Some people pray on a particular problem (want) for many hours each day. They persist in this prayer for days, months or even a year. In fact they don't stop for a day until that problem is solved in the physical, and they really do manifest this way. How does this work? Is there any detachment in praying about the same thing every day?

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Manifesting is not about detachment from what you want - it is about alignment with what you want.

To be more precise, it is about the alignment of your habitual thought patterns (your beliefs) with the object of your desire (your want).

What you want has actually already been created in the moment you asked for it - everything else that follows is just that alignment process.

Because the neutral point is your friend, this means that one approach is that you can just completely forget about your desire and it will manifest when the time is right.

But that doesn't mean you cannot manifest something you want by focusing on it again and again until you achieve that alignment. In fact, this is what most people do through such techniques as Creative Visualization, Goal Setting or even praying. It's just that many of those people believe they are creating their manifestation using those techniques when, in fact, they are only aligning with them.

To take the example of praying...if someone prays for something they want from a place of feeling good then they are actually speeding up that alignment. Yes, this is actually more powerful than detaching from what you want.

But if someone prays for something from a place of feeling bad about it, they are not helping the manifestation of what they want and can actually hinder it.

Most people, I believe (since I have never prayed), understandably pray from a place of not feeling good about what they want so there is not much alignment going on. But there is greater clarity and desire being given to what they want which is not a bad thing. You can't get what you want until you know what you want :) (Alignment is Step 3, the clarifying process is Step 1)

They can probably continue for quite a long time praying in this Step 1 manner. If you keep on adding desire and clarity to what you want without altering your beliefs, your unmanifested desire is going to start to feel more and more painful to you. It's like a piece of elastic being stretched further and further. alt text

Then, one day, for some reason (perhaps the pain has become too much) they may actually release their resistance for what they want in some way - perhaps just finally giving up with their desire and turning it over to "God" instead - and then the stretched elastic snaps back into alignment and what they want magically manifests...and often with dramatic speed because of the amount of elastic energy that was built up.

Sure, those folks didn't need to go to all that effort and suffer all that pain.

But remember that in life you are never going to reach a place where you are not launching new desires so is there really anything wrong in taking a bit longer when you are on an eternally-long path?

The true joy of life consists of launching those desires and then enjoying the process of coming into alignment with them...and sometimes the thrill of having something long-wanted manifesting dramatically is worth the discomfort it took to stretch that elastic so far.

And anyway, if those folks who pray daily eventually reach a point where they are really enjoying their prayers for what they want then they are probably living as happy a life as it is possible to live, perhaps without even realizing it :)


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@Stingray-This is a great answer with a lot of amazing insights.I can see now that Intention and Prayer are similar.They are a step 3 process.I can see the importance now of intending from a good feeling place.Thanks:)

(11 Jul '12, 07:08) Satori

@Stingray- Great clarification upon things, last paragraph was so cool to read ^.^

(11 Jul '12, 08:47) Nikulas

@Stingray- When you mention "dramatic speed"...I have a question here. I personally am a very, very (add emphasis) impatient person, and I keep getting the hope that manifesting can occur in minutes, not that that has worked for me yet. For being 'realistic' in this 4-D world, would you say it would be a fair argument that manifesting something 'quickly' would be at least 72 hours for vibrational matches? (I noticed you used that figure elsewhere).

(04 Apr '13, 20:17) Nikulas

@Stingray - The 4th paragraph of your answer implies, "you can just completely forget about your desire" = the neutral point

But how can forgetting about your desire have that effect when your vibration stays where you last left it?

(01 Feb '15, 03:51) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - "But how can forgetting about your desire have that effect when your vibration stays where you last left it?" - It's because of the effect of habitual Vortex alignment on existing vibrational setpoints. See the A Vibrational Twist section in Can hypnosis change your limiting beliefs? That's why if you keep feeling good predominantly and do zero vibrational work, things still clear themselves up in time.

(03 Feb '15, 17:44) Stingray
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I don't think that there is necessarily detachment involved in such cases but rather a strong belief or unwavering faith in God or Source. They are willing to spend the time in prayer and not give up until their prayer has been answered.


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Not give up until their prayer is answered? Does this mean you have to beat God or the Universe over the head, or somehow "prove" yourself to the one who can supposedly do what you ask for, or meet all your needs?

(09 May '13, 13:06) zotac
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