Could it indicate a blockage/overemphasis in that area?

Thank you, namaste

asked 04 Nov '10, 14:50

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Great question, I have seen this in a few churches with pastors or staff....

(04 Nov '10, 16:01) Back2Basics
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Behind sexual energy is spiritual energy. In fact, behind all human energy is spiritual energy, but sexual energy seems to be a more direct way to experience the ecstacy of spiritual experience.

Just as we can become one with God, we can sometimes become one with our partner during orgasm (if only for a few moments). But doing so requires more than just a physical release; it also requires surrender, the same kind of surrender that happens when we relinquish conscious control and give a problem over to the Universe.

So there is a difference between satisfying a physical desire and cultivating a higher connection with God. They have different motivations. The widely-publicized sex scandals with the Catholic church are most decidedly not spiritually motivated.


answered 04 Nov '10, 19:47

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Thank you for such a bold answer!

(04 Nov '10, 21:09) The Traveller

When you have a coin in your hand, you have to know that it has one side known as the "head" and the other side known as the "tail".

If you want to posses the coin "with the knowledge that you are possessing it" then you must choose which side you wish to posses.

Most of us like to declare to the world (and to ourselves) that we posses coins that are always "heads up"

But back in you mind you always know that the coins you posses have a hidden face that is on the other side.

And your decision to posses the coin forces you to confront the need to deal with that knowledge.

You can fool your self and everybody else that the coins you posses only have heads. (As most of us do)

Or you can wake up to the realization that the problem is "possession"

The more you give meaning to the idea of "Good" and "Spiritual Energy" as being the preferred version of energy, the more you will have to find meaningful expression and compartmentalization of the "Other Side" to that which you prefer.


answered 04 Nov '10, 20:09

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The Traveller

edited 04 Nov '10, 20:32

Sex is an expression of love and in that sense it does not surprise me that spiritual energy would manifest as sexual energy.

I think a lot of people do not experience sex with the right person or when in the right frame of mind (not done purely for physical pleasure and when feeling unconditional appreciation/love of your partner) which is why it can sometimes be regarded as a 'negative' or 'unwanted' desire.


answered 06 Nov '10, 08:40

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Pink Diamond

Sex when used like that, opens spritual holes to different releams. So if i WANTED SOME THING I would have sex"make love" and thinkabout that thing i want to manifest.

Note people have been found to use keys to unlock things hint hint

At the point of climaxing I would ejactulate on that object or in that person, with the intensions of my desicres being answered.

Also when people make love its liken on to the atomic bomb. Its the begining of life it self. If used properly you could be some really crazy shit with that energy.

But be warn if used in a wrong fasion you could open doors that will never close.


answered 17 Feb '11, 15:23

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john john

Could you possibly explain these concepts more clearly please? You use sex as a manifestation tool? What is the hint? What would you consider as the wrong fashion?

(21 Jun '13, 20:31) lastplacefavourite

@john john: this is very true! I am probably speaking to the choir, so to say, but you must be familiar with the Montauk Project and how psycho-sexual energy and the male ** was used to project and manifest?

(15 Apr '14, 02:43) TGunn

My goodness! I've just been censored, using a perfectly reasonable word!

(15 Apr '14, 03:01) TGunn
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John John I feel has really struck the cord here upon sexual energy.

The title of this question contains so much truth. Spiritual energy is sexual energy. Arguably I feel it's the only energy that actually exists. The more I 'preserve' it the more physical and mental vitality I hold.

Just to illustrate, I really reserved up my spiritual energy and was able to stop a caffeine addiction, heal from my injuries surprisingly fast, get moves at gymnastics easier, attract women with ease, attract more money and perhaps the most valuable for me was gain greater insights into life.

If someone wants to argue that sexual energy is somehow not spiritual energy, then I challenge them to abstain from physical ejaculation for a week and not tell me how different their day-to-day energy is.

Bashar on sexual energy:


answered 21 Jun '13, 08:42

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i dont think what you said is right. I agree sexual energy can be spiritual energy and it a very strong energy. So i am not denying that. But spiritual energy is NOT restricted only to sexual energy. mahatma Gandhi practiced celibacy and was the secret of his extraordinary character and to lead India against British. now i am not celibate at all and love sex but i know for sure its not the ONLY energy that exists.

(21 Jun '13, 14:26) abrahamloa

Paramahansa Yogananda also was celibate. He was the most happiest man in tune with God. So your challenge about abstaining from phsyical ejaculation is really nothing, its peanuts to yogis!! many had done that most of their lives.

(21 Jun '13, 14:26) abrahamloa

Also since you seem to love sex, go read Mantak Chia where they teach to have orgasm w/o ejaculation. Ejaculation actually they say drains energy. So its better to have orgasm w/o ejaculation technically speaking :-)

(21 Jun '13, 14:36) abrahamloa

You create all sorts of energy from all sorts of varieties of activities or changes in habit or behavior, just like you use it in a variety of ways. All the physical preservation is doing is taking a normal buildup of energy and having it used for other tasks. Definitely not the only source of energy, just a particularly strong and easily tapped one in most humans with our nature being what it is.

(21 Jun '13, 14:49) Snow

Great answer @Nikulas I agree - sexual energy is spiritual energy - after all we are sexual beings too.

(22 Jun '13, 01:19) ele
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Really any sexual energy u feel is ok. It is not a balance or imbalance. It just is a part of you. When u deny urself from this sexual energy, it causes blockages. The BEST way to help raise vibration or open the 2nd chakra, it is best to mix love with sex. Not" I have to marry you and fall in love, BUT love the person in a deep capacity, friend or however. Love the experience. This helps raise that 2nd chakra to add with the 4th and increases both or them. Do not let ur beliefs impede ur sexual energy. Do not let guilt of what others feel or think of u. Any time u do this, u give away who u r. NOW, if u use sex for feeling of emptiness, and u want to rid urself of emptiness, or if u are impeding on others free will, or causing harm to others..NOT GOOD< it is just like a drug, addiction, stuff like that, BUT if u are balanced in all other ways, sexual energy can be quite divine.

love n light



answered 21 Jun '13, 21:53

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

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We are sexual beings. I agree, sexual energy is quite divine..

(22 Jun '13, 01:08) ele

"BUT love the person in a deep capacity, friend or however. Love the experience." ok... will do . . . lol! Thanks Rob!

(22 Jun '13, 01:50) ele

@ele HAaaa love this song.. and thank u, i hope u find help with the answer.

(22 Jun '13, 12:04) TReb Bor yit-NE

"help" lol! You're answer is great & I agree. I'm sure your answer will help anyone struggling with these issues.. "When u deny urself from this sexual energy, it causes blockages." --- so, so true...

(22 Jun '13, 14:25) ele

OOOO i am srry ele. i just read question u had wrote b4 this one, so i kinda mixed it up, i thought u had worte this question lol, Well either way, i still hope it helps u also lol, and i agree with u agreeing lol, LOVE

(22 Jun '13, 14:26) TReb Bor yit-NE
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It could be an over emphasis. It could be need your spiritual side is indicating to you. It could be a sign of youth and vitality. I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's our nature. There isn't a reason to get philosophical about unless it is controlling you.


answered 05 Nov '10, 02:36

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