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I felt the Heart of God.

It is so hard to describe...I felt His Love. I shook and felt tears spring to my eyes. It was so big, so all-encompassing...It was an amazing experience! I will try to describe it as best as I can...

The Love of God is even more Infinite than the Universe! Imagine, if you will, each grain of sand upon the Earth. Then imagine that contained within each Grain is a bit of God's Heart. The Heart of God is bigger than all the grains of sand on Earth...And that sand, made by God to cushion our feet at the beach...made to build concrete super-highways, made to build enormous buildings...or just to fill a child's sandbox...All those billions of grains don't begin to measure up to the Love God has for us, the hugeness of His Heart!

Now...the Heart of God is much, much more than all the grains of sand. It is in the plants, the animals, the people, the microbes, the atoms of our bodies, the stars that fill the endless skies...His Heart is so enormous, I cannot tell you the size; I cannot describe it.

And that Heart is filled only with Love. Pure, adoring, gracious, endless, forgiving, understanding Love. This Love fills the Universe. It connects everything into one whole beating and huge, desiring, throbbing Heart.

This Heart Loves you endlessly. It loves you so much that it thought of you, created you, knit you together in your mother's womb. It gave you your own color hair, your special eyes, your freckles and moles, your quirky smile, your strengths and desires and wants and needs. And His Heart Loves you so much that all it asks is for you to Love His heart right back. That's it. That's all He wants.

I see the Universe, and if I am still...very still...and I am meditating, I can feel His heartbeat beating along with mine, fueling mine, encouraging mine. Try it. You will see that a piece of that Huge Heart is inside your heart. You cannot separate from it. You are part of that Love, part of that great and vast caring that surpasses all understanding.

Tell that Heart your troubles, your disappointments, your dreams, your goals. Tell that Heart how you ache for all the people you have lost and want to be reunited with...Tell that Heart your deepest secrets, for His Heart will understand. Remember- He made you. He has your blueprint. You cannot escape; you cannot run away. And why would you want to? That Heart is all Love!

I cannot express it any better than this...I wish I could. We are all on a great Ship, trying to travel across the sea to the Heart of God, the pure Love we crave. We are all together on the ship, and we can help each other as we travel. We can be compassionate and helpful to each other. We are Lights for that Heart. We are inside the Heart, yet outside, too, because we sense that we are not perfect..we sense an apartness that needs to be breached...yet, it is only an illusion! We need not worry, for that Heart Loves us infinitely and gently.

It is the Heart of God.

And it is Huge. I was blown away by its size and His forgiveness!

Love, Jaianniah

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@Jai- What do I do when I feel depressed and sad? Would you advise I do a focus block, or would you recommend to tell the heart of God all your problems? Love from Nikulas, namaste

(14 Aug '12, 06:23) Nikulas

@Nikulas- see my edit above....Jai

(14 Aug '12, 22:45) Jaianniah

is it not true love jai. since God is truth from the beguinning to the end. it is different from mankind that say i love you and after a little while say i hate you. is it not?

(16 Aug '12, 19:48) white tiger
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Sweetheart this love I imagine you are feeling now. This helps me,the spiritual side of me knows you are here with me. But the emotional side feels loss and wishing I could look over at you and talk with you instead of just to you.

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Wade Casaldi

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