I have read the Manifesting Experiment 3 and it seems quite an exciting process for manifesting goals. I was thinking of using it to manifest a couple of my goals.

However, the first goal that I thought of is one that I do not really think is achievable because of my current financial status. So, it seems like I would have to manifest my new financial status first and set that as a goal before manifesting the "real" goal.

The method seems easier if I already have the belief that I am capable of achieving the goal from my current reality and I only need to go through a set of achievable actions to get there.

How would you go about writing actions towards a goal that you don't think is achievable from your current reality? The process would seem to get a lot harder as you would struggle to come up with actions in the first place. Any thoughts?

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Here's something for you to ponder.

What happens if you make your first step (or even first goal) to mold your belief that you can achieve your ultimate goal?

In other words, what happens if you combine the systematic daily repetition of Manifesting Experiment 3 (Vibrational Goal-Getting) with the systematic belief molding of Manifesting Experiment 2 (Focus Blocks)?

Would you then have created a systematic method for manifesting anything?

For stuff you already believe you can achieve, you would just apply Vibrational Goal-Getting.

For stuff that you don't yet believe you can achieve, you would first apply Focus Blocks.

Would it work? Would it be the ultimate way to get anything you want starting from any vibrational place?

Don't know for sure yet...am working on it. :)


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Manifesting Experiment 3 is there to help you discover the ways you can help yourself believe that your goals are achievable, and to make you feel "better" (I would say more "confident") about the process.

If you believe that your goals require a higher degree of financial abundance, then pursue that first. However, consider the possibility that there might be other "creative" ways of achieving the same result. And consider the possibility that pursuing your end goal directly might, in fact, help you achieve more financial abundance at the same time.

Anthony Robbins has an exercise in his Personal Power program, which I call "One New Idea per Day." He applies it to financial abundance, but it could be equally applied to any other endeavor. He says to think of one new idea for making money (or whatever your end goal is) each day, for thirty days. You can meditate on it, hatch the idea in the shower, ask the Universe for it, or whatever your process is.

Anthony Robbins asks people to do this because this moves people into their "creative" mode, and gets them accustomed to having new ideas constantly (something that many people don't do anymore because they get caught up in the details of daily life).

At the end of thirty days, you will have thirty new ideas. Many of these ideas will be useless or unworkable. But what if only one of those ideas makes you a million dollars? Is it worth it to go through twenty-nine bad ideas to get to one good one?


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One new idea per day ...great approach and an excellent simple daily target to aim for, instead of a time-based one like five minutes work. Might have to try that one myself :)

(05 Oct '10, 22:45) Stingray

Do you know how to dream, and how to dream BIG? Anything is possible in life, once you can apply yourself to the challenges of successfully completing your goals. Do not over think the process you are about to begin, if not you will put obstacles in your way. Simply apply yourself to your action plan, and set your goals. Brainstorm, if you want, and do the process of elimination, if necessary. Do not set up barriers for yourself, otherwise, you will not be able to achieve your goals.

You need to take action, and apply yourself doing the leg work etc to make it happen. Set a time frame for each goal, and make adjustments, as necessary. Depending on the nature of what you are working to accomplish, you have to be realistic in the amount of time you will require to complete each of your goals. Do you have a written Business Plan? If so, use it as a guide to set your goals. You have to have a plan in place to be able to set goals, so what is your plan, what type of business venture do you want to develop? These are some of the initials things you need to do to get started.


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When i think that something is or isnt achievable i hen catch myself and ask the following question.

Does my subconscious mind think this or my conscious mind.

In my limited experience my results have been based on what i believe in my heart/spirit/sub con. This doesnt always tie in with whats flying thru my carnal mind.

I believe that if the sub con is treated carefully ( Guard your heart for out of it spring the issues of life,to coin the biblical phrase ) it will produce results over and above the doubt of the conscious mind.

Now i would stress that if a CONSTANT stream of thoughts of cant do nature are fed in ,it may be impossible for the deeper mind to produce results.

I wonder if the deeper part of the mind can produce circumstances that the carnal mind cant quite get its head round? Is the PERCEPTION of the spirit able to override to some extent the perception and expectation of the lower part of the mind.



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