I know that this question is answered in the ME4 as well as in one of the other questions. I just wanted to tell what I experienced and see if I did it right?

If it could be given a better title, please help me out!

While doing the process I was feeling very low and my eyes teared at a few places. At step 2, I felt intense throbbing in the head and tightness in shoulders, so bad that I could not even move my arms. The intensity fluctuated between different lists. I completed list 2 for second round and just like that the trobbing in the head turned into light pulsatinging and lightheadedness. I felt a bit dizzy and was yawning a lot. But, I felt instant reliefe. I was not trying to rush trough the process, I did ponder on the questions that were to be given special emphasis but, the answeres came pretty quicly! I had to actually keep myself delibrately on questions and try to comeup with the answers (as in populate the list more).

None of the list made me feel anything bad when I re-read it. Only one related issue came up, which would have seemed too bi prior to undertaking this process, but at this occassion, it did not stir much emotion right now for me to do the process for it right away. I was able to write positive aspects, about the situation and also about the things I got to experience due to its occurance!

Am feeling pretty awesome right now :)

So my question is have I done it right. I mean untill I was writing in list 2 for step 7 I was feeling low, but as soon as i stopped typing and read and reread what I had written I did not feel anything! Also, how could throbbing in head change to light pulsation; why did I need to yawn so mcuh and where did the tightness in shoulders vanish to without doing any clearing (i have been using FasterEFT since i last asked question about the process)?

Stingray Sir and also all the ones who have more experience here could please throw some light on this and help me understand if I have accomplished what I set out to?

Thank you :)

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Well done:) Enjoy that awesome feeling and savour it. Stingrays ME4 is really a complete method in itself.Read the part where Stingray talks about the Real Step 7,Effortless Change

It sounds like you were successful.What you let go of you were absolutely ready to let go of which was why is was effortless, and why you didn't need a clearing method. 

Don't get hooked though.Keep your dominant focus on feeling good.Although don't put pressure on yourself to feel good either, be easy about it.Feeling good is your natural state.Then what you need to clear will show itself to you when it's ready. :)

Two things I learned from using this method extensively.If you look for things to clear you will keep finding things to clear thanks to LOA.And your to more likely to come across resistance prematurely that isn't ready to be cleared and this can lead to problems.

Good luck:) 


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@Satori - Well said :) Completely agree. Keep focusing on feeling good and if anything needs clearing (or "integrating"), it will pop up naturally and grab your attention at the right time...mainly because it will throw you out of the Vortex i.e. be the obstacle to you continuing to feel good

(14 Jul '12, 05:26) Stingray

@Stingray-Thanks Stingray,yes I have found this to be absolutely true:).The more you focus on feeling good and let resistance 'simmer' and let it come to a point of resolution,the easier it is to clear it:)

(14 Jul '12, 05:34) Satori

Just to answer the remaining sub-questions which @Satori hasn't already excellently dealt with...

how could throbbing in head change to light pulsation;

All pain is resistance to energy flow. As soon as the resistance is decreased, the energy can start to flow again and you can start to interpret that flow in the way it really is i.e. a positive thing.

So your throbbing was an indication of resistance and the pulsating good-feeling stuff is the release of that energy (finally).

It's like when fast-flowing water is blocked in a pipe. As soon as the blockage is cleared slightly, the built-up force of it floods through the gap quite easily, which leads us to an interesting idea...

It is easier to go from feeling extremely bad to extremely good than it is to go from feeling slightly bad to extremely good.

That's because there is more fast-flowing "water" behind the extremely bad feeling.

why did I need to yawn so mcuh

It's a form of natural "release" within the body - Crying is another - and it is symptomatic of vibrational change.

Yawning, especially, happens to me alot, even higher up the emotional scale when going from feeling, say, hopeful to feeling total joy. If I push it too far and I start feeling happier than I can handle - sounds strange, doesn't it? :) - I'll sometimes get very dizzy indeed and need to have a nap for a while :)

Everything you've described all sounds good to me.

Enjoy the new You :)


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@Stingray-Thanks for this.Great info.I have experienced these sensations also with ME4:)

(14 Jul '12, 09:23) Satori

Yawning is a perfect example that it's working. As Stingray says it's a release.

I use to yawn a lot when EFT tapping, later was informed that it's your body getting rid of the old stagnant negative energy.


answered 14 Jul '12, 18:45

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Thanks Eldavo, nice to know am doing it right and shedding negativity :)

(16 Jul '12, 01:22) dreamersmiles
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