How do I tell what is a vibrational match to the things I am trying to change and what is not? Is there any guideline to doing so?

Like, maybe a new event happened in my life, or I met someone new, but I do not know whether they are vibrational matches or not?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@kakaboo - Good question! Everything can seem like a vibrational match sometimes, then when they feel contraditory, it can get quite confusing. I'd like to understand this better, too.

(03 Oct '12, 09:52) Grace
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I do not know whether they are vibrational matches or not?

Consider what the purpose of observing vibrational matches is...they are intended to be snippets of vibrational "evidence" that what you want is on its way.

It's only a game you are playing with yourself to trick yourself out of noticing the lack of what you want.

So if you happen to notice something in your experience that makes you feel better that what you want is coming, call it a vibrational match, and give your attention to it...use it to allow yourself to believe even more that what you want is coming.

Trying to turn the observation of vibrational matches into an objective, scientific-style measurable phenomenon with rules attached is missing the point of what they are about.

In the same way as there is actually no such thing as a physical manifestation - it's all personal perception and judgement - there is no such thing as a vibrational match either, other than what you decide one to be.

If my point still isn't clear, consider the story of the farmer and consider how what might appear to be "positive" vibrational matches at one moment in time, later give rise to apparently "negative" circumstances, which then give rise to "positive" vibrational matches etc...

There is no meaning in any event that occurs in life other than what you give it.

Everything is just about personal perception in the moment so you might as well perceive as much as you can that makes you feel good ...since that's what everyone wants all their manifestations for anyway :)


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"There is no meaning in any event that occurs in life other than what you give it." - much appreciated line @Stringray Love it :)

(04 Oct '12, 10:03) ZDCobran

@Stingray - Anything that happens that reminds you of your request, and makes you feel like you are seeing the machine being activated, hearing the great cogs and wheels going round? I don't think I ever got this idea properly in my head before. I remember being very confused by seeing exactly what I didn't want to see, and it being explained to me that I'd activated the whole subject. I don't remember realizing that it's all just a confirmation that I am making a splash, so to speak....

(04 Oct '12, 10:11) Grace

....or feeling that i is all encouraging; anything that reminds or relates to my request. I think I was just too analytical and literal to see properly.

(04 Oct '12, 10:14) Grace

@Stingray - YESSSSSS!! When I discovered that NOTHING has any built-in meaning, it changed my life--for the better--again! Because of this awesome discovery, I often question my perceptions and interpretations--which I have noticed, has also lead to changes in various beliefs!

(04 Oct '12, 13:23) figure8shape
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one may need to 'know thyself' to
recognize a vibrational match
and which self aspect is
returning with its attracted


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