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I've been reading Icke's "remember where you came from" book today. For seem reason it seems possible to me. The more I read the more it explains everything.

Just wondering if anyone else has read anything by him, and if so, what your thoughts were.

asked 16 Jul '12, 09:09

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I've been following Mr Icke's activities since the mid-90s. I've seen him live a few times and met him in person once...he's a really nice guy actually.

If by your question you are referring to all the conspiracy/manipulation of mankind stuff then I would say...

"Is there any truth to what he says?"

Yes, I believe there is.

"Does it matter that anything like that might be going on?"

No, it doesn't - because our realities are entirely under our own control through the thoughts we choose to think. In fact, I noticed a year or two back that his message had become far more positive, almost as if he was saying it's all going to be okay after all.

A few years back on IQ, I gave my opinion about all the conspiracy stuff and I would still give the same answer today :)

So here it is: Must a spiritual quest cross paths with the Dark Arts ?


answered 16 Jul '12, 10:23

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I have. Interestingly enough I get more from his live video lectures than his books. When Mr. Icke speaks in front of an audience his energy and relayed information is far more impacting, far stronger. 'Does [what he says] seem true to me?' If you mean does it resonate with me (not that you are asking me directly :o) -- yes! Icke's information on the Illuminati is astounding and second to none. However, there are distortions in his perceptions, just as there are distortions in everyone's perceptions.

I love and adore David Icke. He really did re-open the door for all of us. But Icke's work is only a stepping stone to realising that we are the cornerstone. A good place to start at, but not a good place to stop at.


answered 16 Mar '14, 02:34

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