I've been listening to Nancy Kennedy chanelling The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective. They talked about us moving from law of attraction into law of creation in relation to transitioning between the 3rd and 5th dimensions.

I was trying to wrap my head around that when I realized, I don't even know the difference between the two! I need a place to start with in understanding this, so any information and insight you all can share with me would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Attraction vs. Creation from Wealth Beyond Reason

There is a distinction that can be made between Attracting reality and Creating it. While, at a quantum level, there really isn’t any difference, I think that at a human intellectual level, there is a way of looking at attracting and creating so that you can more easily accept that you have these abilities.

By now, you understand on some level that we are Energy, vibrating at a certain frequency. Our reality is a direct result of what we are vibrating. Our thoughts cause our vibration and we attract “like vibrations.” We literally magnetize our desires into our lives. But are we creating them from thin air or something else? On one level, I have to say we are creating them from thin air. Nothing really exists in our reality without us observing it. This is a basic truth of quantum physics. Some people just have a hard time grasping that or knowing what to do with it exactly. Still, if we can gain an acceptance that we attract our desires through some kind of “logical scientific process,” we can move more rapidly through the work. We really need to clear out blockages by every possible method, so that we are free to dream big without restriction.

People look at their circumstances and think, “Did I create this? Did I create this house? Did I create hunger in the world? Did I create this woman I married (or man)? I mean how could I create everything? How could I create high-definition television when I know nothing about electronics? Obviously, somebody else is doing something!” Yes. We are all out here, creating and attracting our own realities. We are vibrating certain thoughts out into the Universe, some of them way below the conscious level, and as a result of our vibrations, we are attracting like Energy into our experience. This Energy could have originated somewhere else completely. We will meet, or come into contact with, other people or situations that are sending out a vibration that our vibration attracts. So you are brought to a particularly unpleasant person by some means or you hear something on the news that sounds terrible, something you would never create on purpose.

This happens because it is attracted to whatever you are vibrating. That does not mean that you created whatever that “bad thing” was on the news. It simply means that whatever it is that you were vibrating to at that moment allowed that news to enter your life in some way. It is not as though you consciously created a horrible train derailment or something. However, some combination of Energy did and, for whatever reason, your vibration attracted that experience into your life at a level deeper than you are conscious of. This is why what we vibrate is so important. By the way, I acknowledge that vibrate is a funny word. It conjures up all kinds of images that can cause a giggle, but there is really no other way to say it.

We are vibrating at some frequency that magnetizes other Energy just like it, and we change our vibrations with our thoughts. So what are we thinking? I mean really thinking and feeling at the deepest level? You have had the experience of thinking of someone and then suddenly have them call you one the phone. Or you thought of something you need, an item like a pair of scissors or something, and BING, there they it was in front of you. You can “rationalize” why they were there. It is not as though to your conscious mind they were not there, and then you suddenly materialized them, but, actually, that IS what you are doing at a quantum level. Why can make things like scissors manifest nearly instantly and other things that you are really putting your attention on, like a new house, car, or relationship, seem to take forever? Well, the details are going to be different for everyone, but it is always about what you are vibrating.

It could be that you are just too attached to these bigger things. You are putting SO much attention into it that you are giving the Ego a LOT to work with, distort, and try to convince you it is impossible. Just be aware of that.

The potential here, once you really get a handle on controlling more aspects of your vibration, is instant manifestation. Wizardry, if you will. Do I believe that is possible? Absolutely, 100%. Put yourself into the thoughts and feelings of your desire fulfilled every day. This is different from simply “remembering” what you want. This is about having the experience that your desires are a part of your reality, today! The Experiential Meditation at the end of this book is great for helping you do that. You will get into a highly focused vibration that will attract what you meditate on into your life. As often as you can do this, do it. It will accelerate the change in your life, absolutely. I want to share one distinction with you in the hope that it will give you another way to look at how all of this works and more clarity about the distinction between what we are creating directly and what we have attracted by accident. Those “accidental manifestations” are those things that have no apparent logic as to why they are there. Still, you must understand that it is perfect that they are there.

You should be thankful beyond belief that they ARE there, because they exist for you because you have this incredible ability to design your life with your thoughts. All you have to do is work on cleaning up those thoughts – do it on purpose and take control - and you can design the life of your absolute, most passionate and exciting dreams! -

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This is fantastic! Thank you Satori :)

(13 Aug '12, 20:43) figure8shape

I love this, thank you @Satori. What is the Experiential Meditation like? I'm intrigued...

(13 Aug '12, 23:01) Grace

This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing:)

(13 Aug '12, 23:13) LapisLazuli

@figure8shape-@lapisLazuli-@Grace-thanks,you are welcome :).Grace that meditation is just basically getting into a meditative state and then imagining your desire fulfilled using all your senses:)


(14 Aug '12, 04:06) Satori

Hey! Thanks again @Satori! I love things like that.

(14 Aug '12, 15:08) Grace
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I believe that I have been doing this for years. When I want something and say, "Only mine will be like this." I did this twice for two bicycles each very very unique as if they were both made just for me. I did not look for what was available to choose from. I decided what I wanted and said I like this but not that mine will be like this and with that changed and so on. Both of them came exactly as I imagined mine would be!

I never saw anything like either of those two bikes ever again anywhere.

Both seemed to be made custom made just for me exactly as I wanted mine to be. I did that twice once for each. I was in my teens and had no idea what I was doing, to me I was just fantasizing about how my bike was going to be.

I first did that for my chrome chopper with a seat that was shaped similar to a motorcycle seat. Instead of smooth it had sewing to make it bumpy in rows similar to a motorcycle seat has. The whole bike was chrome, just as I wanted, it had high handle bars just like I wanted.

I did it again for my bmx dirt bike, all my friends had dirt bikes. I liked theirs and decided I wanted one too. Only I wanted higher handle bars a rectangle seat similar to my chopper seat, and mag wheals! My friends talked about mag wheels on cars I thought I want mag wheels on my bike, spokes are too thin I want strong! Plus I did not like the forks on all the bikes I saw I wanted heavy duty forks. I got all of that, my bike came to me.

As I said I did this when I was a teen, most stuff I have just attracted from what was.

I have to wonder if I could do an experiment and think of something I'd like to see, something I never saw before that I make up, then just believe I will see it! I'll have to think on this, it would be fun and since it is not on attracting something I would like to have it removes any pressure of getting it right.

I just thought of my father's 1960's Pontiac Firebird fully restored to original condition. That car I haven't nor has he seen in years, we have no idea where it is but we do know it was last in very poor condition left at someones car garage never seen from again. The last we heard very many years ago the windows were smashed out it was rusting to nothing, seats damaged by vandals. It would be nice to get that back for him.

I believe I can actually! I see it in my mind right now as done, this is a fun experiment! We'll know in a few months or years when this comes to pass.


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Wade Casaldi

Hi Wade.
I think you hit the nail on the head from a conceptual point of view (for me at least).
I do believe they are talking about taking responsibility for the very creation that exists all around us as if we ourselves are creating every detail of it, although they are talking about this responsibility somewhere far down the road.
And the best way for us to practice doing that would be to start small, as you have demonstrated.

(13 Aug '12, 21:44) The Traveller

Perhaps as our species moves into the 5th it will become more obvious that each of us is responsible for our Joy or Hell because the feedback would be more immediate.
I guess this can be compared to delegating our responsibilities to others as opposed to learning the details of those responsibilities for ourselves.
Alternatively, it is the difference between "Why me?" and "How is it that I am doing this to me?"

(13 Aug '12, 21:51) The Traveller

@The Traveller - The thought that the feedback will become more immediate is both thrilling and a bit daunting. That buffer zone that annoys us all so much when we are deliberately trying to manifest would be sorely missed if it were suddenly gone before we'd learned what we're doing! I'd never thought of that in just this way til this moment. Funny. Never thought to be grateful for my own lack of skill and ability! New idea, light bulbs going on all around my head...

(13 Aug '12, 23:19) Grace

@Wade Casaldi, thank you for your answer, you and @The Traveller have made me see this in a new light. It was also fun following along with you as you thought it through, I get a kick out of that. :) Not sure why.

(13 Aug '12, 23:22) Grace

@Wade Casaldi I took my son to the store for some shorts. He saw a jacket that he really wanted. He said it was just like the one he imagined. Of course I had to get it if he created it. When he was looking it over, he asked if it had an inside pocket. So I asked him, "Did you put on in?"

(14 Aug '12, 06:49) Fairy Princess

@The Traveller and @Grace That is a good reason to be happy first.

(14 Aug '12, 06:49) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - Way to raise a kid! Good for you!

(14 Aug '12, 15:06) Grace

@Fairy Princess Ha, there you go! Did he understand your question was about his creation? :-)

(14 Aug '12, 23:35) Wade Casaldi

@The Traveller Yes this is very much what the other side is like, it is what our dreams are like as well. That is why we have God's mercy on us to give us a time buffer or because we are not advanced enough we would create a lot of nasty stuff that we fear. Much like the movie "Sphere."

(14 Aug '12, 23:39) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi Yes, he understands.

(14 Aug '12, 23:43) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess Wow if he understands now, he is going to pass us all off! ;-) Have you seen the film Indigo with Neal Donald Walsh in it? It seems that kids are getting more aware and understand and learn faster and faster. We are some of the older generation Indigos but the newer are even more in tune many times.

(15 Aug '12, 01:09) Wade Casaldi

I was teaching him the concepts his whole life. I hadn't heard of the LOA though, I was just teaching what I knew from life experience. So when I found this site and it had a name, then he started believing me.

(15 Aug '12, 07:41) Fairy Princess

@Grace Thank you. I take my job as a mother seriously.

(15 Aug '12, 07:43) Fairy Princess

@Wade Casaldi No I haven't watched that movie.

(15 Aug '12, 07:44) Fairy Princess
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not so sure that creation
is a law but a concept
nature holds the laws and
nutures all of what exists
using attraction and more


answered 13 Aug '12, 06:52

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I wondered about that, too @fred. Now I am realizing, I really don't know what the "Law of Creation" may mean either!

(13 Aug '12, 23:12) Grace

grace, he sees creation as the plan with laws set in motion to maintain justice and harmony, even for mankind who thinks he knows better

(14 Aug '12, 08:41) fred

May be it is safe to understand it as either creating the attraction or attracting the creation - so that there will be no misunderstanding or conflict whether it is attracting or creating (but the result is experiencing). In its grandest perception, everything appears to be the same (a momentary experience that I feel sometime - and would like to have such understanding (All Is One) in every aspect)!!!


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...either creating the attraction or attracting the creation"... Excellent point, @ZDCobran. This defines and clarifies the thought perfectly.

(13 Aug '12, 23:09) Grace
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