• Faith,
  • Focus,
  • Emotion,
  • Intention,
  • Gratitude,
  • Detachment, and
  • Believe you've got it.

Say, I use the above points in manifesting my want as follows:

I need a new house in a certain street in a state capital. I focused on the type of the house I want (including all details about it) when I was listening to my best music and dancing, which moved me to greatest happiness. I thank God for everything, including the happiness, (and praised Him even afterwords), believing strongly that he will answer my prayer, in faith I asked for the house, and convinced myself that from this moment He had answered my prayer, I'm living in my new house- LIVE!

I did this episode only once, and from then I detached myself from thinking about the house.

Will the house manifest this way?

asked 11 Apr '10, 09:02

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John Sheridan ♦


Just an observation MUHD - Have you really detached from the outcome if you're still here questioning it? :-)

(11 Apr '10, 13:11) Michaela

Well, actually I don't have any new house that I need to manifest Michaela. I only used this as an example to know if I use these points in any of my manifestations it will work. But raising your observation helped me a lot in knowing about the ABSENCE and the PRESENCE vibrations in any material thing you wish to manifest, as shaded by Stingrey. Thank you all.

(13 Apr '10, 12:59) MUHD

Sorry for the typographical error above, i mean to write Stingray.

(13 Apr '10, 13:06) MUHD
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What you're doing towards manifesting your new house is all fine and good, Muhd.

But I think Michaela's little comment below your question is perhaps a crucial point.

In asking your question here about whether your new house is coming, do you think that indicates that you are:

  1. Enjoying the pleasure inherent in your vision of your house so much that you really don't care whether it comes or not because you are just extracting so much fun in the moment from thinking about it? ...or...

  2. Noticing it hasn't actually come yet, so that the vibration you are sending to the Universe/God to manifest is "Give me more of the absence of the house I want" instead of "Give me more of the presence of the house I want"?

Any subject in the world that you can think of comes down to two vibrational perspectives...

  1. The absence of it
  2. The presence of it

alt text

If you consider absence and presence to be the two sides of a pair of weighing scales then...

  • When your vibration of absence regarding the thing you want is greater than the vibration of presence regarding the thing you want, the scale tips and you have the absence of the thing you want i.e. it doesn't manifest

  • When your vibration of presence regarding the thing you want is greater than the vibration of absence regarding the thing you want, the scale tips the other way and you have the presence of the thing you want i.e. it manifests

It really is that simple.

And there are two major stumbling blocks that make the scale tip heavily towards absence...

  • Needing the thing to come
  • Noticing it hasn't come yet

This might seem like such a trivial, tiny point but it isn't - it is actually a huge point!

In the world of thought, just a tiny, tiny shift in the thought you are projecting can create a massive change in the manifestation that results.

alt text

You can think of it like a radio connected to a huge pair of speakers.

Think of the speakers as being the physical manifestation of what you want, and the radio as being the tiny original thought.

You can use the speakers to blast out at high volume any signal that is received. It could be classical music or heavy rock or the daily news.

But now notice how just by re-tuning the radio even very, very, very slightly changes the radio station to something completely different.

So, in life, it is not the speakers that are important (though most people in the world think that it is), it is actually those seemingly insignificant re-tunings of your own personal radio receiver (your thoughts).

The speakers just output, but the radio chooses what to output.

As Michaela has said, if you are questioning whether you have done enough to make it come, which way does that indicate the absence/presence scale is currently tipping for you regarding the subject of your new house? :)


answered 11 Apr '10, 16:42

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edited 11 Apr '10, 16:50

Great answer - love the illustrations :-)

(11 Apr '10, 21:59) Michaela

I really appreciate your comments. This will go along way in helping me and other people on this site. Thanks.

(13 Apr '10, 13:02) MUHD

I got a little question about the balance of the absence and presence! If I want a new house, is each time I enter into my actual house just put more weight in the absence plate?

Should I imagine that I enter into my new house each time I go to my actual place?

(15 Apr '10, 01:22) mojo

@Mojo: You have to go by how you feel. If in entering your existing house, it makes you feel bad that you do not yet live in the new house then it is not helping you to dwell on those thoughts. On the other hand, if when entering your old house, it makes you feel great because you know an even better house is coming then, by all means, imagine the new house (and enjoy doing so) every time you enter the old one. Your feelings are your only true guidance with this

(15 Apr '10, 13:53) Stingray

Thank you:0) with your help! Very appreciated!

(15 Apr '10, 16:21) mojo

Dear Stingray.. Thanks a lot.. from the bottom of my heart :)

(22 Apr '10, 08:31) AVBhat

You are most welcome

(22 Apr '10, 13:59) Stingray

@Stingray: Read this again after a long while and it was truly refreshing. Brought me right back to the basics. Absolutely wonderful!! Thanks so much :)

(23 Dec '11, 02:28) Sourabh

Yes Stingray, i agree "it is actually a huge point" ... i would go as far to say that it is the basis of expansion of consciousness ... have fun

(12 Jan '12, 00:35) blubird two

@Stingray- Is needing and wanting the thing to come also known as step 1 in the 3 step process? Does it mean we're not in step 3 when we need or want something?

(23 Feb '12, 19:04) Nikulas

@Stingray-does this quote in your answer work both ways?say to someone who wants to demanifest an illness would this quote in your answer be revelent? "When your vibration of absence regarding the thing you want is greater than the vibration of presence regarding the thing you want, the scale tips and you have the absence of the thing you want i.e. it doesn't manifest" thank you:)

(09 Mar '12, 14:59) Satori

@Nikulas - Would you "want" something you already have? Step 3 is about aligning with the presence of what you want so the presence of it (rather than the absence) becomes your reality. So if you keep yourself in "wanting", you must also be "knowing" you don't yet have the thing. I'm using the word "wanting" here in the sense of "yearning" as explained here . So yes, I would then probably call it Step 1.

(09 Mar '12, 23:26) Stingray

@Satori - "Demanifest an illness" is a tricky phrase because it suggests that illness is a real thing. I would say that illness is just the absence of health in the same way that darkness is just the absence of light. You don't have to demanifest darkness in order to let light into a room - you just turn on the light and the darkness vanishes. I'm not sure if that answers your question? Please clarify if it doesn't.

(09 Mar '12, 23:32) Stingray

@Stingray-thanks.the illness is just an illusion.An absence of health.yes I get it.how do I turn the light on,visualise good health?.your really helping me here Stingray.appreciate it:)

(10 Mar '12, 02:37) Satori

@Satori - Yes, Satori that's right. There only exist varying degrees of health in the same way that there only exist varying degrees of light.

(10 Mar '12, 05:08) Stingray

@Stingray-thank you:)

(10 Mar '12, 07:25) Satori

Thanks @Stingray I have made your scales my desktop pic as a reminder of tipping point and can I just say here , I love all the pics and illustrations you provide us with , kinda like the old saying a picture speaks a 1,000 words ♥♥♥

(08 Sep '12, 23:33) Starlight

@Starlight - You're welcome. I find the scales to be quite a helpful analogy because it gets across the non-linear nature of vibrational molding ideas. You can work at feeling better and better about something and yet nothing apparently changes in your life...until eventually you hit that tipping point and the scales tip...and dramatic changes come at lightning speed. I think it's usually during that journey to the tipping point that people think these ideas don't work for them and give up.

(09 Sep '12, 04:06) Stingray

Yes totally get that , I at long long last have been in a much better place , 2weeks, things starting to move , we then had IQ hiccup and it threw me for a six , I'm trying now , to just go back to chillaxed and hope it hasn't caused a going backwards state

(09 Sep '12, 04:45) Starlight
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I believe you have described the PERFECT way (if you can call it that) to manifesting anything.

The most IMPORTANT things in your this process are your E-MOTIONS, which simply mean energy-motions.

You see, me, you and everything around us (trees, houses, chairs, computers, lamps, condoms etc.) are ENERGY. I say this because in our essence we are a conglomerate of billions upon billions of atoms and quarks which vibrate at tremendous speeds, but those atoms and quarks are so "tightly" packed together that they seem as if the objects that we look at with our bare eyes are solid objects. Well, they are not. I write more about it in my free book, which you can download here http://www.warriorinyou.com/products.htm

So as we are Energy and everything else is energy also, what does that imply? It implies that we aren't "people" interacting with each other and our environment, but instead we are energy interacting with another energy.

And since is now Ascending, it also means that rules by which energy interacts with each other are also changing.

It used to be that light-workers would gather around themselves people with the opposite energies, very dense and "pulling them down". They were like "energy vampires", feeding on their light.

But now it is starting to be the opposite - the same energies attract each other and the opposites repel.

So right now you might find yourself surrounded by more and more people who are interested in the same stuff you are. In the past you might thought that you were the only one pondering those topics, but now the information seems to come from everywhere at you at once.

The that's how you manifest things - You put your desire, you put your energy(!) in it, and you let it go.

The way MUHD has described it is what I believe the best way to go along this manifesting business.

1st - know what you want.

2nd - put all of your emotions into that thing.

3rd - let it go.

4th - have NO assumptions of how the things you want to manifest should happen, because if you do you might prevent yourself from experiencing the BEST way it could happen.

As an example is a story about a woman whose soul passion was to tell stories. She used too gather her two kids before bed and tell the most imaginative stories you could imagine. She put all her passion, all her love in that and the kids were amazed.

Soon after that they started telling their friends at school about their mothers stories, so the friends started coming over and listen to the stories.

After a while also the parents of the kids they were bringing to listen to the stories started listening to them too, and they were captivated.

Now this woman makes a living by doing what she loves to do the most - telling stories.

And that's what everyone of us can do. We can manifest anything we want when we follow our passion, but the thing is NOT to condition the Universe on how we think "the goods" should be delivered.

So just decide what you want, out your e-motions into it and let it go.

Love hearing from you about your new house MUHD :)


answered 11 Apr '10, 09:25

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Thanks for your good answer Wildlife. The new house is meant for people to shade more light on manifestation, (which they surely did), and to allow me and other people learn more from them. Your book is great. I'm obliged.

(22 Apr '10, 13:11) MUHD

And I'm obliged that you're obliged, MUHD. Keep spreading the love and light .. "all you need is love, love"

(22 Apr '10, 16:13) wildlife
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