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Being in the Vortex or Kingdom Life can have such a magical miraculous effect that feels so good and right that when you try to tell others how things are for you it give an impression of bragging and arrogance. So many see people that are in this life and say "why not me?" "I must be doing something wrong." Then they get told in a roundabout way but sometimes directly, "This is how my life is, if you are not experiencing God blessing you like I do then you are doing something wrong." This is with the best intentions as my pastor has said that exact quote many times.

Really when he or on this site Stingray or any of us points something out it is because he wants the best for us or he wouldn't be sharing it in the first place. He has shared too much to just slam us like he gives up on us as hopeless and I think this was a great lesson and awakening.

So could we get wrapped in this good feeling and trying to spread it that we seem smug? I believe we could and not only this as we look at the spread of religions and see people fighting looking at this on a little picture we see, "Who do they think they are telling me this? Do they think they are so much better? And besides they are wrong anyway!" This coming from both sides of the war. But back up to a God perspective and we see what seems like arrogance was really backed by such love and compassion that both sides believing they had the right answer had to share this wonderful news and were appalled when the other side rejected. So then the start of the wars, "Well we are not working at it hard enough, they will see we were right and it will be wroth it in the end everyone will be happy!", in the MEAN time everyone is miserable.

What do you think, could a taste of the Vortex for people bring this about, This was revealed to me in a flash I'd say from the Holy Spirit others may say the Vortex but I would like your opinion on this.

This next part is the lower self had awakened to, the above was the higher self awakened to. We can see from this process to get to the father I had to go through the son first. :-)

I have come to the conclusion that when we use the English language in print we can sometimes make big mistakes that entirely change the meaning from the intended meaning. Thus when read by others they get an entirely different perspective of what the original intended purpose was. I am now going to go back and edit my original answers to be more fitting with this new insight. Also with this new insight into the mistake of which words would get the point across best and what being in the vortex really is like I see that neither Brian nor Stingray meant to be excluded as the wording implies but to be included. With this understanding in place I now see that I had both wrong and offer both an apology reading what they wrote instead of trying to figure out what they meant to say. We all make mistakes theirs led to mine creating a chain reaction of mistakes. So from this perspective it seems none of us were in the vortex. But I have gained so much from this post and am so thankful to all my friends here. I feel that sense of family back here with all members and am no longer disillusioned with the site I see clearly and feel back happy with a better understanding. I am hoping this post helps enlighten many, there are many good answers. Thank you so much everyone.

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Wade Casaldi

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For some reason that post didn't resonate with me when it was posted. On the one hand I guess stupid was a stupid word to use. On the other hand, there are no accidents or mistakes, so it's all good :)

(07 Dec '11, 03:25) Eddie

No I am truly trying to understand, and now I feel I have a pretty good grasp of what happened. The intention of the post was different from the chosen wording of the post. I am enjoying the responses here and am seeing that the wording chosen means something different from the intended meaning.

(07 Dec '11, 03:51) Wade Casaldi
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Stingray he is a representative of the vortex because he knows it most and is always in the vortex

I've no idea where you got this notion from. I'm not representative of anyone or anything except myself, and never will be.

The Vortex is Abraham's analogy for a dynamic ever-shifting relationship between you and your Higher Self.

It is simply impossible for anyone in physical form to be in the Vortex always. It can never happen while you are focused on the physical plane because every desire you have in every moment causes that relationship to break because your Higher Self expands to a new vibrational place and your Physical Self must then catch up.

That on-going process of alignment and re-alignment has a by-product...It makes you feel good - and that is what everyone is after regardless of how apparently selfish or unselfish, superior or inferior, you perceive them to be.

Even people who devote their lives to helping others do so because it makes them feel good to do so.

So ultimately everyone craves Vortex alignment - that's why it's an important topic and keeps coming up on this website in different forms.

That term "Vortex" is just the newest terminology for a very ancient idea. In the past, you would have called it "Having the presence of God", or "Being in the flow". From what you've written in the past, it seems your preferred terminology is "Kingdom Life with God". The labels are unimportant - it's all the same thing.

I'm not religious and am not remotely interested in religion so I'll never use religious terminology in anything I write. But anyone who is religious can simply replace the term "Vortex" with their favorite phrase and all the same ideas still apply.

Regarding your issue with whether the word "You" or "We" should be used in Benjamin's original posting, I'm sorry to have to say this, but I think you've missed the point.

Look at it this way. Here's a hypothetical series of days starting from today.

  • Today: Benjamin (and me) announce that we really did mean everyone was stupid except ourselves

    • --> You are now UN-happy

  • Tomorrow: We announce that we were only joking and we actually meant ourselves as stupid as well

    • --> You are now happy (again)

  • Day after tomorrow: Tricksters that we are :) ...we now announce we were joking about the fact that we were joking and everyone else is stupid except us

    • --> You are now UN-happy

  • Day after, day after tomorrow - We now announce that we are double-tricksters :) ...we were actually joking about us joking about joking (if you see what I mean)

    • --> You are now happy (again)

      ...and so on

I'm sure you can see the point here. You've given your power away to external conditions. You've made your happiness dependent on external circumstances. It doesn't matter how right or wrong you think you are - you've still given your power away. You've sacrificed your alignment with "The Kingdom Life With God" (Vortex) simply for the sake of wanting to "be right".

See Abraham's Three Questions

Yes, what me and Benjamin actually meant is what you are now interpreting that we meant but if you're now saying you've decided to be happy because you've realized that, I'm not sure that's a good thing.

This is not intended to be criticism. This is not intended to be me being "superior". I'm just pointing out that if there was something to be gained from this experience, I don't think it was about what we actually meant or didn't was about your reaction to external conditions. What we actually meant was irrelevant to that.

I'm offering this information here simply for your consideration. If you don't like what I've said, please ignore it. There is nothing but good intentions behind it and it is offered with best wishes for you to live a self-empowered life.


answered 07 Dec '11, 11:34

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edited 07 Dec '11, 12:06

Excellent answer and the humor of it I did enjoy a good laugh yes I have past issues with "Stupid" I need to tap on. I do believe a greater awareness and gain came out of this for all the next time someone has a misunderstanding this would be a good question to refer to. I feel like the zen student when he became enlightened. :-)

(07 Dec '11, 14:09) Wade Casaldi

I'm glad you've gained some insights from this situation, Wade. It's interesting how that word "Stupid" has evoked such differing responses from different people. To me, it makes me laugh because it's such a "trivial" word (compared to the bad language of our times) and yet to others it seems like a major issue. Each to their own, I guess :)

(07 Dec '11, 23:03) Stingray

It all depends on how it was used on you growing up as in, "He can't do that, he is stupid." For me growing up that was a description of a disability." Nearly like saying "He is good for nothing." "Hopeless" I was stamped Learning Disabled as a child. I went to LD classes in school for my dyslexia. So I grew up being teased for being "stupid" which convinced me I was. My parents treated me special doing a lot for me because they believed I wouldn't understand or couldn't do it. Now they say I am like a genius but still treat me the same and still someplace I still feel the same...

(08 Dec '11, 12:25) Wade Casaldi

It is like saying to me "You don't know what on Earth you are talking about."

(08 Dec '11, 13:15) Wade Casaldi

Certainly with those experiences, the word "stupid" would clearly carry far more emotional charge for you than most people.

(08 Dec '11, 15:11) Stingray
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I always notice that the wise people have sense of humor, even Abraham in her seminars she makes fun of her questioners but in a way to illustrate some idea, not to being superior, it is ironical that you can transport your ideas with jokes faster When I am in the vortex it is the only time I do not feel superior, I feel love peace and relax, in the opposite when I am outside the vortex I feel that superiority of ignorance you are mention because I do not think right. And yes I always feel like big idiot outside the vortex, being in vortex is invisible special relation with you, higher self and the source/universal mind, it is something has no matter with others I believe.


answered 06 Dec '11, 18:58

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There is no such thing as really a "Vortex" that you can be in.. it is just an analogy coined by Abraham-Hicks. Being in the vortex is just similar to being aligned with your Higher self.. and when you are aligned with your Higher self, most of the things , if not all you do or say will always feel like the 'right' thing to you.

I am not sure why you would think they are making fun of others, because by making that statement themselves they are also making fun of themselves. Why do I say so ?

They themselves probably agree that they are sometimes not in the Vortex, and by saying that someone is stupid when they are not in the Vortex, they are referring to themselves too.

Like you yourself said, you could take it from a place of humor, or you could feel that they are making fun of others.. I myself am probably not in the Vortex for most of the time but I did not feel anything even when they said that. For words are just words and empty without any feelings.. you choose the emotions you want to attach to those words.

When I first saw that thread, I found some of the comments pretty amusing - for to me, "stupid" just meant not being able to think more clearly, not being able to get the solutions I need, etc.. I don't see how it came from a place of arrogance. It's just a figure of speech.


answered 06 Dec '11, 16:51

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The word "You" automatically excludes them. But I do like this explanation. +1

(06 Dec '11, 17:07) Wade Casaldi

yes i agree to take it from a place of humor with out judgement. if you feel superior or better then someone, it is because you still need to learn. experience and enjoy.

(06 Dec '11, 17:57) white tiger

Something that seems to be have continually overlooked is that Benjamin used "You" in the title of the post...but in the actual post he said: "After practicing this a bit and experiencing the difference between thinking in and out of the vortex, I came to the unescapable conclusion - We are stupid when we are outside the vortex" So he was never excluding himself from it.

(06 Dec '11, 21:31) Liam

(And his post was never edited from what I can see between the initial posting and now - so it was like this from the get go)

(06 Dec '11, 21:33) Liam

@Liam, yes thats why I said they were referring to everyone in general (including even themselves), not just people who are still unable to fully grasp the context of the Vortex yet. Other people seemed to think they were only talking about people who find themselves out of the vortex most of the time.

(07 Dec '11, 02:10) kakaboo
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When I am feeling that I am "in the vortex" I am kinder to others, and more patient than I ordinarily am. The days or weeks that I am for sure not feeling I am in the vortex at all, I am less patient and kind due to my own personal frustrations. And then I will see fault in others at times or allow their problems to affect me. Thankfully that isn't very often. But in general when we are at our best, we treats others the best.


answered 06 Dec '11, 20:37

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LeeAnn 1

Well said LeeAnn.

(07 Dec '11, 05:32) Paulina 1

if it does you are NOT doing it right. It should make u feel good and happy and kind. Al that means "vortex" is to be in balance with urself, that is all. You shouldn't have to feel cocky or over prideful to do well, in fact i mannifest way better when i am balanced and giving.

love n light



answered 06 Dec '11, 21:27

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

Well-said, Rob.

(07 Dec '11, 00:53) LeeAnn 1

ty my friend ,, great seeing u again lee ann

(07 Dec '11, 01:36) TReb Bor yit-NE

Love your answer Rob.

(07 Dec '11, 05:29) Paulina 1

ty both. i see it liek this because i am very giving and if i feel balanced, then i am able to see that i am teh ones i want to help.

(07 Dec '11, 15:06) TReb Bor yit-NE
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well to answer this question wade i will say this to you each person are at different level of awareness.a fact is a fact,but judging people for being stupid or judging people for using the word stupid, is it not some judgement and they will be judge to the same mesure. do you get stuck at this level or are you able to go behind that and find out why and understand the meaning? has for the feeling of superiority (the ego) if it remains negative it is not serving you. if you make something good(positive) out of it then you are progressing. experience and enjoy.


answered 06 Dec '11, 17:54

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white tiger

The Vortex could mean different things to different people. One feels happy another feels euphoric and some simply feel balanced but all feel good and know that they are in that special place where they would wish to remain. When in the Vortex life seems to flow in a good direction as if it had a life of its own.

Feelings of superiority and arogance are nothing new from those that are very new to this feeling and they simply think WOW I can do this, can you? I'm in it! They get a bit over excited that's all. They dont mean any harm and that will soon disapear as they progress spiritualy.


answered 07 Dec '11, 05:41

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Paulina 1

Wade,I am around you a lot.

That being said, I can tell you this:

You are one of the most Godly people I know.

I think that you need to claim this-- I mean CLAIM THIS for yourself. You are so good and humble and kind, it is scary. Now you must find that you are a good person, that you matter a lot to many, and that you are almost always in the Heart of God, whether you know it or not.

I am proud of you! I am honored that you love me.

Blessings AND peace,

Your Jai


answered 07 Dec '11, 12:15

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Take Jais advice Wade for you are a wonderful person and deserve the best and yes you do matter a lot to many.

(09 Dec '11, 06:50) Paulina 1

Thank you so much Paulina. I believe we can be hardest on ourselves. I do this a lot myself many times not so much out loud but in my heart calling myself "stupid" and this has a shutting down effect upon me. I had really made strides in spiritual knowledge though and I of the point of getting into that inspired state a lot while I am writing. So when I saw the words "stupid" and "you are" here I felt like even here this area is no different, you are only fooling yourself. But I am seeing I matter more than I give myself credit for, thanks so much. :-)

(09 Dec '11, 13:55) Wade Casaldi
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