What is vibrational setpoint and how does one measure it? What does vibrational work mean?

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Conceptually, it's like tuning a radio. The frequency of the radio electronics and the frequency of the radio wave have to match, or no signal is received.

Vibrational work is work that tunes you to the frequency of that which you desire.

In Abraham-Hicks terms, your vibrational setpoint is how well you are feeling at any given moment. Vibrational work is doing the things that make you feel good; this facilitates the manifestation process.


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Also, the setpoint aspect as far as Abraham-Hicks is concerned refers to your habitual feeling regarding a subject on the emotional/vibrational scale: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1291/why-cant-we-leap-from-depression-to-contentment-on-the-emotional-scale

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