The earth WOULD NOT exist if LOVE wouldn't vanquesh the HATE in this world. The very hate that I believe the media broadcasts every single day of the year, i.e. wars in a third world nation, the deing , the war on drugs, the war on crime, etc etc etc. There is absolutely NO DOUBT that there are folks that care about this planet in all its forms, that as long there is a breath in them they do all they can. My question is WHY DOES THE MEDIA NOT EXPOSE SUCH PEOPLE INSTEAD OF THE SAD, DEPRESSING NEWS?

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Thanks for best answer Hank.

(07 Apr '10, 05:11) Wade Casaldi

There is something very interesting in this, crime and homicide seem to be committed for attention. An example every time Osama Binladen has a message of hate the news plays it, this is exactly what Osama wants, to be on Television, to be recognized as someone.

If we played every person on earth's video about why they hate America we would be showing videos for years straight, the same holds true for if we played everyone's why I love America video. What makes him so special that the news devotes attention to him, he should be ignored and quietly handled by the military. Don't make him famous and respected, when you recognize someone that is a form of respect, he doesn't deserve that.

It becomes an easy way to "Be Someone" look at me I am on the news, never mind it is cops just look at me! Instead of identifying people and posting and saying their names, give no recognition this way we do not encourage others to follow in step. Someone could become a cult anti hero like Charles Manson just because of press, that is really sad, if he had not that press most would never have known who he is and his influence would have been stifled.

It seems news is based on the gossip rule, is it bad news? That seems to be what the criteria for getting on the news is, it must be bad news most of the time. This seems to come from a ego feeding nature, "we may have it bad but at least we are not like them!" or "we thought we had it bad at least we are better than them!" Similar to the Romans watching the Christians be killed in the arena by the gladiators for fun, they felt better than watching these "sports", I think the news nightly fills that same spot, but the side effect is depression because all can not be wrong in the world to your exclusion that you are the only one that has it better. After a while this works the opposite on you and you feel lousy watching the bad news but you can't stop, you are now addicted.


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Wade Casaldi

Hey Hank, I believe there is more money to be made in, disasters, sad stories, killings, and such like. According to the media there's nothing exciting about in "good deeds' or 'good news'. A good number of times, they seem to twist a story to sell more of 'their' news. The media rides on 'bad' news/stories, gossip, etc.

Maybe the people on top, in power, our governments, whoever they are running things, know that a major focus change would actually change this world for the better. They would not allow such a thing to happen because there definitely would be less money for the multi-nationals.

Let me explain.

I think there are other psychological reasons why this (bad news reporting) is done and broadcast all over the world. There seems to be an imprisonment (of the mind) on the people watching it. Looping their center of focus, thus short circuiting there thoughts

I'll give you one example. Many people are depressed, anxious, stressed etc. I know that the media, in whatever form, affects the masses to the core. I know this to be a fact. I listen/hear to the many around me talking only about what is reported.

They complain, they fear (in cases of war), they freak out, etc.

This stress, anxiety, fear, etc. translates into mental and bodily diseases. Guess who prospers? In case you didn't guess, it would be the pharmaceutical companies.

Could it be that if there would be a massive major shift in news reporting i.e. from the bad, sad stories to happy, encouraging ones that this planet (wherever news is broadcast) would be a happier place to live in? I think there would be a massive focus change for the better. By focus change I mean focusing on the good instead of the bad.

There would probably be less mental/physical problems.

I generally do not watch television or read newspapers. It is very rare. I'll probably look at the headlines to see where down the tubes the world is at.

Side note: There is a warning in the bible about this. It says in Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Jesus explains this further by saying in Matthew 15:18-20; 18 But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. 19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: 20 These are the things which defile a man:...

Basically, watch out or guard what you ingest through your five senses.

If you would heed this warning, chances are you would be feasting less on the reported media

It's like to old saying: Tell me what you are reading and I will tell you what you will become. To modernize this proverb, change one word, Tell me what you are watching and I will tell you what you will become.

By the way, I agree totally with you when you stated, "The earth WOULD NOT exist if LOVE wouldn't vanquish the HATE in this would." Hate or evil is very destructive in nature.

Before Satan does anything to man, he has to get permission from God. Read Job Chapters 1 & 2 .

Jesus Christ took care of this problem on the cross. That's why God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

This is my point of view.


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Frank 1

I've got two answers for you.

First of all more and more media people are starting to take a stand. They are starting to practice responsible journalism and one of the examples of that can be found here

On the other hand what comes to my mind when I think or talk about the media and its impressive negativity I tend to bring up a movie called "Monsters Inc."

"Monsters Inc." is a cartoon movie, where the main characters are a bunch of monsters living in human closets. What the closets are in fact doorways between the monster and the human world.

So the monsters live in their own little world much like ours here, having houses, mortgage payments and friends. Some of them have jobs as "scarers", which means they go to people houses to scare the kids at night and take their energy from crying, so that they can power up their own world.

The movie is pretty funny and entertaining, but has also a great educational purpose.

The monsters have a great energetic crisis. They have to scare the kids more and more to generate enough energy for themselves. Unfortunately, scaring those kids isn't an easy task. So the motto of the movie is, when in the end a human child is being returned from the monster world, that when the monsters try to make the children laugh it actually creates 10 times more energy then crying and at the same time is that much more pleasant.

That's what I think was happening to the media industry for so long. We were led to believe that people love drama and that the worse something is the more popular it will be and for a long time that was the truth. But nowadays, when more people start to awaken, they don't buy into that whole bullshit that easily. They more often then not see a Divine plan between what the media call "great catastrophes".

For example the great tragedy on Haiti has got its positive side to it. What you might ask? Well Haiti was probably one of the poorest regions of the world. I read an article once where they said that in Haiti their is no vegetable market like in most places in the world. They don't have it, because they simply don't have vegetables. What they do have is a market, but a market which sells cookies made of mud. I shit you not! After a rain people used to take the mud and make it into "cookies" and later on eat them. Can you believe how poor those people were?

So how do I view the Haiti incident myself? I see that many individuals have AGREED on a subconscious level to die during those horrible times to make the world look there and acknowledge their existence. Now there is a lot of money being pumped into Haiti, like building schools, roads, giving food and so on, so that Haiti will no longer be the poorest place on Earth.

So when you look at the information on the media through another filter you start changing the content of the news. You can do it. It's as easy as trying to look at the "bigger picture" and why can those things be happening and what positive things can come up out of them?

And of course more and more people are starting to come out with different kinds of truths about government conspiracies and so forth. They do it now because we are coming to an end of a cycle of Descension. That being said their will still be a lot of negativity in the media for quite some time now, but for a different reason then it was before.

Before it was about "selling headlines" and ratings; now it's about showing us, as a collective, places that we weren't allowed or didn't want to look before. You can not change something you do not own; once you own it you can change it.

So now we see this whole bunch of negativity going on but only for the purpose that we acknowledge that "Yes, war, destruction, chaos, hunger, all those things are present in our world today so what are we going to do about it?" We can now look at those things and not blow ourselves in the process, because the process of Ascension, or re-membering, is about integrating ALL aspects of life, ALL teachings, ALL perspectives, which are ALL equally valid on the scale called life.


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(05 Apr '10, 19:52) Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you Barry :)

(06 Apr '10, 06:32) wildlife

Why is the media so negative? Perhaps because it is easier to control those who have been hypnotized,through daily doses, into believing that life is random, brutal and chaotic. This way they, the masses feel all disempowered and afraid. It is a great strategy and have been used successfully throughout history. Divide society and rule. Imminent danger works best. Narcotics, enemies, illegal aliens, gays, diseases, mafia, gangs, .............

But you do have a choice. I made it years ago. You can choose to unplug yourself from the whole mesmerizing effects of the media. If there is a real piece of news that you need to be made aware of, one way or another, you'll be informed.

Thank you, namaste


answered 25 Nov '10, 15:17

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I unplugged in April and I feel so much better!!

(25 Nov '10, 18:07) jim 10

I made that decision unconsciously years ago as well. Thank you very much.

(01 Apr '11, 13:47) Hank 1

I think it has to do with a bigger picture, you are right it has to do with making more money but also to create control not only for the media but also for a lot of other industries as well.

When ppl tend to feel sad, unsertain or afraid of something they tend to spend money to fix the problem that they have. You can only begin to imagine the different things that ppl buy to make themself feel better. I have also noticed a bit of deviousness/paranoia in the typ of over all message that is being seen and I belive that will also cause many different reactions such as competetiveness and maby isolation. I believe that sadness in general works as a spark and that you don't need it specifically for one given product.

I have also noticed this in other industries such as the music business. There is so much negativity and weird messages in the "main stream" music today that at least I don't want to listen to it. I also believe that the alcohol and drug industry has directly benefited from the music business. It is because of this kind of connections and the fact of what works best that has morfed the media to what it is today. There are many different industries involved and all of them are after the profit.


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I think their might be a simple answer.And this comes from my Buddhist teachings. The fact that there is one thing that is common in all man/woman and that is suffering. We all suffer in some degree. That is why complaining about work or the weather ("Hot enough for ya?") with fellow humans is also common.

Showing you bad stuff will make you feel better about yourself or maybe show the "commonness" of all the pain.

Showing good happy things might remind you of how good you do not have it.

Since media is sales driven an audience will be more captive if they feel good watching it

Also remember that most are not like people here that are very well centered...i think :)

Share the good news

Much Love



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jim 10

Wow Michael, all unplugged! Living with eyes wide open! Expect the most beautiful things dear one!

(26 Nov '10, 14:44) daniele

Yes there are a lot of negative things happening in our world today, and the Media has access to this information, and is publishing it on the News as they get their information.

The Media although unreliable to a certain point,( because not everything you hear on the News is a 100%,) has a responsibility to the nation to report their finding regardless of the nature of the contents. Unfortunately, as it appears the Media tends to put too much emphasis on the negative aspect of things, but in the same token, they have a professional obligation to report the News to us, so in essence they are only doing their jobs.

Personally, I do not like everything I hear on the News, but in the same token I like to know what is happening in the world that I live in, so I listen to the News daily!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Excerpts related to the topic, from The Personal Sessions (A Seth Book)

Now: in basic terms you form your reality, privately and en mass-through your beliefs, of course, and those beliefs cause you to organize your psychic world in certain fashions. You use such belief organizations to concentrate upon certain data and ignore other, so that consciously and unconsciously you organize inner and outer stimuli so that it makes sense according to your beliefs, and forms therefore a more or less dependable framework in which action and response are possible.

History is written according to the present beliefs of a historian in his time. As you know, your western world followed its own mixture of Christianity, Darwinism, and Freudian psychology.

Because those ideas still are largely in the mainstream of your society, your television news, newspapers, and magazines are invisibly slanted.

The news is invisibly organized to fit certain patterns, so that when you read or hear it, it carries the seemingly indelible mark, confirming the basic beliefs of the culture.

You are everywhere presented with the evidence. The headlines speak of problems between nations, mass and private crime, illness. The misuse of animals, man's stupidity and cruelty, so it seems that the species is nearly insane.

When you read the news or hear it, however, because of cultural beliefs you are programmed to behave in a certain fashion, in a fashion that validates, seemingly, the concepts of Freud and Darwin, and the most unfortunate aspects of Christian pessimism.

This is not done with any ill intent. Individuals collect the news and write it. To many people, some kind of organization, even one that is wobbly, is far better than facing the task of setting up an entirely new view of reality. The inner structure of most of your organizations and institutions are based on those old precepts.

Individual lives have been constructed along those frameworks.

People generally have been taught to play down their own heroism, and to concentrate upon man's weaknesses, and so your newspapers contain categorized fact upon fact, emphasizing man's errors and stupidities.

It has become virtuous to keep track of these, as if concentrating upon errors will do anything but compound them. I am, again, not telling you to be blind to physical events, but to realize that the news media, and your organizations, are not giving you an "objective" view of the world, but a view compounded and composed by Freudian and Darwinian beliefs.

The newspaper world is, then, highly distorted, organized in such a manner that its data reinforce negative beliefs, and constantly give evidence only of negative patterns. These then are taken as an objective picture of the fact world.

All of the heroism, the private and even mass triumph, and the good intent, have been left out.


answered 27 Nov '10, 01:07

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