after my own little fashion! :) Anyway, these pictures remind me of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, a place I love.

(06 Aug '12, 11:35) Grace

@Satori - The Shamrock made me wonder - I have only ever been to Dublin and don't know those mountains but they look fab. Absolutely 100% agreed - walking in mountains is my number one vibrational raiser.

(06 Aug '12, 11:36) Catherine
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Here is a link to my Webshots account, which contains photos I took while I lived in Mississippi. I used to get up early, and sit on my back deck, shooting sunrises. It was a special time, and I felt close to God.

They are shots of sunrises..... alt text

Thanks for viewing!!!!! ♥♥♥



answered 04 Aug '12, 06:48

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edited 06 Aug '12, 08:45

Very nice, Jai and it's easy to see why you would feel close to God in such surroundings.

(05 Aug '12, 20:55) LeeAnn 1

Thanks,@LeeAnn. I did feel God when I was outside. But it got to be a lonely nightmare for me in the end. I was always alone and usually suicidal. If it was not for Wade and our phone calls, I would absolutely be dead. This why I left everything and moved north with Wade last year. I miss having my own home, but being with Wade is bliss. ♥

(06 Aug '12, 08:27) Jaianniah

alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

My little bit of heaven on earth.


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answered 06 Aug '12, 15:26

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I like your pictures Grace, beautiful scenery:)

(07 Aug '12, 13:00) Satori

Thank you @Satori. The place makes me very happy. Can't wait to go again!

(07 Aug '12, 13:10) Grace

I hope you get there soon:)

(07 Aug '12, 13:36) Satori

Oooh from your keyboard to Heaven's ear, @Satori! :)

(07 Aug '12, 14:15) Grace

Going. Just one night in mid November, but I'm going. Just made the reservation. :) Yay!!!

(21 Sep '12, 00:07) Grace

:D Leaving at first light tomorrow. Happy as a kid on Christmas morning. :D !!!

(16 Nov '12, 16:46) Grace

@Grace : have fun and enjoy!

(16 Nov '12, 18:56) ursixx

Thanks @ursixx. :) Autumn is the very best time of the year there... I'm so glad I get to go.

(16 Nov '12, 20:32) Grace

@Grace, love them, just beautiful!

(19 Nov '12, 16:49) Bedazzled

@Bedazzled, isn't it lovely? :) The leaves were fallling all around me this time. The weather was gorgeous, crisp and chilly.. I enjoyed it so much.

(19 Nov '12, 22:38) Grace
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Here are some nice Visionary Art photos.

alt text

alt text

alt text


answered 04 Aug '12, 02:13

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Wade Casaldi

edited 04 Aug '12, 02:39

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