In my previous question, I was given advice related to how to manifest the life I want. I know the theory (the theories, actually) but I don't trust Source. I do not feel safe in life. I feel betrayed by Source. I've read the advice of "letting go", of "being happy where you are", of "practicing on something small", I've read of all sorts of "logical" reasons why I should trust but I don't.

I don't feel safe "practicing on something small". I don't feel safe "letting go". I don't feel safe immersing myself in what I want. I don't feel safe "working hard", or "trying something new". I don't feel safe taking anti-anxiety medication or receiving treatment for depression from a medical professional. I don't feel safe going to sleep. I feel an existential danger; I am terrified that God does not love and support me, that my destiny is death and that everything is meaningless and there is nothing I can do. I am terrified that there is something I should be doing, something I could be doing, but don't know what it is and won't figure it out in time.

This is something that I've been trying to deal with for years, trying to focus on the thought that I am safe, that I am free, that God loves me; when necessary, numbing the fear with whatever I have available. It's not working. I am not happy with the way things are and it is becoming harder and harder to believe they can get better.

Looking for help in some old questions I found this written:

"Einstein said it this way: The most fundamental question we can ask ourselves is whether we live in a friendly or unfriendly universe."

I feel like an abused wife trying to find a way to excuse my husband for beating me up. Sometimes he isn't that bad and I get my hopes up, maybe he promises to take me out on vacation, to treat me better, but the relationship doesn't really improve. I start questioning if it is not all my fault, if maybe he isn't trying to teach me a lesson; but all of that is just an illusion, a way of coping with the abuse.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

I am terrified that God does not love and support me, that my destiny is death and that everything is meaningless and there is nothing I can do. - Amazingly correct, I just don't get why are you terrified about it.

You can feel safe about your death, it will happen. And if you're safe about death, you can feel safe about life. Because life and death are two sides of the same coin.

You came empty-handed, will leave empty-handed. So why bother trying to grasp on things, enjoy what is.

(30 Dec '12, 05:49) CalonLan

death of the physical,is like going out of your did not come to this world empty and you should not leave this world empty. you will leave this world empty if you want only material gain. for your own ego.why store up richess in this world when you die you cannot take it with you. why not make good use of what you have for your self and other.are you aware? you are a passer by in this world,use your free will wisely, experience and enjoy

(30 Dec '12, 06:15) white tiger

To say "I came" and "I will leave" implies that I was and will continue to be; your words say you don't believe in death. This soft definition of death creates disorientation but not terror. The hard definition of death (loss of experience, total loss of past, present and future) creates terror. Partial death (loss of the opportunity to have a particular experience) makes me sad. The sense that partial death grows until it becomes absolute death makes me panic.

(30 Dec '12, 09:34) flowsurfer

Speaking of the "physical" to me is nonsense. "Physical" is just a concept we use to navigate the world of experience. Whatever we experience is the physical; even if our map of it is foggy. In that sense, the word "physical" means "God", the invisible cause of visible experience. To say the physical will die is to say we will be freed of this God; but whatever replaces it is by definition "the physical". Unless we are the ones that die, in which case it is the world that is freed from us.

(30 Dec '12, 09:50) flowsurfer

We accumulate things in this world because we believe things are real; they are not just an experience but the cause of experience, there is an actual invisible object which creates the sensations in us; so in order for me to have the experience I need the object, it is my little piece of God. The big problem comes when we realize our most prized object, the body, is destined to die. What then will shape our experiences? Will we even have any? Or will our past, present and future be wiped away?

(30 Dec '12, 09:59) flowsurfer

Too many questions, too many answers to come. Nothing solved, nothing ever done.

If you wish to live through experience so much, lay all thinking to the rest.

(30 Dec '12, 12:03) CalonLan

@flowsurfer when you dream you do different things yet your physical body is not there. are you so sure that everything you experience is physical?when you love someone is he touching you with is body? or are you thinking about that person and saying that you love him? you are the light in you that as soul(mind and heart) you are spirit. that is the immortal part of you. made in is image.

(30 Dec '12, 17:37) white tiger

@white tiger, +1 indeed. Dreams are just about as much of an experience as anything else is. And in fact, even the physical we experience is not the physical we think we experience.

(31 Dec '12, 01:39) CalonLan
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Hello flowsurfer

"the most fundamental question we can ask ourselves is whether we live in a friendly or unfriendly universe" ... this phrase gives the key to your question ... in other words "how do i restore trust in god" could be phrased "how can i transform negative feelings into positive feelings?" ... remember that negative thoughts attract negative and positive thoughts attracts positive.

The answer to your question now becomes crystal clear for there are many methods described here on IQ treating this topic ... here is an easy and efficient method that i use regularly to "restore" myself, just sit quietly and listen to this



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blubird two


It is not about having positive or negative feelings; it is about feeling safe to have positive feelings. The sense that I am in danger pulls me out of positive feelings. It's the sense of "This bed feels good but if I don't get up I'm going to lose my job and have to sleep on the street".

(31 Dec '12, 13:42) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer-for me the bottom line is that feelings in their purest form can only be positive or negative ... when we are happy we cannot be sad ... having 'mixed feelings', in your case a sense of undefined impending danger, indicates there must be an unresolved emotional conflict hidden somewhere ... blu

(01 Jan '13, 02:03) blubird two

When we believe that God is outside of us we can feel separate from God. Then we can wonder if God is there, does God love us, does God have time for us? All of this comes from believing that God is someplace out there. God is the beginning and end, everything including... You.

It is impossible to be separate from God, it is impossible to have thoughts that God doesn't know. It is impossible to have feelings that God doesn't feel.

I will give you a letter from your father God.

Edit added

I have reread this question and see that it also talks about changing belief, so here is my follow up.

As much as you see the popular videos say things like, "Fake it until you've made it." It is not that easy, we can't put on a facade. It is not the outwards appearance that matters but the inside. While your mouth is saying, "I am wealthy." Your brain is saying, "What a load of garbage! Who does this guy think he is fooling! Whatever, Yeah Right!"

If you don't believe it, pretending to believe it is not going to help. It has to be true real belief. So now we come to the part of just how to change that belief.

First to change a belief we need to look at what we do believe and ask does this belief serve me? Second we need to know that a belief is a personal choice and as we believe there are others that believe the opposite of what we believe and are functional in their beliefs. In other words there are others that believe the opposite and their beliefs are serving them. Third we need to realize if beliefs are personal choice then and everyone has their own that works for them then what makes beliefs so valid? It seems the experience is the confirmation of the belief. But if opposite beliefs are getting results then the experience is merely the end product of the belief. Hence if we are all experiencing according to our beliefs then a belief is nothing more than a creation tool for experience. If this is so then it doesn't need to be a convincing thing to change my belief but a choice thing. What do I want to experience?


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Wade Casaldi

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What can I say to you Wade after reading that :-) ....except ... Thank you for sharing Our Fathers Love

(29 Dec '12, 22:22) Starlight

How do I feel/know this to be true?

(30 Dec '12, 13:30) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer,trust in God or Source, comes from feeling it. It is a feeling, a knowing. There is nothing anyone can say to convince you. Once you feel it, there is nothing anyone can say to convince you otherwise.

(30 Dec '12, 15:08) Bedazzled

I don't think you people understand. I have felt that feeling, that "knowing". And then I have to live my actual life and it contradicts it. Yes, I ignore the contradictions for a while, I don't let things drag me down, I focus on the positive and keep a light mood of positive expectation. But the trust wears off. The feeling takes on the tone of a lie, an illusion. This is why I can't trust the feeling, because it doesn't get backed up.

(30 Dec '12, 16:12) flowsurfer

Opposite beliefs can be getting results because different people exist in different circumstances; if I believe I am rich and my parents are billionaires willing to share then that belief is functional. If I believe I am rich and I have no money, that belief is not functional. I have had beliefs that blew up in my face. I have been told to find something I like doing for a living; f I really believed I was rich, I wouldn't lift a finger -to make money- because I simply have no interest in it.

(31 Dec '12, 18:59) flowsurfer
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Have you heard of christie marie sheldon? She works with people to release the belief that god does not support them (This belief actually gets in the way of you finding a better path- connecting to source)- in a way you might have handcuffed yourself. She had a free call on limitless universe radio show recently- and talks alot about this belief and how its blocking people and how to release it- she shows you how to connect to source and that sort of thing. Another cool resource might be mashur anam- he does really interesting work with holographs and harmonic fields of energy- that also might help clear or release that beliefs energy that is blocking you from your own glory of experience. Here are a few replays that he did recently- if anything they are super relaxing. The trick is to just feel into it and not question it consciously

hope that helps


answered 29 Dec '12, 23:15

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This is an interesting paradox in itself, as this also translates to how can I restore trust in myself. The most important thing with this is to consider that what our mind associates our self as is the "Ego". That EGO is not really the true essence of who we are. The EGO is the materialistic world around us. The EGO likes to take over our thinking and it loves to add fear, anger, resentment, doubt, worry and other negative feelings. If you can separate yourself from the EGO and be aware of yourself, you will just know you are connected to the universe by the powerful energy source that resides in all of us. That source has many names, most commonly known as GOD. Remember, we have been told that GOD is in you as you are in GOD. So, the real question is when are you going to stop letting your EGO rule your "Outer" world and trust in yourself to let GOD work through you for a common purpose.


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I dont understand what is meant by Ego.

Ego to me means:

  1. the subjective self; that which has experience, the agent/observer within; and
  2. the objective concept of the subjective self;

If I notice that every time I hit my thumbs with a hammer I experience pain, my thumbs and their pain reaction became an aspect of my concept of self. In fact, that is what the "my" in "my thumbs" means. The thumbs of others also influence my ego: they tell me that I exist in a world with others like me.

(30 Dec '12, 10:11) flowsurfer

Can you try to explain what you mean by "EGO" and "God"?

(30 Dec '12, 10:12) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer, think of Ego as your personality, your physical mind, so to speak. Think of God as Spirit, your intuition, your higher self.

(30 Dec '12, 15:12) Bedazzled

That does not make things clearer.

(30 Dec '12, 15:59) flowsurfer

EGO is what we perceive our self as, it can be positive or negative. For instance, we are so "good looking" or "ugly", or I am a "Doctor", basically anything that we try to associate an identity with over our life and it changes over time. It is the external world, our vision of who we are. When the material world value of our existence is only based upon EGO, our spirituality is weak. We are spirituality "rich" when the "Spiritual" awareness of our self has awaken and is who we really are.

(30 Dec '12, 16:40) student

That does not make what "spirituality" or "spiritually rich" means clear. I also still don't understand what not letting the ego control our outer world means.

(30 Dec '12, 16:50) flowsurfer

There is an awesome book by Eckhart Tolle called "A NEW EARTH" Awakening to your life's purpose. It defines the EGO, FORM and FORMLESS quite well. There is much background that may be needed to understand the functions of EGO & Spirit. In many religions the idea of us being whole is when we are ok with being naked. In these terms it means when we "Shed our many faces" That can also be interpreted as our many manifestations we created of ourselves, our images of ourselves ... which is our EGO.

(30 Dec '12, 17:42) student don't let ego full you. move away from darkness and be the light that you can be. the light came to the world but darkness as not understood it.

(30 Dec '12, 21:01) white tiger

Ego, for me, is identity - & that is largely subject to the social (or let's say external) construction. When I express my opinion, U might say that the opinion is ZDCobran's opinion - & that is totally based on (your) external observation - and I call that the opinion is my opinion (and that is again external). But, have you ever observed your own thought before it comes as conclusion? I believe there is someone who observes your thought before U say that it is your thought - who is me then?

(31 Dec '12, 10:03) ZDCobran

Ego is identity. First the subjective identity (the center of consciousness) and then the objective identity (the context surrounding that center). That doesn't tell me how, or why, I should let go of it instead of remaking it.

"But the jar that he was making from the clay became flawed in the potter's hand, so he made it into another jar, as it seemed right for him to do."

That assumes that I -can- remake the ego; that my identity is not determined from the outside; my problem is, can I?

(31 Dec '12, 13:34) flowsurfer
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Hi flowsurfer,

I wonder if it's the idea that God is something other than Love that is making things feel difficult for you?

When you say I'm not sure that God loves me, it's like saying I'm not sure that water is wet. I'm no theologian, but what I understand is that God IS Love. No more, no less.

God cannot help but love you, flowsurfer. It is in the nature of God to love, and that is all. It's is first for you to decide to accept that love, open yourself to it, and then I think that the wisdom we all discuss here on IQ will lead you into a place of peace and understanding much easier.

I am sending you my love, and hoping you find your peace soon. I'm very glad you're here.

Love, Grace



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Those are just words. What is the reality behind them? If God loves me, I can be the man I want to be; I have real freedom. Not just emotional freedom. God gave Obama his very own private airplane (for 8 years anyway), for no particularly good reason; all Obama did was promise to take stuff from some people and give it to other people. I'm not even going to mention hardcore tyrants. So if God loves me, how do I get him to express this love to me? It often feels like God is cheating on me.

(31 Dec '12, 13:59) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer - I think the reality behind the words is the energy - the vibration - behind them. Everything that is, is energy, and every energy has a vibration. To immerse yourself in love and light energy and vibration will lead you to places you want to go. When you dwell on what you don't have, you simply become a better vibrational match to what you don't have, and you will manifest more of it.

(31 Dec '12, 14:50) Grace

replace the thoughts of fear
objectively rebalance
directioning your mind
to untying knots

allowing a more
unobstructed power flow
from above to filter through
an abundance of wisdom


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(29 Dec '12, 22:12) flowsurfer

the creative life force radiating to and through us

(30 Dec '12, 09:33) fred

if you do not trust in you,how can you trust in God?why not know your self? you are created in is image after have free will and are responsible of it. but if you do not know your self how can you know other.if you do not know the living one that you are ,how can you know the living one outside of you? are you lost on the wide gate of destruction. caught in duality and darkness of this world.a blind being lead by the blind?not wanting to see or ear.why do you wash the outside of the cup,you should wash the inside of the cup.if you do not know your self you live in poverty and you are that poverty.why do you not take the narrow gate?and open your eyes and ears? why not solve your own duality and darkness that is always a good place to start. solve your own puzzle see how the pieces of the puzzle relate to each other.then you will know the truth about your self. are you afraid of your own darkness?are you afraid to see the light that you are? are you afraid to Be the light that you can be?are you afraid to experience and enjoy?

so let there be light,Be the light that you can be ,experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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