Many justify their mistakes and lack of success to bad energies of the world or the energies of bad people. But they are really those energies that block our goals, or we do it ourselves without realizing it?

asked 12 Apr '10, 22:52

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We can all be susceptible,at times, to the energies of those around us but we also have the ability to protect ourselves from the negative energy of others by making that our intention. When we begin to blame others or bad energies for our mistakes, we are placing ourselves in the role of victim and are giving away our own personal power.

I believe, emphatically, that no-one else can block our goals or influence our world unless we give them permission to do so - be it consciously or unconsciously. Only when we Own the fact that we create our own world,do we begin to realize the power we possess and our world begins to change accordingly


answered 12 Apr '10, 23:39

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thanks again Michaela

(13 Apr '10, 01:22) Robert

You're very welcome Robert :-)

(13 Apr '10, 11:23) Michaela
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