Hello all.

Does anyone have any exercises or techniques to help one reach the "neutral point" or neutral state?

Sometimes, after making a manifestation request, I begin to get frequent and obvious vibrational matches. Often this happens after a month or two of a "dead period" (for lack of a better phrase." This gets me feeling excited for the physical manifestation, which seems as though it is about to occur. Then, sometimes, the vibrational matches go away, and the physical manifestation seems delayed.

All the major manifestations in my life always seemed to happen when I have completely forgotten about the thing desired. So for me, I think, the neutral point really seems to be the time when manifestation occurs.

Up until now, my strategy has been to try to forget about these desires as much as possible. I have also done focus blocks whenever I feel any sense of neediness or yearning creeping in.

However, I am wondering if there are any exercises or techniques simply to help one reach the neutral state.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas...maybe what I need is forced amnesia? :)

Thanks again, everyone!

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Forced amnesia yes! If I could just find the exact right place to knock on my skull... LOL! Good question.

(29 Jul '12, 14:45) Grace
(30 Jul '12, 08:35) Satori
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Your right come to think of it. A lot of things I wanted for a long time manifested when I was in a neutral peaceful feeling state:)

The best advice I can give you is to get into the Vortex anyway you can, preferably in the morning and stay there. Then you won't miss what you don't have and you will feel good Now :)

Anytime you feel a dip in your vibration and your noticing the lack do something that helps you feel good :)

When you take your focus of manifesting  and make getting into the Vortex and staying there a daily habit, manifesting will become very easy for you:)

To answer your question directly here a few techniques to bring you to Neutral on a subject.



Quantum Entrainment or QE

Chinese Energetics

Sedona Method

THT or Two Hands Touching

Abraham-Hicks process you might find useful: PIVOTING


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Underline, double bold, 10x size the word HABIT. So important.

(30 Jul '12, 02:06) CalonLan

I agree with that CalonLan:)

(30 Jul '12, 03:06) Satori

@Satori - Thanks very much for all of these! These seem like some great options to explore. I knew about meditation and EFT, but not the others. Just out of curiosity, which one (or ones) do you find the most helpful for reaching the neutral state?

(31 Jul '12, 12:11) lozenge123

@Lozenge123-Your welcome. At the minute I like QE.There is two basic methods in QE to reach the Eufeeling.The thought stopping exercise that @Cory describes and The Triangulation Technique.These are both described in detail in the book The Secret Of Instant Healing....

(31 Jul '12, 12:57) Satori

@Lozenge123-Now though, Frank Kinslow seems to promote The Refined Technique  in his later books.It's even simpler. Here is a guided audio by Frank Kinslow for releasing negative emotion that I use sometimes. It uses The Refined Technique   http://db.tt/Zm7uhVUH

(31 Jul '12, 12:58) Satori

It is quite thrilling to see THT on your list. :)

(15 Sep '12, 10:16) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - Your welcome.  I think it deserves to be there as its getting good feedback from people. Probably more than some of the other techniques:)

(15 Sep '12, 10:23) Satori
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Two simple techniques that always works for me are from Frank Kinslow's "Quantum Entrainment" which Satori has already mentioned. The other one is a technique from Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power Of Now" which has similarities to what Fairy Princess mentioned.

These are so simple and easy to use and that's why I get so much out of them.

The QE Technique - Ask yourself out loud or in your head the following question or questions when you want to release unwanted thought.

  • "Where will my next thought come from?"
  • "What color will my next thought be?"
  • "What will my next thought smell like?"

Try any one of those right now and pay attention to the gap or blankness between your thoughts. Continue to use these simple questions as much as you need to stay in your quiet place. You can also try to become the observer of your thoughts and watch them pass by as if you were watching them on a movie screen. Then, if one pops up that you can't let pass by as an observer, ask one of the questions above and pay attention to the stoppage of thoughts. I highly recommend any of the Frank Kinslow books.

Eckhart Tolle Technique - Simply put your attention into your body. Focus on your body in any way that feels best. You could focus on your foot for fifteen seconds. Then you could work your way up to your calf for 15 seconds, your thigh, your torso, etc. You could also just focus on your entire body at once. There is no wrong way to do this.

Feel the warmth, the blood flow, your heart beat, the texture of your skin. Pretty much anything that puts your focus and attention on your inner self. If your body starts to tingle when you are focusing, become aware of that euphoric feeling and hold your attention on that for as long as you can. Milk it for all it's worth. I also recommend anything from Eckhart Tolle.

I have been using these two simple techniques consistently for some time now and they always put me in the zero point of no thought when I need it. Quick, easy, and simple, just the way I like it!


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@Cory-Brilliant,these techniques quickly takes your mind out of thinking (mind-based) and into feeling (heart-based).

(30 Jul '12, 03:11) Satori

@Cory - Thanks very much for sharing these. I am already a big Tolle fan and have tried these relaxation / focus techniques at night. Sounds like QE might be good to use during the business of the day...will definitely give it a try.

(31 Jul '12, 12:13) lozenge123

@Cory, Just downloaded the sample and was so intrigued, I bought the book! I appreciate and often refer back to Eckhart Tolle's books and look forward to learning Frank Kinslow's principles! I love this site! So informative and loving! :)

(15 Sep '12, 12:11) figure8shape
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Our @Satori's got your answer, @lozenge123. Any way you approach this, you will need to have both feet firmly planted in the Vortex. That happy state allows all the good that is flowing to you to actually reach you. I would just like to add a little practice I have used that has helped me to keep my mind out of The Box. Its not a big deal, but it helps.

You can't really stop thinking, so you have to replace what you are thinking.

I have had some success with this by deciding ahead of time to keep a neutral subject or two in my pocket, ready to pull out and ponder when I need to replace a thought I don't want to entertain. Thing is, you do have to decide ahead on a few subjects you can use, because when your mind slips into that well-worn groove of that special thing you don't want to think about, it's so hard to think creatively in that moment. Or, it is for me. :) That groove is deep from repeated trips down fantasy lane, and easy to slip into. The good news is, it will get much less so as you manage to ignore it.

The handy replacement thought can be anything you find facinating, something you don't have a whole lot of information on, something you have questions about. We have the greatest collection of questions in the world, IMO, right here at IQ.

For instance, right now for me, I'm keeping the subject of chakras on hand, also mental telepathy, and dream meanings. Things I know something about, but have a million questions to ask, and have nothing really to do with the stuff in The Box. Let your curiosity carry you away, enjoy finding the answers, have fun! That will serve the dual purpose of getting you out of your way, and keeping you in a happy place. :)


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@Grace-Nice answer Grace;)

(30 Jul '12, 04:01) Satori

@Grace - Thanks very much! The replacement thought is a great idea...am definitely going to try it. Thanks again.

(31 Jul '12, 12:12) lozenge123

@Satori, @lozenge123, I somehow missed your comments - sorry! I am glad you find some good in this. It's one of those super-simple things, but really helps when you are determined to change things in the moment, but find yourself too wound up in the moment to think what that to do. :)

(15 Sep '12, 12:18) Grace
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Two Hands Touching is a fast easy way to 'let go' or reach a neutral point. Press the palms of your hands together and close your eyes. Ask yourself quitetly in your head, "What do my hands feel like?" Don't try to namy the feelings, just feel the answer in your hands. Don't try to think or not think, just feel your hands. Do this for at least 30 seconds, and as long as you want. Peace


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Fairy Princess


@Fairy Princess-simple and brilliant,this takes your mind out of thinking and into feeling quickly:)

(30 Jul '12, 03:25) Satori

@Fairy Princess- Thank you, I just started doing this, and will see how it goes... :)

(31 Jul '12, 12:14) lozenge123
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