i want to be able to control natures elements. ive always been facinated by the idea, but never knew where to start to be able to control the elements. any pointers?

i really want to be able to control electricity or fire.

so if anyone had any experience in being able to this. please help me

any information available will help me get closer to my goal.

im not going to use it for evil or anything bad, i will help people where ever i go. i have practiced in different martial arts over the years, but havent done it in over 4 years. ive been a dancer since. so if anyone could guide me on the path of being one with the elements i will highly apreaciate it.

i really dont have 1000 word that i can type on this. so ill say a lil about my self

im 20. june 14 was my bday Egyptian-Cuban is my race great with knifes and other sharp objects does parkour freerunner 5'7 umm very friendly animals love me i tend to be the type of guy who sits out in the open (like the beach) and just close my eyes too think and feel the wind...

well if anyone can give me some info on how to control elements. i will highly appreciate it.

asked 28 Jul '14, 14:18

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I like this question. It's interesting.

In principle, all that is labelled "natural" is but an effect of that which is labelled "spiritual". The observer (God) begets the observed (only begotten Son). Consciousness creates that which it is conscious of. So yes, in principle, not only can you control the elements, you actually do - YOU CREATED THEM. However, this is not so easily accepted as true when one is lost in the imagination of the human experience.

I'd just like to point out that trying to control establishes a context of contest i.e. creates the illusion separation between you and the elements. You are in control by default until you try to control because the instant you attempt to control you move into a the state of illusory disconnection. You must find out what makes you want to "control" the elements. Remember, you can never achieve lasting change by altering external circumstances directly. This is because the external is an effect caused by the internal. Alter the internal state and the external state will automatically correspond to it. Staying in an inner state of grace and well-being (: serenity, happiness, inner peace :) will be reflected in your circumstances which will be pleasing to you.

As for science: science will get there once they have accepted (: and it is already being considered and contested by scientists :) that Consciousness is the fundamental aspect of all that is. Until then science will try using its highly sophisticated but limited approach (: since it is mainly focused on the creation rather than the creator :) and will make some progress although it will be rather slow in relative terms compared to a spiritual awakening which would propel everything (: science included :) at so rapid a pace that we might actually want to slow down a bit because things could move too fast for us to savor the experience physically. That said, science is way closer to the greater truth than a view that believes "god" is a distant, separate and judgmental being who looks down on science. Like I said science will also get there because ultimately we're all going to the same place :).


answered 29 Jul '14, 09:17

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harsha, so does the internal perceive the external as best it can, the less clouded the lens the more varied and numbered perspectives, and with a mind of higher guidance is said to see outside of our time and space and the elementals

(30 Jul '14, 18:32) fred

It's a dream. The external is not independent of the perception i.e. perception is the cause and the perceived the effect. It's all imagination. The simplest practical definition of "god" is the imagination. There is no "higher" or "lower" guidance apart from yourself - you can transcend time and space and do so all the time without noticing it when you're imagining or meditating. The elements are creations or reflections of the creator.

(31 Jul '14, 04:43) harsha

perhaps we live in a subjective manifestation, though a relative truth, is real for the participants on the earth at this time

(31 Jul '14, 08:06) fred
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I think its possible to control weather. Many times I have manifested rains at my place. May be strong will works here. You can also definitely do so just learn to have complete control over your mind. Once you control your mind then, you will be able to control all things outside you as well.

Read the book " autobiography of yogi" by respected swami pramhanse yogananda. You will get your perfect answer there.

Hope this helps...

Love, light and blessings your way...



answered 29 Jul '14, 01:21

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All things are possible. This is all a dream in the mind of our Infinite Self (: which we label "god" :) and we are dreaming our bodies. Our bodies are in our imagination. It's all dream. It's all imagination. The only limits are those that we place on our imagination.

(31 Jul '14, 05:53) harsha

You cannot control the elements.

In America, we have a history of "Rainmakers" and such- people were so desperate for the rain in the Dust Bowl of the Thirties that they paid these charlatans to create rain. The Native Americans can and do know if it going to rain- they know by journeying and by a lifetime of living in the outdoors. But knowing nature intimately is not the same as controlling the elements.

It is a great dream of humanity to get control of the weather (especially) because it can do so much damage.

I have to say that your chance of controlling fire or wind or light or rain is practically nil.

It would be much better if you studied what we do know. I have experienced bad weather personally- In 1965, our home was hit by the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak- I lived in Crystal Lake, Illinois, and our home was hit by one of the many tornadoes that struck the Midwest USA that day. It was a bad one (F4) and there were deaths and a great deal of destruction...In 2005, I experienced Katrina on the Gulf Coast. My home was badly damaged, and we lost almost all our pine trees in our front yard. These experiences have led me to the hobby of weather study (meteorology), and I like knowing what is coming my way.

But get control of this??? Maybe some day. But the math and science involved is very, very complicated.

Keep dreaming.


Jai ♥


answered 28 Jul '14, 22:58

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jai, history talks of magicians, wizards and others seemingly having command over the elements. some are noted spiritual figures

(01 Aug '14, 21:23) fred
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