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Hi, i doubt i'll get a reply to this but i thought i might aswell try anyways.

I'm currently trying to learn how to use the elements, not for personal gain or to misuse in anyway, but to use to protect and help the planet and it's people.

If anyone has any helpful information to guide me on my way or can teach me feel free to email me at

So if you deem me worthy enough i hope to hear from you soon :) M.

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Zig Zag

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This reminds me of a super hero show I used to watch all the time, the show was called Isis.

The female lead character Isis commanded the elements to help her fight crime, she could fly too via whirlwind! That is interesting to ponder on since in the Bible it talks of transportation via whirlwind.

Back on topic, I think if you could you would need to know chemistry. For example toxins spill into the local river from the local factory. You check the water and it is too acidic to support the fish living in it. So you command the river to produce more PH to make the river more alkaline.

You need to know the problem and what fights it to produce results.

Now if you forget about elements and let God sort it out it would be something more like command it clear and clean. Something more like "In Jesus name I command this water clear and clean, I thank you God for purifying this water. In Jesus name I pray."


answered 14 Jul '12, 22:44

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Wade Casaldi

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