'Good things happen to good people' and ' troubles are a test of faith for good people' don't these statements seem contradictory? I can't seem to reconcile these in my mind if you can please let me know. I mean if you are good then only good things should happen to you and by that reasoning trials and tribulations should not come your way.

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I Think Therefore I Am

@I think Therefore I Am-im not sure if its the abraham grid or the new manifesting exp 5 you want, both are contained within this link.hope this helps.


(13 Aug '12, 10:13) Satori
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Hi I Think Therefore I Am

It just happens that I was listening to this information from Rob (Treb Bor yit-NE) earlier this day & the first part of it definitely deals with your question. (I also happened to enjoy listening to it very much, because of the wide range of subjects it covers)

This session was meant for an abductee group & much of the information is specific to their needs. However, Treb deals with the aspect of suffering in one's life especially when we cannot see a reason for why we are chosen to experience them when we have done nothing to deserve it. (Or so it seems from our perspective).

I also found that listening to this session somehow made me a little more comfortable (less judgemental) about listening to Rob's work.

So check out the first bit of this session & of course, if you are interested in UFO's, abductions, Reptilians, Cloning, How our energy becomes a sort of food that is consumed by negative entities etc....then feel free to listen to the whole thing. There is also information about ascension, astral projection, and disabling implants that have been put in by the extra-terrestrials or the shadow government.

Here is the link to it.


If you are only interested in the parts pertaining to this question, I believe that they occur at

(0:00:25 ) to (0:11:00 ) as part of the” Jobe Story” as told in the Bible.


From (0:22:50) to (0:25:22 ) in response to the question “What does the soul gain from horrible experiences if anything”

There may be other portions that I have not written down here.

The #’s in the brackets are the points in the video on YouTube.

You can see that Number at the bottom left corner on the video window to the right of the Speaker Icon.

You can also see it when you take your mouse pointer and place the index finger (when the pointer changes from the arrow to the hand) right on top of the white circular dot with the red bulls-eye of the video position indicator.

Then you can drag the video forward or backward until the number that is now appearing above the index finger matches the positions I have indicated here.


answered 12 Aug '12, 17:58

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The Traveller

It is not so much God test us, he is not like a school teacher testing us. Satan attacks us or evil or negative whatever you may prefer to say, we are attacked. Not because we are singled out to be attacked, but because we have gone astray and lost our way and wondered into the wrong place. We may have even let our guard down or lost it by our actions and thoughts.

If I have a good roof over my head I do not notice it is raining. This good roof is constantly in repair to make sure it is in good condition and as long as I keep it in good condition I do not notice the rain. But if I become lazy, "I don't feel like checking my roof right now I'll get to it later." At first we do not notice anything different, "Humm maybe I can slack off more, nothing seems to happen." So we let ourselves slip more a complaint here or there a sin here or there, "This is no big deal everyone else does it right?" Now we feel are starting to feel some rain drops as we have lost track of our roof and instead of repairing that roof we start complaining, "Why I am I getting wet?!?"

Now we are starting to feel miserable getting wet and complaining about it! "Life sucks, I am getting wet, God doesn't seem to care, maybe he is testing me!" We start blaming God and the world and why were we even born?!? We let ourselves slide down into depression, sickness, despair and hopelessness! We start wondering if we are cursed or born on a bad sign? We may even try to solve our problems by going to some voodoo witch and trying to have him lift this curse, this cloud over our heads!

Of course none of this works because we let our minds slide so far from God that the emotional level we are feeling is pretty low. We can't see anything good or God, because our eyes are downcast, there could be an angel standing in Holy Glory and we can't see it because we are so down and out, our vibrations are way off scale from each other.

Notice this is all of our own making by our neglect to keep our light shining for Christ and because we let lower influence in to change where we were at. The more we trust God and turn to God, the more we keep our vibration level at a high God level. We do not feel the rain as we have a strong roof over our heads.

There is a verse in the Bible about "The rain falls on the just and unjust equally." In other words bad things, negative things, and evil things are happening at all times. But the difference is where are we with God? Are we wearing that full armor of God? Are we always in faith that everything is great, and God is in control? Are we trusting God is in control and trying not to figure things out ourselves? Are we allowing ourselves to be lead by the Holy Spirit in our decisions?

We need to think of if we are in alignment with God or the world always! When we feel that we are slipping, get back up on that straight and narrow path. That is the vibration band of the highest, of being with God in Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

We all fall, but not because God tests us! It is from our own doing or neglect. God gives us free will to choose him or not. In other words we may choose a low life road or a high life road and we will walk that road by our own choosing. There is good news if we are on that low road we can repent and may always choose again.


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Wade Casaldi

Ah this lovely world. Multi-perceptions at work, ever so confusing.

'Good things happen to good people'

So wrong! Things don't happen by themselves to anyone. Anything that happens is a result of a certain cause. So it's really like this...

Good people make good things happen to them and to others.

And one more point I'd like to address.

' troubles are a test of faith for good people' or is it really 'troubles happen to bad people' ?

Now stop right here. What do you see there? Two different justifications of a current situation.

Positive / If I believe I'm a good person, I'll say that my troubles are there to test my faith.

Negative / If I believe I'm a bad person, I'll say that I have attracted these troubles and deserve them.

Neutral / If I don't care to put a label of good or bad on myself, I rid myself of duality concept, I'll say that whatever is happening is surely a doorway to something else.

This is just a horizontal plane, there's is a vertical plane of High and Low as well.

I went from negative low, to positive low, back to negative low to positive high. The positive low is even worse than negative low. Nowadays, when I meet someone who tells me that basically they're stuck in a rut, everything in their life sucks, but it's alright, because it's some sort of a test to pass and along with that they dig out some ridiculous excuse for not making their life great...I want to slap them across their face.

So just beware, 'acceptance' and 'appreciation' of your current situation can be dangerous too.

But you see, it's all just a perspective. Don't get mind-boggled by all these quotes and sayings, just because someone famous said them. Chances are in majority of cases those people were famous for some other reason than being thoughtful, and masses just hanged on every other word they said.

And I think it it's only appropriate to sum up my reply and its nature by the following Buddha's quote.

Don't blindly believe what I say. Don't believe me because others convince you of my words. Don't believe anything you see, read, or hear from others, whether of authority, religious teachers or texts. Don't rely on logic alone, nor speculation. Don't infer or be deceived by appearances.

Do not give up your authority and follow blindly the will of others. This way will lead to only delusion.

Find out for yourself what is truth, what is real. Discover that there are virtuous things and there are non-virtuous things. Once you have discovered for yourself give up the bad and embrace the good."


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Feels like that quote is a core principle of IQ, and should be required reading when you sign up. So empowering. Thank you, great answer, @CalonLan.

(13 Aug '12, 09:11) Grace

@Grace, it's paradox of belief system. Thus true. As with anything, when you reach paradox of something, you've reached true nature of that thing.

(13 Aug '12, 09:33) CalonLan
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