i can see rainbow spirals and use them to control the wind. it is like waking up and realizing that i've been breathing all my life. it's new, but also so familiar it ALMOST feels normal. any people who know about this, please help.

asked 10 Aug '12, 19:17

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Barry Allen ♦♦

This is some heavy stuff, I can't wait to see all the answers!

(10 Aug '12, 20:39) Wade Casaldi

Please do not take this offensively, but do you experiment with acid or and psychedelics? It's said that many people who experiment with psychedelics are more prone to spiritualism and psychic ability. Although this is mere speculation, in a few different scenarios Marijuana was shown to improve one's psychic ability by 7 times. This was first tested in the comedic documentary "Super High Me". No tests (that I'm aware of) have been ran to check one's psychokinetic abilities with these drugs though. If you truly believe you have acquired psychokinetic abilities and you're not just messing with people, then I suggest you document it as there are not many actual cases reported in recent history.


answered 10 Aug '12, 19:54

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dont take drugs anymore, though i do use medicinal weed. how to document? only i know when i'm doing it. otherwise it would break my concentration. i'll have to practice, then maybe it will be easier to do.

(10 Aug '12, 21:52) julianfindsenergy
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