I have been thinking about this, why we don't see big miracles on the news. All of a sudden it hit me, the horror movies everyone likes are much more evil than anyone ever thought!

What do you think of someone raising from the dead? Miracle or some satanic living dead or vampire being? What beings regenerate in movies, the "good guys" or the evil star of the film? If we were to see a great miracle like this I think we'd mostly be terrified and think it was evil and that is the next thing these horror movies do is reinforce the thought that evil is powerful and can do anything. That is all backwards, GOD is ALL POWERFUL and CAN DO ALL THINGS, I think we need to take back the supernatural for God and constantly state in a mantra God raises the dead and it is wonderful and holy, God regenerates limbs and life and it is wonderful and holy, God is all powerful and it is wonderful and holy. We need to bring our minds back to God does these things and not evil or the devil! We live on God's Earth and we shall not fear as God is with us.

What is your regard to the opinion on this matter?

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Great question and one that is deserving of an answer for it affects us all and especialy our young impresionable children.

(06 Oct '12, 15:26) Paulina 1
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I think, right now, a lot of our culture is obsessed with the lurid and perverse, and this manifests quite clearly in our films and television. Lots of material about zombies and serial killers! When these movies and TV programs are released to the general public, and the ratings accordingly soar, it sends a signal to the powers that be that "this is what the people want", and so they produce more material in the same vein, and we get inundated with it.

I think the reason for this is actually fairly simple...for many people, this stuff is exciting. It is more interesting and exciting for them to vicariously experience horror than it to sit on their couch at home and twiddle their thumbs. I imagine that many of them have boring office jobs, and not a lot of "real" excitement in their lives. A lot of these people are just plain bored, and their current level of vibration is attracting them towards horror and perversity rather than towards positivity. This is simply a matter of vibration (or taste), I believe.

In old times, such as the eras of the American Revolution, American Civil War, and World Wars I and II, people didn't need this sort of stuff because they saw real horror before their very eyes, and they knew they didn't like the real thing (well, some of them, anyway). Thus they had no reason to want to experience it vicariously.

In our own time, I think the popular culture has shifted so far towards the horror/perversity vibration (almost to the level of ancient Babylon, if those stories are to be believed), that we are bound for the pendulum to swing the other way.

In other words, I think the current shift can't continue in the direction it's been heading. I think people will soon tire of the horror/perversity fad, and will look to experience something more positive.

I think it is also important to mention that I have been discussing these things as what I perceive to be a "general trend", and that there are many exceptions to this trend!

For instance, there HAVE been recent films which depict the forces of goodness performing miracles and utilizing supernatural powers: the new Star Wars films (flawed as they are!), Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and even small independent films like Whale Rider. We even have the occasional religious-themed film such as The Nativity.

So I think it's helpful to remember that we do have these positive examples in the world, if we allow ourselves to notice them.

I also know that there are plenty of human beings who believe that these miracles are actually possible, and are eager to see them in the "real world."

As evidence of this, we need look no further than the members of our own Inward Quest.

alt text


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@lozenge123 - I agree. I think that people like to be entertained for the most part with what they can relate to, but don't experience personally. When life is good, horror movies work for them. During times when life is a struggle, although depictions of the realities of life were certainly made, many movies were light-hearted singing and dancing. I'm thinking of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Shirley Temple, etc.

(09 Oct '12, 19:42) Grace

@Grace - Yes, great example about early 20th century movies! My grandpa, who grew up in that era, was a WWII vet...I tried to get him to see "Saving Private Ryan"...he said "I have no interest." It wasn't until years later and hearing his stories that I began to realize why...

Truth be told, I really miss those types of old movies and would like to see more of them. :)

(10 Oct '12, 11:22) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - me too. I like to escape in books and movies. Fantasy, like LOTR (three of my favorite movies ever) to take me away from here, and stretch mind above and beyond my day to day life, or just let me check out for a little while. Old movies seem often to create a different sort of world, even if it's setting is our own familiar surroundings. A group of people suddenly bursting out in song, say, on a trolley in San Francisco for instance... How often does that really happen? ;)

(10 Oct '12, 23:38) Grace

@Grace - I too love LOTR, the books even more so. Having grown up in a non-religious family, I think it was my love of Gandalf's magic and Middle Earth which pushed me in a spiritual direction later in life.

I agree with you about movies creating "worlds", it's really what the greatest movies do--create an experience where you can suspend your disbelief and actually mentally and emotionally enter that world....

(11 Oct '12, 01:34) lozenge123

As a buddy of mine once said (responding to a person criticizing "escapist" films), people don't go to movies for "reality"...if they want that they can just walk out the door!

(11 Oct '12, 01:34) lozenge123
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Have you ever considered for a moment Wade,that this just might be God reaching out to Us.

I saw the Exorsist and Amityville Horror when they first came out,and I would have to say that they were probably one of the biggest catalyst in my own Awakening.They started me asking questions on Spiritual topics and God, and that is good :) Everything that happens is a perfect unfolding of what is - where is the evil in that?


answered 11 Apr '10, 13:02

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It is the programming that 90% of horror movies evil wins then at the last 10% you see oh no good wins after all okay. If we do not look at it as a movie but instead as information being feed into your mind in a subconscious way 90% is bad programming. That is why 90% of the movie scares you, your mind is believing it on some level and it is causing you to get scared. Something believed in is something you have faith in.

(12 Apr '10, 10:06) Wade Casaldi

I do commend you on turning something like that into a drive to get closer to God. I know if they tried to make horror movies with Christians as powerful as we really are there would be no movie, it would be over with as soon as it started. lol

(12 Apr '10, 10:11) Wade Casaldi

I agree with wade it is programing our young children and adults to see eveil. All those school shootings are a direct result of a society gone wrong by being programed wrong.

(06 Oct '12, 15:29) Paulina 1

@Roy - I agree...the Exorcist actually got me thinking spiritually as well. On the DVD special features, the director said that this was actually the point...for if "bad" spiritual entities exist, then, logically, "good" ones must also exist. Even though it approaches the concept from that of a good vs. evil battle, (and even though I know people who think the film is "evil"), I think that if you are so like-minded, you can come away from the film with a positive interpretation.

(08 Oct '12, 12:04) lozenge123
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It is the Church that gave the supernatural powers that God gave us, over to new agism. It is very sad that the Church fell asleep spiritually. I am looking for that connection between faith in Christ and our personal connection to the power of God.


answered 06 Mar '11, 22:21

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Fairy Princess


Yes I agree we need to take it back from Satan and show we have the true power, command and authority. My church teaches this almost every Sunday we have full command and authority over negative, sickness, devils and demons, poverty everything negative in the world. It is when we bring the signs and wonders back that we will be speaking for Christ with more than just this is our belief but with our being. :-)

(07 Mar '11, 05:09) Wade Casaldi

I am curious what church do you go to? I have found Christianity to be quite off base, I would love to find a church that had some sense.

(07 Mar '11, 05:17) Fairy Princess

My church doesn't have a denomination it just takes what is in the bible and believes Jesus was teaching us. There are no other rules or guides to believe other than the bible. It takes what Jesus said to go forth and work signs and wonders and and preach the good news to heart. It takes James 4:7 very strongly meaning there is nothing that will not bow down to us through Jesus. He gave us that authority.

(09 Mar '11, 14:57) Wade Casaldi

Once you accept Jesus as your personal Savior you gain the full kingdom, power command, authority over all negative. Because you are not of the world anymore, the old you has died and the new you risen reborn in Christ. This gives you the authority to cast out devils and demons (these whether figurative or literal mater not) even sickness. Sometimes you can be allowed to be overcome by sickness or depression to show what you need to work at.

(09 Mar '11, 15:04) Wade Casaldi

I will have to manifest one here. The churches here are very much not in tune with the truth of God the way we see it here on inward quest. This would be witchcraft or something. They took out the miraculous.

(09 Mar '11, 15:06) Fairy Princess

Once you learn the lesson you can again cast it out, this is how I cared myself many time, and how my pastor cured him self as well. It does take faith but since you place it above you, you know it has already been done that is why you say Amen. It is done and released forget about it, it is done, then is when the manifestation comes, the miracle answered.

(09 Mar '11, 15:07) Wade Casaldi

I would say Florence Scovel Shinn was very close to our beliefs. New thought is close.

(09 Mar '11, 15:09) Wade Casaldi

You inserted a post. LOL. I will have to manifest a church here that understands that without being holy rollers. I can see how far off the mark the church as a whole has gotten. What I see being taught is doctrine and rules like those of the pharisees. Like you can't dance or go to dances, movies, etc... Instead of teaching self control, they teach church control. Instead of seeing the new creature as being one with God and having the powers that you speak of, the new creature follows the rules of the church, which can include: no makeup, no pants for women, no beards, no dancing, no movies..

(09 Mar '11, 15:12) Fairy Princess

Thanks, I will look her up

(09 Mar '11, 15:13) Fairy Princess

Yes agreed many did take out the miracles, this is sad, I have seen the laying on of hands do wonderful healing. Not like you see on TV, you are healed! and the Televangelist hits the person in the forehead knocking him/her out cold! But real compassionate healing with prayers for that person what ever the problem. Letting them know they are forgiven and released, casting out any pain. I have done so myself many times.

(09 Mar '11, 15:15) Wade Casaldi

Another God person is Patrica King, Heidi Baker, these know God as very real personal. No not holy rollers, I agree, just love and compassion, people come to my church in blue jeans.

(09 Mar '11, 15:18) Wade Casaldi

Watch the movies Furious Love and the Finger of God, I am not saying everything in those are real but there is a lot of good in those.

(09 Mar '11, 15:19) Wade Casaldi

Juniper, I live in the South, and really cannot find a "good" church because of the many strange beliefs of some people down here. Are you in the South? I'll start a church for you! Love,Jai

(09 Mar '11, 17:22) Jaianniah

Thanks Jai, but I donnot live in the south. At least we have this site to share ideas on. I am glad to have met all of you. Peace and Blessings,

(09 Mar '11, 18:57) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - The best two books I have read on Christianity, with a definite "Law of Attraction" perspective, and which I think are 100% in line with the principles we discuss here on Inward Quest, are the following by Thomas Troward, penned about 100 years ago:



(08 Oct '12, 15:32) lozenge123
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Although this may appear to be true, it is not. Because the Bible teaches that the word of God shall prevail over time!

Yes I agree that the corruption today is vast, but I also know that it is not up to us, and that God will protect his people from the dark forces!


answered 07 Mar '11, 06:04

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Inactive User ♦♦

God gave us reasoning power to help and think for ourselves.

(06 Oct '12, 15:32) Paulina 1

movie is not a problem! creation of the mind are creation of the mind! each one is responsible of what they let enter the mind and what they do with it!


answered 23 Apr '11, 19:48

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white tiger

Spot on White Tiger but children don't have the reasoning power to be aware enough of what is good for their mind and what isn't so it is up to us all to intervene on the behalf of those that need us. Movies today are nothing more than money making machines and it is the money game that is important to the movie makers and not young or old minds for that matter.

(06 Oct '12, 15:35) Paulina 1

Dear Wade you sure know how to stir the pot for Gods sake and I agree with you fully but it is not Gods miracles that have been stolen for Gods miracles can never be stolen they are allways well and alive albeit in the hearts of his loving people.

The miracles we see in movies are nothing more than greed for money without thought to the young minds they destroy and sometimes even old minds too.

All those school shootings and society going haywire are the direct result of greed and control. If we adults shout loud enough and keep on saying NO we don't want that rubish for our children maybe, just maybe someone will hear us. And than again maybe if we put too much attention on it we might attract worse.

Of course millions of people will need to shout world wide loud enough to be herd but todays society is too supressed and opressed to have time to even bother about something they consider insignificant like movies for there are more pressing problems like finding work and feeding the family.

The interesting fact is that you will not see this type of movie in Moslem countries for the populations there abide by their word of God. Pity we Christians can't do the same.


answered 06 Oct '12, 15:50

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Paulina 1

Yes Paulina I agree. The crazy thing is movies get shown on television (Edited for television) but the courts stopped the Christian people that were selling edited movies! We should have that choice! What bothers me is I remember a good movie I saw years ago, forgetting I saw an edited for television version. I rent it and BLAM I am hit square in the face with sick violence of blood and gore. I don't need to see the back of someone's head blown all over the place to know he was shot.

(06 Oct '12, 20:48) Wade Casaldi

That kind of violence in movies is disturbing, not entertaining! I cringe when I see something like that and even feel like "That was horrible." I feel like I just watched someone killed, it is very disturbing. Yes there are people that will say, "Oh it is only a movie, no one is actually hurt in that." But the way it is purposely edited to appear like you just watched someone get killed is very disturbing. We should be able to buy or rent edited for television versions of all the movies.

(06 Oct '12, 20:55) Wade Casaldi

Not to stir the pot some more, but I think that it is not only Western society--although we probably bear the bulk of it, and were certainly instrumental in getting the ball rolling in that direction. The Koreans and Japanese currently make some pretty heinous films, and a buddy of mine who worked in Afghanistan saw some gleefully violent films which had the audience (all locals) cheering like mad. Just saying I think it is a "human" thing, or a state of the current times, if you will.

(08 Oct '12, 12:09) lozenge123
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The comment god is with us, well then he isn't doing a very good job. More people have died on this earth due to religion than any other disease, disaster, deranged person or movie. Besides, this god you speak of decided at least once to kill off all of humainty with a disaster. That's not the kind of thing that I would want to base my life on.

Go ahead and parrott all of the little verses that you have heard from people and all of the little verses taken from a two thousand year old book that was written from people's recount of what may or may not have happened. Not to mention it was written about things that people didn't understand and they explained it in the only ways that they knew at the time. These interpretations from then do not match the same things now.

Jonah in a whale might actually have been Jonah in a submarine type vehicle. ThrEe people following a star may have been three people following a space ship.

And to think that people actually base their lives on things from this book.


answered 08 Oct '12, 14:02

GOD%20the%20Alien's gravatar image

GOD the Alien


@GOD the Alien - "he isn't doing a very good job"...Really? How so? I see joy, happiness, well-being, and little miracles happening all around us, every day. Seems like a good job to me :)

"More people have died on this earth due to religion than any other disease, disaster, deranged person or movie." - Are you 100% certain of this?

"this god you speak of decided at least once to kill off all of humainty with a disaster." - If this were true, how could you and I be here today?

(08 Oct '12, 14:41) lozenge123

@GOD the Alien - "These interpretations from then do not match the same things now." - My friend, people on this site can help you PROVE to yourself that some of these things still hold true.

The bottom line is that IF we are not just flesh and bone, but eternal spirit, and IF "all things are possible to him/her that believe", and IF everyone ultimately gets what they desire, and IF death is just a transition to another state of conscious being, then...

What ever is the problem?

(08 Oct '12, 14:45) lozenge123

@God the Alien - Check this out, from today's news...seems like some good things are happening in this world...don't you think so too?


(08 Oct '12, 15:39) lozenge123

@GOD the Alien The most violent, bloodiest and most people died in the 20th century. Now what century has people least known God? The 20th Century, we have had God taken out of school, and fought hard to keep God out of government, even though our founders based America on God. More people have more choices to turn away from God in the 20th century. The way people lived and still do, most do not live anywhere even close to a Godly life because the fear of God is gone. Interesting coincidence...

(09 Oct '12, 01:05) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi The later part of the 20th century I would say is the part where western civilization has lost what you call "The fear of God" .So the first half with its two world wars (over 100 million dead) Are such people with the belief in "the fear of God" And the USA's founding document is the constitution and God is not named there.

(09 Oct '12, 03:14) ursixx

There may be great things happening in the world, but that has nothing to do with god or any other little made up thing that you can conjure up.

I guarantee that no one on here can change the way that I or others like me, believe. No needto change reality. I don't need a crutch in my life.

The fear of god, yea, thats what I want to believe in, fear.

(09 Oct '12, 06:18) GOD the Alien

You can IF all you want, but that doesn't do or prove anything. Sounds like you have have a great amount of IF in your life. I just live and take care of my family. I don't need to believe in a plethora of "IF's". How can anyone with any amount of intelligence believe if this jesus fellow from 2K yrs ago. He was only one of many that paraded around talking philosophy. Who could believe the accuracy of anything that written from then anyway. Even now, there is talk that he was married.

(09 Oct '12, 06:21) GOD the Alien

What other "facts" about this guy or any other people in this old book are inaccurate or mis-interpreted. Go ahead now and recited a bunch of bible babble and feel good about yourself. I just proved that I can remember a quote here or there and see how smart I am. Lets all join around in a circle and sing and pat each other on the back and tell each other how good we look in our new church clothes. Then lets go home and drink and smoke and cheat and lie. We can make up for it next Sunday.

(09 Oct '12, 06:27) GOD the Alien

@GOD the Alien Although many claim to be Christian and do not live anything like Christian this is not a true Christian. It is not about looking good in church in fact in my church most everyone comes dressed in their everyday cloths. My pastor himself comes dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt. What it is about is improving the self and the life experience. I have been richly being blessed because of my closeness to God. Living this improves life and the experience of life. Application.

(09 Oct '12, 09:14) Wade Casaldi

@GOD the Alien - Relax, my friend! If you go back and reread my comments, you'll see that I wasn't trying to convince you of the existence of God...only that we cannot DISPROVE the existence of God by focusing on all the "bad stuff" in the world. What you choose to believe in is indeed...your own choice.

Sorry if my "IF" statements caused you offense. I was merely using it as what I felt was a "gentler" and non-arrogant way...

(09 Oct '12, 11:39) lozenge123

@GOD the Alien - ...to approach a dialog with you, rather than declaring my own statements to be the universal truth.

"I guarantee that no one on here can change the way that I or others like me, believe."

I cheerfully agree!

It sounds like your mind is quite made up. Which means there is no need to continue this dialog. (Oftentimes people on this forum like to exchange views and learn from each other).

But I do wish all the best to you and your own inward quest!

(09 Oct '12, 11:40) lozenge123

lozenge123 - Sorry, I didn't realize that it was a requirement to change someone's mind to be able to exchange dialog and learn from each other. You are correct, though I am learning quite a bit about god fearing people. And sorry that the fact that my mind is made up, does that mean that your mind is open to the thought of becoming an athiest. Maybe your mind is made up on this god thing and there is nothing else that one can learn from you. You are probably correct.

(11 Oct '12, 13:27) GOD the Alien
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