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Hi all....

This is a follow-up to Grace's exciting experiment of trying to guess what object she was thinking about.

After studying Bashar, he states that going back in time one day is going back 20,000 thoughts ago. Therefore trying to guess Grace's object she was thinking about may have been for a more experienced person.

Telepathy is always in the "now".......

So I'm going to try something.....and if you would permit me to ask you to participate?

Where am I?

I am going to "stay" in this location for the next 6 hours!! So I will be here in the "now" until then and not changing locations.

Read my words and get my vibration some of you are familiar with my ramblings in the previous posts and already have my vibration.

As you're reading this "what immediately pops into you're mind" object? a location? whatever immediately pops in, There is "NO" right or wrong answer......and don't assume things! By now you would already have that image and that's the one you can post below.....

Please this is for experiment purposes.


2 hours till the answer!! Also I am updating my vibration!! I encourage anyone and everyone to participate!! It's going to be a very pleasant surprise for "everyone!!"

6 Hours later:

See the answer below....

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SO cool!!!!

(03 Aug '12, 01:30) ursixx

@Eldavo - very interesting experiment. Thank you so much for posting.

(04 Aug '12, 03:35) Catherine

@Eldavo, Im wondering, what if one of the reasons everyone saw so much more clearly in this experiment than on the previous one, is that I may be a crap transmitter. :) Been talking to folks about how I can't see important things bc my emotions muddle me, and I think maybe, despite the concerted efforts of many here, I'm still just basically too wound up. So, are you basically a clear headed, layed back kinda person, if you don't mind me asking?

(04 Aug '12, 20:37) Grace

@Grace-What?? Your predication was the most accurate here :)You just gotta approach these things with the same playful attitude as you did here and not in an attitude of wanting to know at all costs:)

(05 Aug '12, 07:34) Satori

@Grace I got yours. The pictures weren't as clear because of the time lag. By the time I connected with the thought you sent, you had sent more thoughts that interfered.

(05 Aug '12, 08:59) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, yes you did, but I think you got this one even more clearly.

(06 Aug '12, 01:05) Grace

@Satori, I do see what you mean, that must be the difference. I just wonder how to pretend to myself that something doesn't matter when it does. Working on it...

(06 Aug '12, 01:08) Grace

Sure do miss our @Eldavo. :/

(11 Feb '13, 20:56) Grace

@Grace : maybe this will telepathically connect with him ;)

(12 Feb '13, 03:12) ursixx

What we have here is called remote viewing and correctly yes we can all do and all get unique perspectives on it .This was used by the United States Military to locate weapons dumps etc of opposing nations in war times .There's a film and book called The Men who Stare at Goats , which tells you all about it . The film is a watered down version in my opinion . I tried something with my grandson who was 8 at time to test out remote veiwing , you might like to play with it ......

(12 Feb '13, 09:23) Starlight

All information is obviously in the ethers :-) I met J after school and in my pocket had an item , I asked him to hold a pencil in his hand and as we chatted about general things just free draw anything that came floating into his mind , he thought it a bit odd but eventually presented me with his drawing . In my pocket was a device that measures the charge of batteries it a little strangely shaped .Initially I looked at J's drawing and thought no, but my daughter suggested I turn it over ....

(12 Feb '13, 09:28) Starlight

Did this and was blown away J had drawn the "back veiw " complete with a barcode and all the numbers in correct order . He had no idea and had never seen this gizmo before . Food for thought isn't it .

(12 Feb '13, 09:31) Starlight
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@Eldavo - My first impression - I saw a balcony. Some sort of deck or platform outdoors. And trees. :)

Oh, and also, Apartment #32B. :D


answered 02 Aug '12, 11:45

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Wow, very specific Grace,wouldn't it be great if you were right:)

(02 Aug '12, 12:23) Satori

:D How fun would that be? I could set up shop, read people's palms, get me a crystal ball, one of them cool turban thingies....

(02 Aug '12, 15:10) Grace

Mystic Grace :)

(02 Aug '12, 16:24) Satori

@Grace Spookily accurate Grace - well done!

(04 Aug '12, 03:33) Catherine

@Grace this is amazingly accurate! Great job! :-)

(04 Aug '12, 10:45) Wade Casaldi

@Everybody, thanks ;) - now if I could just pull that off when it mattered to me!

(04 Aug '12, 15:56) Grace

@Grace when it matters to you, try Two Hands Touching first to get to a calm state.

(05 Aug '12, 09:00) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - Hey! Yes, I will try that, thank you.

(06 Aug '12, 01:10) Grace
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Hi Eldavo

Thanks for this, I pictured Birds (the ones with wings and feathers of course:)) when I was reading through your question:)


answered 02 Aug '12, 12:22

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....Um, I think you were reading my mind, @Satori!

(02 Aug '12, 15:09) Grace

Two images came to me at once: The first was some sort of building like a factory or shop...but I persisted, and another image popped into my wee little brain....A forest, a park- something like that. The two are competing- I smell oil, and also pine. Interesting...Why am I getting two images, both of which are probably wrong????

Well, I gave it a shot!

I am wondering if I am picking up on your thoughts rather than where you that would be something- like, you need to get your car fixed- an oil change- or something- and that you'd like to get outside and hike...

Just thoughts...

Blessings and Good Luck,



answered 02 Aug '12, 14:34

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While reading this, I felt like I was near the beach, not necessarily the ocean. However, when I closed my eyes and asked where is Eldavo, I got an image of what looks like a church or a school with a tall steeple or bell tower.

Awhile ago, I saw clothes blowing in the wind hanging out to dry.


answered 02 Aug '12, 11:39

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Fairy Princess

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I like your new Gravtar, @Fairy Princess. :)

(02 Aug '12, 15:08) Grace

Thank you @Grace. @Satori found it for me.

(02 Aug '12, 16:22) Fairy Princess

Here where I am....

alt text

I was sitting on my deck as I am on vacation...

Grace - Your description, well just look at the picture, and you mentioned apartment....not a house. Which is the case. But it's #4

Fairy princess - There is a big Cathedral church to the right in the photo. It's high bell tower rings it's bell periodically throughout the day......also I'm going to the beach tomorrow.

Satori - All those trees were filled with birds and they chirped and whistled all afternoon....what a wonderful sound.

Jai - Behind me in the picture is the big apartment building I'm in.....Also you smelt oil....In the picture behind the stairs you can barely see a silver car....I just sold that car today and one of it's biggest problems is that it burns oil!!.....and a big stress for me was "I have to get the car fixed" before anybody will buy it...thankfully I found a happy buyer.......puts a smile on my face when I read your post!!

This isn't spooky! this isn't strange! this isn't weird!! It isn't chilling, it's actually 100% natural....This is a tool we "ALL" have! We were born with it!! We just don't practice it, or play with it.......and this is only one of the "MANY" tools we were born with but are under-developed.

.....I got this from Bashars teachings. The reason I wanted everyone to guess in the 6 hours I was in this location was because I knew everyone wasn't going to be at their computer at the same time so I allowed 6 hours for people to answer while I sat and enjoyed myself.....I just wished more had answered

(did anybody see a guitar?)


I had to catch your mind without interference! You were reading my vibration (this post) and by the time you reached my question you were each already channeling to me in the present/now and that's the image I wanted you to capture because that was the true image you were seeing....when you finished my words and start "thinking" that image starts getting distorted and intermixed with thoughts

Bashar states that we all have this ability although undeveloped in most of us.....and no 2 answers will be the same as we all look at things from our own different perspective

Thank you all so much for participating......."Bashar was Right!!"


answered 02 Aug '12, 17:45

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!!!!! @Eldavo !!!!! Wow! That is amazing!

(02 Aug '12, 18:26) Grace

@Eldavo-Thank you, that's amazing.We sort of all pieced it together between us:) In my answer I actually didn't mention the bird song I heard as well,  which just goes to prove that this really works.Thanks for sharing and have a great vacation;)

(02 Aug '12, 18:55) Satori

@Eldavo-Unbelievable! I really had to force myself to write what I did write, because the two images were so jarring...but now, it all makes sense!!! Glad you did this, and I am glad I had the guts to post my "wacky" images...Who would have thought I would have picked up on your problem car??? Yes, Bashar was right! And when you put all our answers together...amazing! Great job "sending"! ♥♥♥

(02 Aug '12, 18:55) Jaianniah

Wow! That's the church I saw but the trees weren't in the way. Was it windy today?

(02 Aug '12, 20:19) Fairy Princess

As Bashar says "Thank yourselves"...."I just helped you become aware of the power that each of you have inside yourselves"......The only thing that is amazing and unbelievable is that you "saw" your own powers work with your own eyes!! The same powers you didn't even think you had!!

(02 Aug '12, 20:42) Eldavo

Bashar also states: "The tools (eg:Telepathy) will only be as strong and powerful as the energy YOU give them because the energy comes from you and through are the ones that determine the effectiveness of these tools. They don't have the ability to work by themselves because they draw their energy FROM YOU"

(02 Aug '12, 21:41) Eldavo

@Eldavo, this was really good. I want to thank you. You took the idea to a much higher level. You took us up higher too. I have new feelings about this subject now - there's just no doubting when you live it and watch your friends do it too - live, in real time. I feel a bit different about myself, too. Now I'm wondering, why would it be that I have been so wrong, so many times, when it really mattered to me? How could that be, when I was so right about something that didn't matter at all?

(03 Aug '12, 00:27) Grace

Thank you Grace for inspiring this experiment!!....Keep asking more questions about the Master Key and we can continue with more experiments

(04 Aug '12, 10:40) Eldavo
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man i wished i would have got in on this one lolololol, i was disposed to too may pre conceptions by scrolling down and seeing others answers.. poop ,lololo, i want in on the next ones.

love n light.



answered 05 Aug '12, 18:48

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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