Recently I decided to put "this stuff" fully into action instead of just reading about it and occasionally/passivly manifesting. This means putting Master Key, Psi tek books, and my other sources to work. I've started to look closer at my "without", as Charles Haanel would put it, in order to gain an understanding of and improve my "within". One of the things I found is that I'm consistantly manifesting frustration in my life. Overall I'm an optimistic person so I'm having trouble figuring out what is is I'm doing thats manifesting frustration.


P.S. I know I'm vauge alot of the times and don't include alot of details. Its just how I am. If I'm missing anything that could help you, just put it in the comments and I'll get to it.

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Michael 1


By manifesting frustration, I assume you mean you are manifesting situations in your life that leave you feeling frustrated.

You've hinted that you want to know what it is in your life that you are giving attention to that is causing these frustrating manifestations. Well, there's a fairly simple way of figuring it out.

The key thing to remember is that the Universe manifests according to feeling matches, not subject matches.

What I mean by this is that if, say, your boss is annoying you at work and you feel so constantly frustrated by his/her actions such that you have turned that feeling of frustration into a habitual feeling, you will now start to experience physical manifestations of that feeling.

Perhaps your car won't start (and leaves you feeling frustrated), or perhaps your television stops working (and leaves you feeling frustrated) or perhaps you lose your wallet somewhere (and now you are left feeling frustrated).

Note the common element in those examples...they all left you feeling frustrated...just like your boss does.

In other words, you feeling frustrated about your boss has now manifested other situations (unrelated to your boss) that have left you feeling frustrated.

So, to answer your question about what you are doing that is manifesting frustration, just look at what else in your life causes you to feel frustrated. It should be fairly obvious what the cause is once you've grasped this idea of the universe always matching your feeling rather than the subject of what you are thinking about.

Now following on from what has just been said, consider this...

If the universe always manifests feeling matches, then what would happen if you found something to feel happy about? It doesn't matter what, just anything. And if you can't think of anything, just make up something to feel happy about :)

If you did that to the extent that happiness became a dominant feeling for you, wouldn't the universe have no choice but to start manifesting situations that match happy feelings?

Wouldn't your life then gradually fill up with more and more situations that left you feeling happy (instead of frustrated)?

The answer is yes...that's exactly what would happen.

And what we can deduce from this is that the shortcut to happiness, and happy manifestations, throughout your life is simply to start looking for things to feel happy about.

The feeling must come first, and the manifestations that follow will naturally match the feeling.

Now if you read Muhd's answer understanding that principle, you'll understand why his focusing on love and appreciation is bringing him things he wants i.e. things that match his feeling of love and appreciation.


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I totally agree with you, Stingray, that responsive thoughts and feelings can easily become habits, hard to break. But it can be done once you realize this is what is happening!

(12 Apr '10, 03:22) LeeAnn 1

Thank you so much Stingray,lightbulb moment here;)

(16 Dec '11, 17:17) Satori

in this case a lightbulb can be defined as being an emotionally exciting device that generates light, heat and/or therapeutic energies ... :)

(28 Jan '13, 06:40) blubird two
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If I understand this topic correctly, this is my experience: There were times when I had been manifesting frustrations, I then thought inwards to find out what was wrong, I found out that I was not accommodating love, and gratitude was lacking. so when I tried to show love in everything and started appreciating God for everything, thing started to change for the better. From there on, I manifest only happiness. I manifest my wishes.


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Thanks for the personal story from a similar experience.

(11 Apr '10, 18:06) Michael 1

I realize that sometimes I have to go through the emotional scale to let go and allow then I can appreciate and love the experience and not worry about the outcome.

(28 Jan '13, 07:26) clearheart

If you are asking God for things like patience and serenity, God will put things in your life that will exercise your patience and serenity.

So consider what it is that you are asking for. If what you are asking for requires that you be challenged, don't be surprised when challenges appear.


answered 12 Apr '10, 15:19

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Well said! - and only when we realize this do we begin to learn the lesson :-)

(12 Apr '10, 18:29) Michaela

This answer just opened my eyes to what may be causing it. Thanks!

(13 Apr '10, 01:17) Michael 1
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