Dear All,

I have recently been introduced to this website and it is such a blessing to get so much clarity about this subject. Thanks to all of you.

I have also been listening to a lot of Abraham tapes and I feel that has brought immense clarity of concepts in my mind.

Although I need a little more clarification one one thing.

Abraham says, that the best way for your desires to manifest is by being in the vortex, it is also said that you should be in a feeling of already having what you want.

Is there a fine line of difference between the both or which one is more effective and should be practiced more? Or should both be practiced simultaneously?

Looking forward to some valuable insights from all experts here.

Thank you so much.

asked 17 Oct '10, 06:16

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I think that when you are in the vortex you are feeling as though you already have it. When you are in the vortex, you are enjoying life and you are not thinking you don't have it cause you are in the present moment feeling good. The feeling of already having something is joy and relief, and when you are in the vortex, you are feeling joy and relief. I think the key here is to feel good, joy and relief and you'll be in the vortex and you'll have everything you want. Often times all you ever wanted in the first place was to feel good, joy and relief. Figure out what makes you feel good, joy and relief, and everything will fall into place. Hope this helps. Light and Love, Joy and Relief.


answered 17 Oct '10, 10:13

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Thank you Brian, that was a wonderful answer! :)

(17 Oct '10, 10:35) Sourabh
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