Stingray, you are having an effect...I am really getting curious about this Manifestation Thing you do- which is good!

My hangup with the whole thing is the fact that I guess I really do need to see where it will improve upon prayer alone. What will learning about Manifesting do that prayer will not?

I hope someone can answer this and help me finally understand.

Blessings, Jaianniah

asked 21 Aug '11, 03:44

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One can manifest in many ways and each have their own preferance. You can manifest with prayer providing prayer makes you feel good and you can manifest by deliberate manifistation meditations and exercises but the very best way to manifest is with love. Feeling love makes all the good stuff flow to you as if by magic for nothing on Gods earth beats the feeling of love.

By the way prayer is a form of meditation and if you love praying and it makes you feel good and you do it in a positive way and regularly than you have found your way to manifest for this will impres upon your subconscious that which you pray about. You could try other ways as well but dont give up on your prayer just add to it and see what happens. If it improves your manifesting good and if not you have lost nothing. Good luck.


answered 21 Aug '11, 09:55

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Paulina 1

Thanks for a great answer, Paulina! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Aug '11, 10:05) Jaianniah

I think you are making a good point here. After all praying seeks to activate an invisible natural force (god)...this Manifestation Thing also seeks to activate an invisible natural force...the only difference being the methods used to put the force into motion but more importantly praying seems to have religious limitations whereas the Manifestation Thing is unlimited.


answered 22 Aug '11, 04:25

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Jesus said that anything we ask in prayer, if we believe, we will recieve. He also said to seek first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness, and the things we need will be added unto us. He said not to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of it's self. He also said that we cannot serve both God and money and that where our heart is, there will our treasure be also. And that the overflow of our heart comes out our mouth. The Bible warns against covetousness and greed. Jesus said that we are joint heirs to the kingdome. He said the kindom is at hand. He said to be content in whatsoever circumstance we find ourselves.

So, putting all of this together, Jesus is telling us that we receive according to our faith. And that our focus should be on seeking His kingdom, and this coupled with faith, gives us authority to move mountains, and to receive all of our needs and the desires or our hearts. However, if we focus on money and gain, we open ourselves up for corruption, greed, covetousness, jealousy etc...

To put it in LOA terms, if we have a vibration of faith, then we attract all the good things for us that match that vibration. Seek happiness, joy, love, coupled with faith and your vibration will attract more things to you that give you those feelings. If we worry about how we are going to get what we need, that lowers our vibration and we attract the things that match that vibration and cause more of that vibration.


answered 22 Aug '11, 14:23

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Fairy Princess

if u have desires, u must try n manifest. coz god is not going to fulfill them, because he has given u the ability to do it. had he not given u the ability to do it, he wd done everything. bt he has gvn us the free will, n has made us the creators of our destiny. another reason y manifesting is beyond praying is that we all have negative emotions, like anxiety, feeling of lack, focusing on the absense of smnthn, so by unwillingly doing so, u r bloking what u desire. if u dint ever have these -ve emotions which blok the manifestation, then only praying wd have workd. bt as u r unwillingly bloking the manifestation (by not controlling the jumping mind), so u have to actively manifest as well..


answered 28 Aug '11, 17:22

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