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Just a quick survey to see what we all enjoy discussing...

i thought it would be fun to go back and think about the questions we have written, and which ones that have touched us in some way.

Enjoy remembering.



asked 06 Aug '12, 04:43

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Barry Allen ♦♦


@Jaianniah - A friendly suggestion :) ....from : "Refrain from using multiple !!!!! or ?????. Multiple exclamation points and question marks risk giving the perception that you are sarcastic and condescending. Do you understand??????"

(06 Aug '12, 05:49) Stingray

Uggh....Thanks Stingray, I'm guilty of that myself when sarcasm was never intended.

(06 Aug '12, 11:03) Eldavo

@Eldavo - WHAT????? LOL! And here I thought your were taking the mickey outta me....;)

(06 Aug '12, 12:14) Grace

@Stingray, I really appreciate that link - I've bookmarked it! Wish I'd known about it months ago. Goodness only knows how many people I've offended... Sorry everybody! :P

(06 Aug '12, 12:15) Grace


(06 Aug '12, 12:29) Eldavo

This discussion is ridiculous. :) ♥

(06 Aug '12, 12:32) Jaianniah
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That's hard to say, because what was favorite yesterday may not appear fancy to me today. And as well today's stuff might be old and boring tomorrow. Because we're ever evolving.

I used to like questions about meaning of life, wondering about how people and their minds work, how we relate to the whole universe... but lately, I feel like cutting down the theory of life and actually starting to live it. My most frequently asked question these days is - What's stopping you from being your best, dawg?


answered 06 Aug '12, 12:23

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