I really want healing for an emotional block that causes me to not study when I have all the time in the world. I have done EFT, but the reason for it not working on this (its worked wonderfully on other things) is another emotional block that causes me to procrastinate on doing EFT.

Actually, I have done EFT on it before, but seeing as Im not a 'one min. wonder' I need to do it consistently at least a couple of times before I see a good shift. (And I suck at being consistent- I think I might be ADD, lol) Anyway, Im wondering if I could just pray to my Higher power/Universe to be released from this.

I want so much to be healed. I dont care how it happens. So how would you go about doing this? Is healing something that can be manifested? I've never heard of someone actually manifesting an emotional block to be removed... how would that even happen? I've manifested a puppy amongest other things... I just REALLY need this healing because I have to take the GRE in like a month, and if I dont study a certain amount each day, Im screwed.

Also wondering if its possible to just trust the universe in this, like then do nothing and see what happens. But its sounds like a cop out?...

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Can you explain why you don't study?

(03 Nov '13, 18:31) flowsurfer

Just a quick, "unconventional" answer which might not be good at all but I thought "What the hell, why not share it". Buy a 7mg nicotine patch. Put it on.

(03 Nov '13, 18:34) flowsurfer

Honestly, I cant really say. I know theres a resistance. I do sometimes force myself to study.. but willpower doesnt always work. I've graduated from college but during those four years I had this same problem. I dont know whats wrong with me. I used to be an excellent student, very studious in High school but in 10th grade I had a mental breakdown and I have been different in school ever since. It could be fear of failure- but I dont notice it consciously.

(03 Nov '13, 18:42) Alicorns

Once Im studying I actually enjoy it a bit. I just think theres some type of block or something since I have had this problem for so long and others seem to have the same issue, but not to this extent. I dont know if that answered your question clearly, but I am willing to add more detail.

(03 Nov '13, 18:42) Alicorns

alicorns, if your higher power be of any significant spiritual awareness, you'd be advised to row your own boat to get to where you believe you need to be

(03 Nov '13, 18:43) fred

What do you do instead of studying?

(03 Nov '13, 18:49) flowsurfer

I surf the web, read self help books, pray....anything really

(03 Nov '13, 20:33) Alicorns

Well there are a couple of things to consider. A quick fix that might possibly work is the nicotine patch. Other things to consider are, do you actually want to study? Even if you don't want the activity of studying, do you actually want its results? Or is it more of a "blah" thing to you? Does the material excite you? What are you studying? What is it for (beyond just the test)?

(03 Nov '13, 20:43) flowsurfer

Bottom line is, if you really enjoyed the topic you are supposed to study, not only you wouldn't have thoughts of getting rid of procrastination, you wouldn't have enough time to think of anything else but the topic.

People use terms as procrastination or being lazy as if it was something bad, that must be overcome. While in fact they just use them to ignore the fact the topic in question is not exciting to them.

You don't need any help, you need to change subject of your studies.

(04 Nov '13, 05:12) CalonLan

@alicorn why do you seek so much outside the real answer is in you. just learn the truth and you will be set free. if you are not interested in study as much as before it might be that you have other interest. to know this I recommend to you to know yourself clean the inside of the cup. you have been your whole life looking out and learning from other how much time did you spend listening to you the living one that you are that little light of truth that was before you came in to the world and-

(04 Nov '13, 23:40) white tiger

will still exist after you go out of the world. solve that division in you. I am not a divider am I? The dead are not alive and the living will not die. Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(04 Nov '13, 23:42) white tiger
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I think the inability to apply what you know, even if you know it will help you, is a very common problem especially among people who have begun to awaken to the knowledge that they themselves (through the power of their focused thoughts) are responsible for their own lives.

It seems to happen when people get so trapped into observing their current reality that, even if they really want to, they find it hard to move into any other (better-feeling) reality.

Their powerful observation of current reality just keeps them stuck in current reality and then, to add insult to injury, their desire not to be there added to the knowledge that they themselves are responsible for being there, just adds to the pain of their stuckness.

Oh dear :)

And to make things even worse, when one asks them to apply a metaphysical approach to their stuckness, they find it absurd/impossible to do so because current physical reality seems so physically real and those metaphysical ideas just seem so vague and airy-fairy in comparison.

In truth, it's the other way around...current reality is vague and airy-fairy and just a snapshot reflection of current vibrational attitudes and it's only the metaphysical stuff that has any "reality" to it ...but someone stuck in current reality can't hear or appreciate that message so I'll shut up about it now :)

So how to break out of this binding stuckness in current reality?

I've previously written about some suggestions for getting going again in Where does apathy fit into the Emotional Guidance Scale and how does a person get out of that feeling? It basically comes down to Make More Decisions.

And for dealing with the procrastination itself related to your studies, the most effective method I've come across is the timed bursts one outlined in How do I control my mind and concentrate on what I am doing?


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There is the answer! Thanks, I needed it!

(04 Nov '13, 10:55) Dollar Bill

@stingray you say: Make more decision. more is not better, but better is more, so use the time imparted to you wisely. as for physical reality it is only one side that you see at the bottom of that dark water. you need light to see the other side that many do not see. Let there be light, be the light that you can be , experience and enjoy.

(04 Nov '13, 23:52) white tiger

@Dollar Bill - You're welcome

@white tiger - "experience and enjoy" - Actually, it would be better to enjoy and experience instead :)

(05 Nov '13, 03:32) Stingray

@Stingray - "enjoy and experience". Excellent. :)

(06 Nov '13, 18:09) Grace

Thanks Stingray~ your response and those links were very helpful. But I have actually decided for the time being to stop studying...If I dont even know what Im aiming for in grad school, then why take the GRE? Maybe more motivation will arise once I figure that one out. I would be lying if I said this solved it all for me. I still feel like a cop out...like Im unconsciously avoiding this situation by using the excuse that I dont know what to study 4GRE. What is ur opinion on this, if any? thanks

(10 Nov '13, 12:54) Alicorns

@Alicorns - You've got to go with whatever feels like the right thing to do (when you are feeling good) - even if that means doing nothing - regardless of what anyone else thinks. When the time comes to take definite action, you'll feel it strongly. Until then, I would just focus on ways to feel better daily.

(11 Nov '13, 06:53) Stingray
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As a fellow procrastinator I sympathise with your problem. The only technique that works for me is one I call the JUST SHOW UP technique. For you, this would look something like this:

DAY ONE: You sit at your desk (or wherever you study) with your work in front of you for say fifteen minutes. No TV, no people to chat to, no magazines .... just you and your work. Set a timer if you have one. The important thing is that you have no expectations. You just sit there and if you feel like working - great but it's no big deal if you don't. The important thing is to just show up.

DAY TWO: Repeat of day one.

DAY THREE: Repeat of day one.

DAY FOUR: Start to increase the amount of time you show up for by say ten minutes.

The idea is that by say day three or four, you start to do a bit of work. My own theory is that you are showing the universe and yourself that your INTEND to work - intention is a really big part of manifesting anything. If you continue to faff about , you aren't really intending anything very focused even if you feel as if you are spending a lot of time worrying about it, thinking about it.

You can look at the psychological aspects once you've got past these exams maybe?


answered 04 Nov '13, 03:47

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This is right down my alley because you have never met such a former procrastinator in your life. I am not kidding and I have very good news for you I have found a way to include everything I need to do one little step at a time giving myself still plenty of time to be lazy. First thing I did was to think always of my Ultimate Goal and start my day writing down just a few things I need to do that is easy to do. I used to always look at the big picture and it looked impossible but by looking at one little task at a time has been making it surprisingly easy and I automatically fill my days with amazing results. Once I get in motion I keep in motion and it becomes so much fun I can't stop myself, it really does work. Being grateful for what you already have and what you've already done helps too. Write a gratitude list and look at it often it will make you smile.


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The mind world is a symbolic world. With this understanding we see why when we dream we seem to have strange dreams, until we figure out the meaning of the symbols that the associations of the mind in your subconscious is already known. I believe this is why Reiki and other healing systems works so well. The mind associates the symbols with healing.

I was once learning Reiki NLP reprogramming and my teacher told a story. She spoke of a man that wanted to stop procrastinating. She asked him the three questions, what do you want, when do you want it, what will you do to get it? When she got to when do you want it, he said tomorrow. She thought that odd, someone that wants to stop procrastinating saying tomarrow. But she programmed him for tomarrow. The next day he did everything he had been meaning to get around to doing!

I can't show you that because that is part of my Reiki. However since you see these as blocks like a wall, we can work with that as a symbol. How many ways can a wall be smashed down? You can have real fun with this symbol if you want, not only imagining you are smashing it with a wreaking ball and a crane. You could imagine you have a bazooka, or granades you throw at it. Anything to remove that wall in your mind! You could draw pictures of it busted through. Maybe the Cool-Aid guy is breaking through, maybe the Incredible Hulk, maybe you imagine airplanes shooting rockets at it. Anything to get rid of that wall blocking you.

First you must firmly associate the wall as the blockage. Then say now the wall of procrastination comes down! Now have fun obliterating that wall!

You could pray, "God you brought down the walls of Jericho. This wall is as nothing to you, I give this to you to go before me and smash down this wall of procrastination. I give this to you, bring down this wall now! I know and trust you have heard this prayer. It is already being done, thank you, thank you, thank you, in Jesus name I pray... Amen.


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Wade Casaldi

Excellent answer, @Wade Casaldi!- I love your ideas...Have you tried them????? Love you, your Jai ♥♥♥

(04 Nov '13, 10:45) Jaianniah

Yes in various ways I have used everything I tell people here. I know specifically about procrastination, no, and you can tell I haven't used it for that. LOL I'll get around to it.

(04 Nov '13, 23:16) Wade Casaldi

Does the wall really exist in the first place or do you believe that it exist? then who created that wall? it is easier to put down something then to put it up. if you do not put it up in the first place you do not have to put it down. one should remain in the beginning and he would know the end. did I told you the truth and bring down that wall before it was ever created?

(05 Nov '13, 00:02) white tiger
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