According to the law of attraction, you get what you focus on. Does that mean that talking about your problems causes you to focus on them, and attracts more of the same problems, instead of solving them?

A specific example:

Virginia governor amends Confederate history proclamation to include slavery

In this specific example, the Virginia governor issued a proclamation about Confederate history, but left out the issue of slavery, which offended a lot of people. Does this do anything to improve the problem of racism, or does it just make it worse?

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The more attention we give anything, the more it thrives. If we focus our attention on any problem, we are really just exacerbating the situation. Instead we should be taking the attention that is focused on that problem and placing it instead on the solution. There are no exceptions to the Law of Attraction and even handing it over to God, as Wade suggested, is taking the attention away from the problem and allowing Him to present the solution - A bit like the manifesting experiment, put it in the box and forget about it.


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Well-said Micheala, and I agree with you. For me it's hard to remember sometimes. I tend to let my friends and family go on-and-on about their problems, in trying to be sympathetic. I don't want them to have more of the same though, so I am trying to change the subject to something more positive as we converse.

(09 Apr '10, 13:37) LeeAnn 1

Do you agree with the Virginia governor's initial decision to leave the issue of slavery out of his proclamation?

(09 Apr '10, 15:52) Vesuvius

I think acknowledging that a problem exists is okay but wasting time and energy regurgitating it, instead of moving on, and putting that energy toward a solution, is futile.If the statement was a historical one, then slavery indubitably played a part in that history so I don't see any harm in stating that - so long as there is no intention, behind it, to regurgitate old problems.

(09 Apr '10, 16:38) Michaela

@ LeeAnn - Thanks, I know we can too often get sucked in before we realize it, all we can do is keep on trying :-) Persistence pays!

(09 Apr '10, 16:42) Michaela
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I found a very interesting thing in "The Secret", which resonated with me a lot.

A guy was talking about Mother Teresa and how she understood the Law of Attraction. She supposedly said "If you want to invite me to go to an anti-war rally I won't go. If you will invite me to a peace rally, I'm all for it."

What Mother Teresa did she understood the Law of Attraction, but not as you might think. She knew all about war, all about "preserving peace with violence" and she saw that it NEVER works. Why? Because if we believe in the rule "An eye for an eye" the whole world would soon be blind. And if someone seas that you can acquire peace with violence they're simply wrong; if it were right we would have peace on our planet right now.

But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't talk about our problems or the things that bother us. In my opinion, we are where we are as a society, because we were taught how to lie to each other since we were infants through repetitive patterns of behaviors, and as we grew up we incorporated those patterns into our daily lives. Sooner than later a whole society of liars will be born. You can read more about that in my free book here

So anyway I've gathered a lot of issues throughout my life. I remember being maybe 10 or 11, when I got beat up and went home crying, my mother looked at me and said "Stop crying, be a man." At that moment something clicked in my brain and I figured that from now on I won't show any of my emotions, because that's what a real man is about.

So I held so much inside, not letting anybody see the real me, that I eventually developed a two year long drug habit and have fallen so deeply into depression that it's simply indescribable.

So what was this "drug habit" for? Why did I develop it?

Well at first it was just experimenting and "having fun", but after a while it got to a point that I was constantly high, couldn't look at the "real world" without distorting it.

I believe everything is here for a reason and that this habit wasn't an accident. I believe that I used drugs as a tool to escape from the past that I haven't dealt with before.

As I see all addictions - drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, abusive behaviors, watching obsessively TV, even too much exercising, all those things are there because you don't want to deal with some issues from your past.

You may say "That's a generalization. Not ALL addicts come from that?" Well, how do you know? Have you ever been addicted to anything? I was and I know how I have gotten over it.

Most people will not tell you that, because they simply don't know what has happened to them, but the fact that we use all those things to distract ourselves from the real world for a reason and that reason is "We don't accept our life's as for what they are."

We blame ourselves and others for all the things that have happened to us. In my case it were my parents. Even after I started being interested in this spiritual development I used to scream and shout at my parents "Love yourself! My God, you are so infantile! Stop it!"

I thought I had all the answers and that I have the right to tell them what to do. What it was in fact was that I thought I have forgiven them or made peace with the past, but it wasn't the case yet. Instead I started voicing my fears and doubts to a point that I had to acknowledge them and by that acknowledgment I had to deal with them.

I heard my parents talking to a friend some time ago and saying "You know, you never should tell the truth, it's to hurtful. You should lie, because that's easier."

Well that kind of thinking is sick and we have to stop it. How? Start with yourself and start being truthful, but not in a judgemental way as I did before, but in a compassionate way, a caring way.

You can not change something you do not own; once you own you can change it.

So the thing right now on our planet is to acknowledge that "Yeah, we do have a problem" and how are we going to deal with it.

Without that realization all your efforts will be futile. That's why the first and most important step in curing all addictions, the number 1 in 12 step program, is too acknowledge that you do have a problem. After you do it, you can change it, simple as that.

And that's what all of this negativity in the media and so forth is coming out. Those are the things that we refused to look at before, but right now are clearing our beliefs by looking at them and having agreed not to blow ourselves up in the process. First step to health is to recognize the dis-ease and then change it.

So I believe that future of mankind is - HONESTY. There will be no more secrets, no more lies, no more deceit. Why? Because when you are an integrated person, meaning you function as a whole, you don't feel the need to lie because we lie because we want something from others that we don't already have. The truth is that we are all abundant in all areas of our life's, we just have to acknowledge it, accept it and stop pitying everyone around us.

Instead recognize the Goodness in them and that they can handle everything, because what we are in essence is multidimensional beings made of light, made of unconditional love and nothing can hurt us. So be truthful all the time, and if you feel you can't, don't say nothing at all.


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I know you like everything to fit into the Law Of Attraction but for me this is a right brain left brain issue.

You think of only the problem for about maybe 15 minutes to a half hour then you say I now give this to my right brain to find the solution to this, next forget about it.

The right brain works out the answer while you are doing other things and the answer will just pop into your mind. Another way is you could give it to your mental brownies like it says in The Secret Of the Ages and then forget about it, really it is the same thing if you want to give it to the universe or God whoever you choose but forget about it, it will return as the answer.

Edit Added

Michalea you made me think of something, most do not know how to talk or think on a problem, most concentrate on what is unknown and try to get an answer from there. I'll use a simple algebra math problem 6+A=12 now if we think "what is A?" we are wasting our time and will never know but if we think of what we do know 6 plus something equals 12 then the answer becomes clear that A is 6. On the other hand if you read the problem and just give to your right brain "what is A?" the right brain goes to work like a search engine, "Well A is a vowel, A is a word, A is a letter, A is a variable in a math problem." You will never get the answer because you fed it a garbage question to begin with. So instead of thinking "what do I need" or "why isn't this working" think of the problem or talk of the problem it self, in other words concentrate on the problem not on "what is the answer" to the problem. In other words you concentrate or talk about the the information you have at hand then let your right brain fill in the missing parts.

Focusing, talking and concentrating on what you don't know, or don't have can't bring a result all it can do is frustrate you or using the law of attraction is attracting more "not having, or not knowing, not understanding, more missing experience."

But appreciating "what you do have" will bring what you need, or don't know, or do not understand into light when you pass it to your right brain and forget about it.


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Wade Casaldi

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Good answer Wade - however the Law of attraction is still at work :-)

(09 Apr '10, 12:10) Michaela

Hey Vesuvius, I noticed how politicians do things dont do things deliberately for reasons to start contriversey. If there is a problem talk about the solutions. I dont the it should more complicated than that.


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