There is a lot of emphasis on this site on "manifesting" what one wants in his or her life. In the process of manifesting, some sort of energy must pass between ourselves and the universe. I am wondering if this energy is really prayer. I am also wondering if "affirmations" are also a sort of prayer.

Are we using different words for the same process?

I have a theory that prayer is a form of not yet measurable energy that goes out into the universe, and affects the way things turn out. I wish I could find the study I read about some years ago about the effect of prayer on the healing process of post-surgical heart patients. Two equally matched groups were formed. One set of patients were prayed for, and one set was not. The results were amazing. The group that was prayed for healed faster, had less pain, and had lower mortality rates than the group that was not prayed for.

So, when I want to manifest something in my life, am I not really praying for what I want? I thought it would be interesting to toss this question around the group, and see what all of you think about this.

Here is an interesting link that talks about prayer and healing:

Many blessings, Jai

asked 21 Jun '10, 10:28

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Gregg Braden explains in "The Language of the Divine Matrix " that feeling IS the prayer . Look on You Tube and share in the knowledge that has been available to a mulititude of cultures but hidden from those in the western world. Love and Light SL :-)

(12 Jul '12, 02:55) Starlight
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answered 21 Jun '10, 10:59

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I guess I am just fascinated with the energy of prayer! LOL! Jai

(22 Jun '10, 03:11) Jaianniah

@Stingray-such a clear answer,refreshing thanks

(17 Aug '11, 09:10) blubird two

I agree with Stingray. With both processes the key component is faith that the desired request will manifest. When a group prays with unwavering faith miracles happen. This is undoubtedly the explanation for healing in places like Lourdes. People go there, to pray for healing, with positive expectation and a strong belief that they will be cured and quite often unexplainable,miraculous healing ( in physical terms ) takes place.


answered 21 Jun '10, 12:06

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It is the same thing, I agree, just different different methods to arrive at the same outcome.


answered 21 Jun '10, 20:07

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LeeAnn 1

I believe it is all the same just different techniques. It is written Praying always wilth all prayer. That which is called visualization was call treatment by the metaphysician many years ago. The metaphysician visualizes their object person as being well, perfect and complete, healthy and without disease. One of the meanings in German for visualize is to bring into the present! A good meaning.


answered 21 Jun '10, 21:44

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I dare say Affirmations and Visualization are a sort of praying, and Manifesting is actually the Outcome of whatever process you use. Since Affirmations and Visualization are to be made with strong feelings involved, or Manifestation won't occur, in the same way praying needs of unwavering faith to produce miraculous results as mentioned by @Michaela. If @Stingray disagrees or sees it under a different light, I will submit, as I am so new to this and he knows best. :)



answered 21 Jun '10, 19:44

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Bridget, if you want to manifest brushing your teeth in the morning, do you build up strong feelings about it beforehand and get emotionally involved with your toothbrush and toothpaste? Or do you just expect to brush your teeth and then do it at the appropriate time? And if you are about to tell me that brushed teeth is not a manifestation, then tell me what is the difference between getting anything you want (e.g. clean teeth in the morning) and manifesting something? :)

(22 Jun '10, 05:21) Stingray

IMHO, I would call 'having my teeth clean' a manifestation, and first than that I would have a strong feeling that my teeth are dirty, next I would take the inspired action of going to the bathroom and brushing them. :P Sorry, I am not an argumentative person, I assure you. I only intend to clarify things in my head by asking and replying. :P :P :P I learn a lot by this kind of exchange of words. :) BJ09

(22 Jun '10, 12:53) BridgetJones09

Bridget, I admire your ability to have so much passion (or is it fear?) for brushing your teeth. But it still seems unlikely to me that you generate strong feelings before everything you are inspired to do in life. Perhaps you are using the phrase strong feelings for what others would call making a decision? There is certainly the idea of launching a rocket of desire when making a decision but this happens naturally in living life and is not something you need to force.

(23 Jun '10, 11:19) Stingray

Thanks for your patience, Stingray. It's very clear that I am still all mixed up! I will get better with time, I promise! lol I know this might be a bit off-topic, but can you tell me in what way passion can be related to fear? I hope I am not exhausting your patience :P

(23 Jun '10, 11:49) BridgetJones09

No problem, Bridget. Passion and Fear are both at opposite ends of a person's emotional spectrum, because you can't really feel much better than passion or much worse than fear. Passion represents complete alignment with your Higher Self's view of that thought, while Fear respresents complete mis-alignment. However, they are both identical in the speed (for what of a better word) of the energy flow through you. So it is easier to switch from fear to passion, than boredom to passion.

(23 Jun '10, 12:05) Stingray

Feel free to ask any of your questions as new Inward Quest questions if you need more information, or would like other people's viewpoints on these subjects - it will probably benefit future readers to have them more visible than within these comments.

(23 Jun '10, 12:06) Stingray

Will do so, thank you! :)

(23 Jun '10, 12:18) BridgetJones09
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