1.In law of attraction or manifesting experiments we try to choose our desired thing or situation.In this case we show that we have much more intelligence than God.

But If we Trust God and Pray like this :

2."O'God ,you know better my this need.Hope you will show me true and easy way to get this/Solve this problem.Now all this is up to you and I have firm belief in You that YOU can handle this in much better way.Here I leave everything up to YOU.I am now free and easy."

In first approach we pose that we are more intelligent than our God and try to teach HIM our needs and desires.and there is no guarantee that the outcome shall be really beneficial for us.

In other approach,We leave everything up to Infinite Inteligence which Knows us and our needs better.and will definitely show us the right way .

I think the second one method is much better and easy to realising our dreams.

What are your experiences and thought about this.What do you people think about both approaches?

asked 29 Oct '10, 18:56

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Well said Michlela. We try to use the power oF God and get in line with his laws/vortex call it what you will. I think we should avail ourselves of the tremendous resource of Gods massive intellect.Lets creit God with as much knowledge as He has power.

(30 Oct '10, 10:21) Monty Riviera

I view Universal forces and God as one and the same, so in my opinion having faith in God or utilizing the Law of Attraction, to realize or manifest our desires , go hand in hand.


answered 29 Oct '10, 23:11

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Thanks Micheala for your kind reply.but don't you think the second approch is much easy to get results?

(30 Oct '10, 06:30) Zee

For me personally, since using th LOA,I've actually found my trust or faith in that 'Supreme power, 'God' or 'Source' has grown.As I said both work hand in hand - Ask, believe it's yours and receive it. Whether we're consciously using the LOA or asking God, we're still choosing our desires.

(30 Oct '10, 21:35) Michaela
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