I believe in a God, a being who exists both through everything and yet still is a discrete and potentially personal Higher Power.

You may say that because He is in everything, then "that explains it". But I feel Him, sense Him, and know that He is there. He is not me. I am not Him.

Are we saying that God IS manifesting? Are we saying that we can manifest because we are somehow, in some way, God?


asked 21 Jul '12, 05:12

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In a way god is manifesting, but that would be word play, or would it?

What is manifesting - seeing what has been there all the time, through shifting through different vibrational states of being. Is that in sense seeing God because he's always there and everywhere? Yes, in a way.

Based upon our definition of God, we could specify where is God's place in manifesting. But if we just apply the broadest one, then God's place in manifesting is everywhere. ;-)

(21 Jul '12, 05:24) CalonLan
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God's place in manifesting is to let you experience all the different ranges of emotions that you can feel in this physical experience.

Without all these emotions, everything would seem to be completely meaningless.

Whenever you desire or want something, there is always either an underlying emotion you are trying to feel or to get rid of.. for instance if you want a new job, it might be because it makes you feel safe, secure and happy. You watch TV shows because it makes you feel good and makes you feel less bored.


answered 21 Jul '12, 11:18

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