I've heard Sedona, Arizona is a spiritual vortex that will spit you out if it doesn't like you. I'm considering going there to check it out for myself. Does anyone here have any experience and information regarding this ? Pls only reply if you know from experience, not what you've read.

asked 04 Aug '12, 17:19

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Go. If nothing else, Sedona is an incredibly peaceful, beautiful place. I've been many times and there is really no place like it. The sky is very clear and your mind becomes as clear as the sky while you're there. And, for added points, they now have a starbucks:) If you do go, I recommend staying at Enchantment resort (it is way out there, very secluded, very quiet, where you can really connect with nature)- I actually saw a ufo while on the porch at Enchantment... flew through the sky and landed among the canyons.


answered 04 Jan '13, 19:10

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