it says that someone can go from love to hatred in a blink, but being two of the strongest feelings in people, they'll be so close that we can hardly notice when one begins and another ends?

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Right now human race is coming to an end of the cycle of Descension.

Descension (as I will also call the cycle of forgetfulness) was about our disconnection with the Source, with the infinite unconditional love that we are all made of.

This took place because we, as a collective consciousness, have agreed to play this game for the sake of playing the game of re-membering (Ascension) with that much more joy.

It's a rubber band analogy - if you stretch a rubber band so far, to the point that it almost brakes, it's going to shoot up in the sky with that much more force and speed.

And that's why we agreed to forget - because we knew that the process of re-membering will be that much more fun.

So what love and hate is are in fact the same feeling but with a different vibrational frequency.

Hate is exclusive - it means that I feel that I am separate from everything else. I am the "Me" that has to deal with all of my problems alone. It is "Me" against the world. That is how it was while we were in Descension.

Love is inclusiveness - it's what we are doing while Ascending. It means that we are including more and more life experiences into our daily life's. It also means to stop segregating between "Me" and "Them". Now it's all about "Us". It's about recognizing that every person is an unique expression of love and every person has chosen to come here, because they have a specific role to play here on Earth.

Why can we go from love to hate in a blink? Because even though we want to give ourselves to the fullest, we still have times of doubt, times when we say "Maybe those things that I am learning aren't real. Maybe I'm imagining things and if I go through with what I'm about to do I'm gonna lose something I will never get back."

When those times come (and they will) don't worry. Be excited because it is your corrupted belief system that that is "pulling your strings". Ask yourself then "What would I have to believe is true for this things to put me down?" Find the answers and change them. It is that simple. Repeat the process until you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can be free from social conditioning and that you can be supported by All That Is all the time, you just have to let it.


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Thanks Wildlife

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I think you're talking about passion, not love. It's clear to see how passion can easily and quickly turn from positive to negative expression.

Love is a divine concept, I can't even say what's the opposite of it. Maybe indifference or apathy, but even those wouldn't by far meet the intensity required for being at the opposite end of the scale. ;-)


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